Types Of Silver Jewelry: Popular And Recognized

Silver jewelry presented on our website is all made of hallmarked 925 sterling silver, with different finishes, plain silver, or embellished with precious gemstones, murano glass, crystals, and others. We think the list below might become an inspiration in your journey through the collections available in our store. Let us discuss the most desired and fashionable types of silver jewelry.

We will be mentioning all types of silver jewelry that people have access to these days so that lovers of bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. will be interested regardless of their specific preferences. Join us in this little journey in the world of silver jewelry and enjoy acquiring new knowledge!

Silver pendants

Let’s begin with stylish sterling silver pendants. Add them to a silver chain or a stunning necklace of any length. These highly polished shiny pendants provide an up-to-date feel to any clothing set.

silver pendant1

These are not necessarily just rounded pendants. The fine jewelry producers will impress you with sterling silver pendants of various shapes; those could be oval, triangular, or even resemble tiny human figures. You will come across both minimalist pendants and those decorated with gemstones.

Silver rings

Sterling silver rings make trendy and stylish jewelry pieces to suit your unique personality and take any person's outfit to a brand new level. They vary from delicate to bold or breathtakingly elegant. The rings are adjustable so add them to your gift options list as well.

silver ring with diamond

Again, sterling silver rings may be totally sleek or have some curves and engravings on their surface. Precious and semi-precious stones will make a perfect means of extra decoration and add some mesmerizing sparkle to your jewelry.

Silver bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets will make your outfit for every day or a special event look more complete and extraordinary. Tanned skin and polished sterling silver on a woman's wrist is a stunning combination, although the best look would be a pale skin complemented with a nice piece of silver jewelry.

silver bracelet1

Sterling silver charm bracelets appear to be the most personal pieces of jewelry. That is why they are so greatly adored by women all over the world. Tell a story by adding to a bracelet several beads or charms reflecting your interests or hobbies.

Silver earrings

Sterling silver hoop earrings come in numerous sizes. Wear a pair of small hoops to work or put on a generously sized pair for a dramatic look and increased attention.

Also, make sure to check out sterling silver drop earrings that make a top-notch finish to a luxury night gown. A tender silhouette of your silver earrings, whatever the shape, will accentuate smooth curves of your face and match with any outfit.

silver earrings

Sterling silver earring studs come in handy when a woman needs to add some shining to her ears. These earrings are very comfortable in daily wearing. The variety of designs available makes them a popular jewelry choice.

Silver anklets

silver anklet

Sterling silver ankle bracelets are excellent when you want to attract attention to your beautiful legs. Such flirty jewelry looks absolutely gorgeous on tanned skin during the summer season. Spending time on a beach showing off all of this beauty will surely lure other people to your persona.

Silver beads

silver bead

Sterling silver beads will complement your bracelet or necklace. Many women attach them to handbags or even zipper pulls on their clothes. Check our collections for many themed sterling silver beads to choose from.

Posh silver

Those who are experts in silver jewelry turn their heads to Italian jewelry. The technics that are used in silver jewelry in Italy are kept in secret for generations. The art of Italian silver jewelers attracts the lovers of vivid and festive looks with its uniqueness and singularity. Everyone can find an accessory that fits the most – delicate, graceful, and elegant or massive and encrusted with gemstones of bright and clear colors.

Turkish silver jewelry varies from Italian where oriental symbols prevail. It is heavier, richer in ornament, and has unique design.

Many people enjoy silver jewelry crafted in th ethnical style of some exotic cultures. It is said to have magical powers and abilities. And even if it is just a myth such piece of jewelry will certainly add a flair of mystery to your look.

How to choose silver jewelry

It is highly recommended to buy silver accessories in certified jewelry shops. They must have a hallmark, not less than 925, which guarantees that your jewelry will not darken but will keep its natural metal shine. Pay attention to other proofs of quality provided by the seller.

925 hallmark silver

When choosing silver jewelry as a gift remember that the youngest girls tend to appreciate light and small scale rings that accentuate the grace of their fingers. The shape and form may vary but they should match the whole look of the wearer. Edgy E-girls, on the other hand, would highly appreciate massive chains with tiny locks on them!

Elegant fashionistas and romantic persons will enjoy silver jewelry with delicate curlicues which basically match any kind of outfit. Massive elements and large-scale accessories will help to create a striking look.

silver jewelry with curlicues

Apart from that, please keep in mind that cold and shiny silver is an excellent setting for gems. Women who prefer classic style also like natural pearls with silver. Strong and independent ones will adore silver jewelry with diamonds. Young and ambitious go for jewelry with colorful gemstones.

For those who can’t decide between silver and gold will be amazed to receive a gold plated silver jewelry or a well-balanced combination of two metals in one jewelry piece. Such accessories will complete any festive clothing.

Sterling silver jewelry is in a trend these days with lots and lots of designs, shapes, color choices available. We are happy to offer all types of high quality hallmarked 925 sterling silver jewelry at our web store.



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