Czech Crystals – What You Should Know About Them

Nowadays there are three crystal types that are largely used for fashion jewelry production. As long as Swarovski crystals and Cubic Zirconias are well known by jewelry lovers as the high-quality man-made diamonds substitutes, the stones known as Czech crystals are sometimes forgotten. Let's explore the world of Czech crystals and find out why they make a top-notch embellishment option.

flower ring with czech crystals

How are Czech crystals created?

If we compare Czech crystals to their above-mentioned competitors we understand that these are also man-made crystals with lead as one of the main components in their formulas. Czech crystal has been produced in Europe for several centuries. It is a standard for these crystals to have at least 24% of lead – then they can be called Czech.

Preciosa, a pioneer in the realm of fine jewelry production, specializes in creating and selling Czech crystals. They use a set formula for Czech stones, which implies mixing glass and lead; afterward, the liquid is left to cool and fully set. The next step would be cutting the solid stones giving them the desired shape, which is followed by thorough polishing. Czech Crystals typically have a smaller number of facets than Swarovski’s but still produce a gorgeous sparkle when added to a piece of jewelry.

preciosa logo

The most famous brand of Czech Crystals is Preciosa and it is compared to renowned Swarovski by its quality. There is an entertaining fact that unites these two brands of crystals. Daniel Swarovski has been a Preciosa employee somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. This work has provided him with a deep understanding of the glass crystals creation. Sufficient knowledge in this sphere let him have a distinctive career prior to moving to Austria and starting the famous Swarovski Company.


Price of Czech crystals

Let’s move to the aspect that sometimes turns out to be crucial for choosing one or another type of crystals to compliment women’s look – the pricing.

Czech crystals are obviously cheaper than Swarovski crystals due to the Swarovski’s unique cutting process - genuine, amazing, and hard to beat. Czech crystals are way more affordable than Swarovski crystals or naturally created diamonds; for this reason, they are considered to fall under the medium-price segment. This makes them a great choice for those customers who wish to stay on a budget.

But even having that in mind, Czech crystals still make extremely elegant, colorful, and shiny stones to add some flair to any formal or daily wear outfit. It’s also worth mentioning that Czech crystals weight less so think about larger sized pieces of jewelry with the same level of comfort making them preferable for daily wear.

Czech crystals in fine jewelry

Used for a vast range of purposes, Czech crystals are found throughout the sphere of fine jewelry production. The range of jewelry pieces decorated with Czech crystals is more than wide, which allows you to pick the best option to perfectly complement your style.

czech crystals necklace

You will come across numerous necklace options where Czech crystals serve as the main means of decoration. Oftentimes, Czech crystals in such necklaces have the shape of beads that provide mesmerizing sparkle and even reflect light in a rainbow spectrum. There are necklaces of various lengths, like collar ones and those that reach a woman's decollete.

In addition to that, there are plenty of options of rings with Czech crystals as well. If you find yourself into posh-looking silver or gold rings covered with diamonds, those pieces of jewelry decorated with Czech gemstones definitely deserve your attention.

Again, they are available in any material, be it yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or silver; and the crystals themselves can boast an impressive color palette. Producers of Czech crystals enable you to choose the color you want to see on the crystals, which is highly convenient.

czech crystals ring

Of course, it is also possible to purchase adorable earrings with Czech crystals. If you want to concentrate everyone's attention in your facial area, rings will surely come in handy. Selecting the right shade of crystals might also help you emphasize your eye color and make it much more vibrant.

Last but not least, gorgeous bracelets with Czech crystals serve as a viable solution if you're looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry to rest on your petite wrist without having to spend a fortune on it. Some options are minimalist, others stay on the extravagant and eye-catching side. Either way, you will get a stylish accessory with a magnifying glow.

Overall, Czech crystals serve as a great alternative to pricey Swarovski or Cubic Zirconia crystals. Don't hesitate and avail yourself with a stunning piece of jewelry covered with Czech gemstones!



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