One of the main trends in fashion jewelry today is the layered look. This trend is active in various kinds of jewelry, but it is the most obvious and easy achievable when used for bracelets.

We have compiled a list of several simple tricks to help you nail a combination of bracelets beautifully complimenting each other as well as being comfortable for daily wear.

We have indicated five principles that might lead you to quality stacking. The first one is mixing and matching. Mixing and matching different materials and colors is an essential stage of creating a fashion wrist party. It is important to have all bracelets of about the same diameter because you do not want them all fall on your wrist and cover each other. According to this principle pretty much any materials are good as long as the bracelets diameters are consistent. This is a core requirement if you use charm bracelets in stacking – those are made sure to be visible this way.

The next principle implies stacking similar bracelets. Layering several bracelets of the same design (or just equal ones) helps to achieve a dramatic look. To follow the principle you should always buy several bracelets that you like instead of just one. You may certainly go for a bit varying colors but still staying in one palette without breaking the principle. Just like in the principle above diameters should be equal or very close to each other.

Getting back to basics is another principle. Go for an updated classic look by combining a pair of similar bangles with a couple of pearl bracelets of the equal design. The bangles with plain details are going to complement pearl bracelets flawlessly.

From our point of view an easy implemented and truly great looking is the idea of placing bracelets around the watch. You might have already mentioned this fashion impacting the watch producers offering their product with extended length wristbands adorned with charms, beads and other jewelry items. Anyway, this principle is letting you create many looks with the bracelets from your jewelry box placed next to your watch in different combinations. Make sure the metals are matching though.

The fifth and the last principle we would like to share is the usage of animal prints. Those are nicely matched when used in jewelry because they give just little stylish accents instead of filling the whole image. Make sure you use the outfits’ color scheme but go for various patterns with the bracelets to get some textured eye-catching look.