Boost Your Masculine Power With Mars Symbol Jewelry

Mars symbol is a highly demanded sign widely used in jewelry. In this article, we will be looking at its meaning, reasons for the symbol’s popularity, and types of application in fine jewelry production. Let’s dive into it!

First, let’s discuss how the Mars symbol looks. It has a simple circle as the basis and an arrow that comes from the circle in the direction northeast of it. The symbol itself is easy to recreate as it boasts just two elements – a circle and an arrow.

mars symbol

The meaning of Mars symbol

There is a lot of heated discussions around the topic of the Mars symbol’s meaning. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find the right answer to the question as it lies on the surface.

Originally, the symbol for Mars is meant to represent one of the ancient Roman gods, namely, the god of war, Mars. The circle is an image of a shield, whereas the arrow is the spear, both belonging to this god and helping him fight effectively.

mars god of war

This symbol is used in numerous spheres of our life to symbolize male strength and masculinity. This is the key aspect of the symbol’s success in jewelry production; so, let’s switch to this topic now.

Reasons for Mars symbol’s popularity

As you can tell, the meaning behind mars symbol is rather obvious and therefore easy to implement in a person’s style. Pieces of jewelry that are shaped like the symbol for Mars are going for a song because of their enigmatic properties. People believe it to boost the man’s energy, confidence, and physical fortitude.

If a man is wearing a Mars pendant, for instance, he feels the flow of power and stillness of mind. A ring or bracelet with the renowned symbol will help a man keep going through a rough patch in his life with dignity and confidence in tomorrow.

mars symbol and masculinity

Jewelry with the symbol for Mars makes a brilliant birthday gift idea to present to a man you love or appreciate in your life. By giving him such a present, you will make sure that this person never loses faith in the power of his masculinity and wit.

Mars sign also symbolizes youth. So, if you want a man to stay young and healthy for a longer period, don’t hesitate and present them with a Mars symbol piece of jewelry.

Astrological characteristics of Mars

Mars is the planet responsible for many aspects of your life and mood. Among the things Mars controls are your determination, passion, energy, and motivation to pursue your goals. The planet influences how confident and powerful you feel.

Speaking of the romantic side of our life, Mars also plays a significant role here. To be specific, the planet’s in charge of your sexual drive, as well as chemistry and affection between people. When under the influence of Mars, your confidence doubles and you feel eager to take action rather than contemplate.

mars influence on our life

When Mars is active, your instincts are at their peak; you may feel overwhelmed with anger because of this influence and even be impulsive. However, if you manage to take control of the emotion and channel it into creating rather than destroying, success will follow right away.

Types of jewelry with Mars symbol

There are multiple ways to use the symbol for Mars to create an adorable piece of jewelry. Let’s see what types of adornments can boast a beautiful design with the Mars symbol as the main part of them.

Mars symbol earrings

If you want the gorgeous embellishment as close to your face as possible, consider purchasing a pair of earrings. Made of gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or clay, earrings shaped like the symbol for Mars will become great complementation to your outfit.

mars symbol earrings

You will also see that many models have the arrow pointing down but not in the upper right direction. Don’t be confused, it’s still the same Mars symbol but slightly altered to look better on some pieces of jewelry.

Mars symbol pendants

Stunning miniature pendants with the Mars sign will probably never go out of fashion. They make a perfect embellishment for a casual outfit or formal attire since there are not many accents to this piece of jewelry.

mars symbol pendant

A minimalist sterling silver pendant in the shape of Mars might be a perfect finish to your look if you want it simple and not overdone. You can match a Mars pendant with a plain shirt, monochrome T-Shirt, casual dress to go out, and literally any kind of clothes that you would wear on regular occasions.

Mars symbol rings

An absolute favorite among Zodiac sign jewelry, rings make a flawless basis to showcase your love for astrology and put something special into your decorative item. Just like they are great with various gemstones and crystals, rings with planet signs look wonderful and very beneficial to the owner.

mars symbol ring

The Mars symbol in the ring may stay on the miniature side, or it could be rather massive and eye-catching, making everyone around notice the beauty on your finger. The options range a lot so feel free to pick the best variant.

Mars symbol bracelets

If both wearing adornments on the wrist and astrology are your thing, check these out. Bracelets with the symbol for Mars will serve you as a lightweight but colorful jewelry piece that will bring you joy 24/7.

mars symbol bracelet

The varieties of bracelets will surprise you for sure: braided, cord bracelets, made of metals or yarn. There are dozens of materials great to become your future bracelet. You just need to attach the Mars symbol charm to the cord or purchase a complete bracelet with the most suitable design for you personally.

This is all we wanted to tell you about the majestic Mars symbol that is so often used in jewelry. We hope we managed to persuade you to give this type of embellishment a try and inspired you to look for the best option possible.



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