Types of Gemstones and Materials Used In Fine Jewelry

The variety of jewelry options available on the market these days is truly impressive. However, being given this many options, some people may feel confused regarding what material or gemstone to pick for their necklace. Let's dwell on this topic and acquire some theoretical knowledge to build our image more efficiently.

Materials and color palette

Top designers’ ideas stir zooties’ vivid imagination. The necklace as a fashionable accessory is the best to create a unique and unparalleled look. The classic one is a chained item in gilded metal. An extravagant chained necklace can be equipped with a small locket or another original element.

golden chain

As for metal combination, a gold alloy is defined by metals added to make the necklace durable and sturdy. Reddish gold contains copper while the lighter one is combined with silver. Platinum, palladium, and nickel are used to get white gold.

Traditional French necklaces are still in demand nowadays; these are ribbons with beads and pendants embracing the neck highly. Feminine necklaces with skewed trims and twisted cords look extremely beautiful. These materials highlight semi-precious stones enveloping them with intricate ornaments.

French necklace1

With petals and leaves depicted in neck jewelry, our imagination conjures up gorgeous flowers and peacock feathers - we just have to decide which material we like best from the amazing vibrant array.

Foamiran is soft synthetic material formed as flat sheets and used to craft handmade items. The color palette of Iranian foamiran is rather diverse. Displaying 24 tones, it gives a wonderful opportunity to create numerous silky-to-touch flowers and décor elements. Roses, chrysanthemums, peony and snowdrops, poplar and chamomile will make any necklace look even more beautiful, and such amazing artworks keep their shapes perfectly. Refined turquoise and lavender crafts are great to embellish a fashionable dress for a special occasion.

foamiran flowers

Amazing necklace jewelry is crafted with mouline threads and multi-sized buttons wrapped with fabric or leather. They can fall down gradually in one or several rows. Trendy polymeric clay items will ideally suit young ladies and graduates. They are framed as fancy flowers matched with beads and balls of the same plastic of tender and pastel tones.

mouline necklace

Precious and semi-precious stones

The Cat’s and Tiger’s eye

People believe that the cat’s eye is a potent amulet radiating healing vibes. This quartz enables artisans to make vivid eye-catching things improving samples of original hues and extraordinary shapes with silver finishing.

cats eye ring

Tiger’s eye includes needles that turned yellow or rusty orange when oxidized. Apart from that, it differs from the cat’s eye with a wavy pattern. A yellow-brownish stone makes the basis for fancy shaped necklaces in which multi-sized stones are joined with a thin cord and a chain.

tigers eye ring

Ruby, diamond, sapphire, garnet

Diamonds dazzle everyone around with their bespoke brilliance. However, diamond jewelry is rather expensive so these stones are set in necklaces rather seldom. The Riviera necklace has been regarded as a classic item for many centuries. Apart from diamonds, it comprises sapphires, rubies, and garnets. The stones are joined to each other in such a way that it is impossible to see where they are attached.

riviera necklace

Sapphire is considered to give confidence in one’s charm while ruby suits goal-oriented women. Garnet glows less brightly than ruby but the stone flaunts deep and saturated dark red tone highlighting the matte face and neck. Refined gem jewelry pieces are ideal for self-confident ladies.


new tourmaline necklacePink and semi-transparent tourmaline is part of necklaces and jewelry sets rather often. The Night violet is crafted with silver and tourmaline crystals of diverse hues – from purplish to saturate pink. Petal-shaped tourmalines are fixed on a broad silver chain of a short necklace.


topaz necklaceBlue and greenish topaz, smoky rauchtopaz – jewelers widely utilize all these quartz options to achieve a wonderful result. Shiny topaz marries silver in perfect harmony adorning a necklace in a classic way. This cold glowing gem is a decent match for gold as well, to achieve the color contrast effect.


aventurine necklaceAventurine is opaque quartzite with mica, iron, and other inclusions giving the stone its typical golden hue. Aventurine shades vary from reddish-brown to greyish-yellow and green. Black aventurine jewelry is the most luxurious one. An aventurine necklace in the color of the night is the one coveted by every connoisseur of elegance and style.


coral necklaceThis ancient mineral flaunts the diversity of tones – from saturated red and brownish to black and white. Deep-water coral jewelry is the most valuable. Such necklaces are made from polished coral beads or pieces. Its variety enables artisans to create true masterpieces with several coral types and to match it with other semi-precious stones and pearls.


turquoise necklaceA rare piece of jewelry would compete with a turquoise one in elegance. Embracing the shades from greyish-green to vivid blue, turquoise has its particular charm. It looks equally amazing in a silver necklace with big pendants and in an item with several rows of smaller elements in front.

Agate and Jasper

“Agate” is the ancient Greek word for “kind, happy”. Thus, applied in jewelry, this stone is believed to bring good luck and longevity to its recipient. The stripy internal part of this quartzite renders a soft pattern after processing. Its iridescent coloring exhibits starry, black, red-yellow, and moss tones. Big stones with chalcedony and opal inclusions are the most precious giving rise to splendid necklace jewelry.

agate necklace1

Jasper possesses properties similar to agate. There exist flamboyant and striped stones, versatile in their texture. Such necklaces are fascinating and eye-catching due to a versatile play of colors and texture patterns, complicated processing to shape jasper samples as leaves and flat geometric figures.

jasper necklace

Murano glass

Murano glass makers invented a special kind of glass that pleased Venetian residents from the 13th to the 18th century. Twisted glass strands and metal inclusions in ready colored rods remained a secret hard for other European schools to reveal completely. Female jewelry made of this glass was called “Murrina”.

murrino necklace

All colorful Murano glass beads are molded separately contributing to the unparalleled beauty and coveted individuality of the item. Figurines, beads, and flowers are gathered to a metal chain. Resembling pearls, agate, and chalcedony, shiny glass crafts rival and surpass the originals quite often.


amber necklaceAmber is enjoyed by many fashion lovers. A necklace bearing this stone possesses healing properties recognized in folk medicine. Its deep and warm honey tone renders the item romantic vibes stirring vacation memories and conjugating to the sunny seaside. The gilded metal setting enhances the natural beauty of transparent amber. Necklaces look unusual when amber pieces are combined with black leather and suede.

Swarovski Strass

swarovski necklaceSwarovski crystals emulate gemstones becoming the peculiar feature of a particular style. Such necklaces ideally match ballroom and evening gowns. Eye-catching necklace jewelry with big crystals is recognized worldwide and will always find its special place in a treasure box of each fashionable lady.


Colorful pendants with several stone options, iridescent colors and big crystals framed with smaller ones - these all are displayed in the top trendy necklaces this year.



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