There is a range of styles for sterling silver earrings with one being less casual than another. We will try to show you the approach to making a right decision on what style to choose for a specific occasion.

Let’s start with the basics – earrings shaped as small hoops, which are good for every day wearing at the office.

Another great for everyday wear sterling silver earrings are studs - tiny little earrings often chosen as the first ear jewelry for young girls. Their low weight and seamless wear looks like a great advantage in this case. Older women often move to this type of earrings instead of heavy ones.

A pair of sterling silver hoops would definitely look great if you have the hair down. If you are in for a more eye-catching style – change them for oversized ones and make your hair up. As versatile as they are, hoops of different sizes should be appropriately chosen. Go for small ones when you go to work. You should also keep in mind that the large the hoops the heavier they are. We guess that large hoop earrings should take some time to get used to. Think of that when shopping for that particular style.

Drop shaped earrings made of polished high quality sterling silver take the truly special place in the world of earrings. Single of multiple gemstones drop earrings will look great with a wide array of your outfits, traditional or modern. Polished silver high metal brightness ensures that the bezel for the gemstone compliments it and does look great in combination.

Let us move on to one of the most sophisticated and festive shapes of earrings – to the the chandeliers. They can be considered a sub-type of drop-shaped earrings. Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings make a use of several connected to the oversized settings chains hanging below the ears. Chandelier earrings are those women save for a special occasion and do not wear daily, pretty much the same as for the drop-shaped earrings described above. They are certainly great for special occasions but be sure not to choose too large ones for a formal occasion.

Sterling silver earrings are great, hygienic and versatile pieces of fine jewelry. It is a nice way to buy earrings depending on what you need right now. That will help you find a style fitting you the most.

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