Feng Shui Bracelets That Have Power to Change Your Life

A feng shui bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry generally made of special stones that are supposed to bring the owner luck, love, wealth, and health. These stones with powerful energy are called talismans and are believed to attract those aspects of human life that need healing and improvement. Feng shui bracelets are perfect for everyone who wants to look beautiful and, at the same time, have spiritual protection from all evils.

People started to wear these accessories a long time ago when a creature Pi Yao paved its way into their beliefs and daily lives. A powerful Cure and Enhancer, it is worshiped along with Buddha, Dragon, etc. At the time, people understood the protective power of feng shui elements in their life, they started to wear some of them every time or place them at work and home. In this article, you will discover unknown breath-taking facts about feng shui bracelets that will make you rethink the fundamental things in your life that need to be changed or improved with the help of these accessories imbued with positive energy.

Read the article to learn the following details about the feng shui bracelets:

What are Feng Shui bracelets?

Everyone who needs to change their lives for the better should have this magic accessory that is so popular around the world nowadays. A long time ago, people noticed its extraordinary effect on the aspect they wanted to improve. As a result, they started to enrich their knowledge on feng shui things and accessories. Bracelets are the most popular feng shui jewelry since it's practical and comfortable. They are a fantastic accessory and, at the same time, a source of positive energy. Feng shui bracelets serve as a perfect gift as a person who gives you this thing sincerely wishes you blessings. You can also consider it an incredible gift for those you love and respect and want this person to lead a happy life. So let's discover which feng shui bracelets will be perfect just for you or someone you love.

What energy stone to choose?

There are many energy stones that may bring you something you lack in your life and protect. Agate, turquoise, tiger eye cornelian, and many others proved their powerful ability to connect with your internal energy and bring harmony into your life. But when we talk about feng shui bracelets, we need to take the stone that will activate the feng shui elements.

There are five elements that are believed to bring harmony and balance to a person's life. According to feng shui philosophy, chi (energy) lives in all things and is the life force of nature; yin (female) and yang (male) are the opposite forces; their balance harmonizes yin (earth) and yang (heaven).

The perfect stone to have in your feng shui bracelet is quartz because it stores and purifies energies. It is the second most widespread mineral on our planet, and it reaches hundreds of varieties. There are plenty of quartz colors and forms that can be clustered or part of smooth rock. Consider that its pointed end direct energy flow. So what are the types of quartz, and which of them should you choose?

feng shui bracelets

Clear quartz

Its transparent color is seen as a universal healer as it amplifies energy. This clarity can help you to enhance your internal strength to become more confident and more spiritually assertive.

Rose quartz

Feng shui bracelets made from rose quartz beads possess intense love energy. They are perfect for those who want to enhance marriages and love relationships. You can find out more about these adorable pink crystals in our article.


Different citrine colors are all incredible and attract wealth energy to their owner`s life. It boosts prosperity and abundance by bestowing acumen chi energy and neutralizing negative chi energies.


Formed of amethyst and citrine, a beautiful gemstone ametrine is recognized by its purple and yellowish shades. It facilitates connection and balance in your life as well as attracts prosperity.

Types of Feng Shui bracelets

Once you get familiar with appropriate feng shui bracelets stones, it's time to find their types. There are many of them, but we will provide you with the most popular and efficient.

Bracelets for good health

Perfect for people with poor health, this bracelet needs to contain the core element: amethyst combined with wood beads that are natural elements. It has strong healing properties and will make you feel much better after a relatively short period of wearing.

feng shui health bracelets

Bracelets for protection

Bad luck can encounter any of us this or that time, so in order to protect yourself from unpleasant situations or stop a sequence of disasters, consider the bracelet made of agate. This feng shui accessory will boost your protective energy and will be a great sign of concern about someone you care for.

feng shui protection bracelets

Bracelets for good luck

In order to improve personal feng shui, you should pay attention to a bracelet that incorporates the five elements into it: chi, yin, yang, yin, and yang. This bracelet may consist of five stones with different colors that will help attract good luck from all five directions.

feng shui good luck bracelets

Bracelets for wealth

A feng shui bracelet made of citrine is one of the most popular accessories among those who strive to attract wealth luck in their life. The right yellow color looks like gold, so no wonder that people liked citrine for its beauty, affordability, and efficiency.

A pixiu bracelet is another wealth luck accumulator, but it has such an elegant and rich look that people choose it the most often above others. It is designed with the pi xiu, a gold-eating celestial creature that consumes and stores wealth without letting it out. There is a Sanskrit mantra carved onto it that is a key to prosperity.

feng shui wealth bracelets

Bracelets for love

Singles and people with problems in their romantic life should pay attention to a feng shui bracelet that attracts positive love energy. Made of rose quartz and other beautiful and powerful stones, such as garnet and lepidolite, it will bring luck in relationships and marriage.

feng shui love bracelets

Feng Shui bracelet special features

Their secret is hidden in a substantial energy power that is able to divert any negative feelings and situations from the person who wears the feng shui bracelet. However, it`s special also due to its gorgeous look that can fit any outfit and combine with different accessories. The most beautiful combinations are created when a feng shui bracelet complements a silver feng shui pendant and gemstone ring with the same stone as your bracelet.

You can improve your life and attract only positive energy to it with a beautiful feng shui bracelet that consists of appropriate stones. They will bring their owner luck, health, love, wealth and protect a person from evils and misfortunes. Find your unique feng shui bracelet that will always be with you and create a strong aura of positiveness.



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