Let us get take a look at the road the earrings have travelled to become one of the most popular types of jewelry nowadays.

This jewelry has been used during many centuries to show wealth, cultural status, prosperity – to identify a wearer among the others. They say that ancient earrings might be used to lead the evil spirits away from the wearer. Our ancestors believed that evil could enter the body through eyes and ears and gain control over it.

But let us be more specific. Hoops and pendant earrings first appeared in Asia and the Middle East. They were not any more used to scary the evil forces away but to show the wearer's religious, political or tribal identity. The social status was as well identified by those ancient versions of earring we know and love today. The community of those times considered earrings to be the sign of prosperity and wealth.

The same usage of earrings was popular during the Roman Empire as women known for their wealth worn earrings for showing off their status. Various gemstones including emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines were commonly used for earring creation by the second century A.D. The Middle Ages brought the decrease of the earrings appeal as the attention started to move over to sophisticated hairstyles and dresses.

The sixteenth century seemed to be a great time for the earrings to make it back into fashion. Disappearing collars of enormous height that would have left the earring set unnoticed as well as a new fashion of wearing hair up and away from the face were helping the earrings a lot. That lasted till the 1850s, when the earrings once again lost their popularity. New hair fashion insisted on tying it behind the head, which made the ears covered. The bonnets and hats were as well highly fashionable those days.

As time went by, the clip-ons came into fashion in 1920s due to their being more sanitary and needing no ear piercing.

The earrings continued their evolution and to the middle of the previous century all shapes and sizes were popular. An important thing of the time period is the establishment of the difference between those to be worn during the daytime and those more sophisticated earrings for the evenings. Anyway later in 1970s, the day and night differences in earrings wear were neglected with pierced earrings becoming highly popular.

Although wearers’ preferences and earrings popularity have been fluctuating as the times passed due to various economic conditions, changes in fashion influences and society, quality earrings have always been an important part of stylish and fashionable look and at the end became those we see today - a huge range of earring styles that both women and men enjoy wearing.