Resin Rings - A Precious Touch Of Mother Nature

Resin rings make a unique accessory with a floral touch that will perfectly complement a cute feminine outfit or even anything formal. Let’s find out what resin rings are made from and what designs you will find on the market today.

blue copper resin rings

Resin jewelry will become a brilliant adornment option for people keen on everything natural or boasting floral motifs. Most resin rings, for instance, are created in such a way that they highlight the beauty of nature in lots of its manifestations. Many of them will have tiny leaves or flowers set in the resin liquid, which looks just astonishing.

What is resin?

First things first, before purchasing a resin ring you might need to know exactly what the material is. Basically, resin is a viscous liquid of natural origin that is usually formed from mixed organic compounds.

To put it simply, resin is a substance that animals produce for protective purposes when injured and just on a daily basis to secure their home from other insects. Given this fact, you can rest assured that resin is actually a highly durable material.

Types of resin rings

Now that you know more about the nature of resin, we can dig into types of rings made of this material that you will come across when shopping online or offline. Let’s go!

Silver resin rings

In case you are looking for an expensive-looking embellishment that boasts some gorgeous sparkle and has a cold metal tone to it, you should certainly check out silver resin rings. These make a decent adornment because of their design. The combination of a natural material, resin, and silver makes the piece of jewelry stand out.

silver resin ring red

This kind of ring could have any shape; it can be a hoop ring, a usual one, an extremely thin or thick ring, a wedding ring with resin in the center looking like a stone, and many more variations. You can purchase a silver resin ring as an adorable present for a dear person of yours.

Transparent resin rings

There is a fascinating type of resin rings that we especially love: they have a translucent structure and some tiny details within the liquid. Oftentimes, the details include flowers or gold, silver, or copper flakes.

Here, the success of the ring depends on the color combination of the liquid and additional decorative items. For instance, clear resin with a white shade will go perfectly well with golden flakes or yellow flowers put into the liquid.

transparent resin ring

Since this is one of the most common designs for resin rings, you will find a multitude of such embellishments in thematic shops that specialize in jewelry. Just make sure to pick the right size and the ring of your dreams will be yours!

The plants that you can find in a resin ring range greatly, offering you a wide choice to pick from. It could be chamomile, moss, dandelion, roses, lavender, and many other floral beauties.

Wood resin rings

A unique-looking design of resin rings, those made of wood and resin at the same time have earned remarkable popularity due to their extraordinary appearance. Unity of two naturally formed materials contributes to the feel of a strong bond with Mother Nature if this is what you strive for. Rings with semi-precious stones will also make a viable solution.

wood resin rings

The two different types of earthly materials look well-balanced together in a ring. What is also great about this design is that you can put brightly colored resin next to dark wood and it will create a sophisticated vibrant look to add some fun to your outfit.

Neon resin ring

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary embellishment to surprise everyone around? Fortunately, there is such an unusual resin ring option as well!

Rings made of resin that glows in the dark will be a great piece of jewelry for those of you fond of nightclubs, raves, parties, or just night walks. Dwellers of the night will highly appreciate the attention from their mates drawn to the tiny ring on your finger.

neon resin ring

The glow may vary from green shades to blue ones, so make sure to take the ring’s color into account when buying it. You want to be sure that the neon tint will go well with your club outfits!

These were all the most recognized resin ring designs that you should know about. It is very plausible that you will fall in love with resin rings right after putting the first one on your finger, so make sure your jewelry bow has enough room for the newcomers!



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