Benefits of silver jewelry

This cold white metal that we all know as silver has always been considered the most exceptional and mystic of all other noble metals. It is believed to have been credited with magic powers and health benefits, such as the capability of clarifying water and healing wounds. Let's find out if silver is worth the fuss.

silver jewelry on hand

The latest scientific researches have proved these extraordinary benefits of silver. Scientists revealed that ions of silver possess outstanding properties that help destroy malignant bacteria. Women used to believe that white metal could save their feelings for a long time, and the newborns were given silver accessories so that they have a happy and rich life.

There are hardly any fashion lovers who have never heard about sterling silver before visiting our website. Anyway, such a person would surely be attracted by some polished sterling silver jewelry, such as silver earrings or a marvelous bracelet decorated with some elegant beads or dangling charms attached to it.

Some people say that gold is a show-off, while silver is a noble metal. It can never be too much of silver; silver accessories look graceful, minimalistic, and emphasize a good taste of the owner.

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Silver attracts connoisseurs of jewelry with its exquisiteness and delicacy at a comparatively affordable price. The choice is also rather big – from rare handmade items to modest silver accessories that will look just as gorgeous.

Silver jewelry is suitable for everyday wearing. It is a good choice both for men and women of any age, which makes the material a highly universal one.

Silver accessories do not cause allergic reactions because there are much less nonprecious metals in silver alloys than in gold. The highest silver hallmark is 960. The most commonly used one in silver jewelry is 925 hallmark silver. The lowest is 750 – this alloy is not considered as noble but it is used in silverware and other home decors.

silver ring 925 hallmark

Unique handmade silver items have one of a kind designs and techniques; they also offer a great value that equals or exceeds other noble metals. Silver jewelry is way less counterfeit than gold or platinum.

Pure silver is not used to make jewelry due to its extreme softness. It is mixed with copper to provide strength to make jewelry casting possible. There could be other alloys used for copper replacement with an intention of the sterling silver alloy basic properties improvement.

Sterling silver is one of the types of high-quality silver used in fine jewelry production. The bright shine of silver makes is an exceptional setting for earrings or pendants, even those without any gemstones. Surely, putting some precious gemstones or crystals into pieces of silver jewelry only makes them more eye-catching. Just imagine all that sparkle! Let us provide you with some more benefits to make you decide whether you should choose sterling silver jewelry or not.

moonstone silver ring

So first you need to know what exactly makes sterling silver such a desirable precious metal. As long as pure silver is not found as a jewelry base very often one should consider less precious types of silver. Most silver you will be seeing in stores is mixed with another alloy to make it more yielding. The most common variant is copper.

While sterling silver looks similar to 100% of silver jewelry, when color is considered some “more-copper” silver types look darker and a bit orange. Sterling silver is brighter and becomes even more attractive when polished.

Having metals in its composition, sterling silver is a subject to the oxidizing process when put into moist conditions. Such conditions can lead to tarnishing, although silver does boast a better tarnishing resistance. Therefore sterling silver pieces with less copper are less affected. Keeping your sterling silver in a dry area and polishing it regularly will make tarnishing a problem you never face.

tarnish remover cloth

Here is one more fact to prove sterling silver fashion is a decent option for jewelry. Silver with higher levels of copper in it is not very great for your skin since it can cause a chemical reaction that changes the color of the skin. At the same time, sterling silver has a lower level of copper in its blend so you have nothing to worry about.

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Silver rings probably make one of the most popular items on the market. Being immensely delicate and adorable these accessories add up to a sophisticated style. And of course, silver rings are the best gift for a silver wedding when a couple celebrates 25 years of their marriage.


silver earrings with diamonds

Silver earrings are a tradition that accentuates the romantic mood of any woman. They can be worn as a stand-alone accessory or together with a ring, bracelet, or pendant.



modest silver bracelet

Silver bracelets will add some chic to a casual or dressy look. Bracelets are also the most popular accessories for men. Silver pendants are even more eye-catching in a combination with stunning evening gowns. They will complete even the most modest dress as well as a buttoned-up business suit.


If you mix and match basic silver jewelry with your everyday outfit you will have a fashionable stylish look.

The most gorgeous accessory is a silver necklace. It attracts the looks and accentuates woman’s allure and her natural beauty.

Those were a few facts about sterling silver and its benefits. Hope we helped you make up your mind on adding it to your collection or made you even more confident about the purchases you have already made.



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