Slap Bracelets — Your Bright Uniqueness

You certainly remember these colorful bracelets you had in your childhood and adulthood. There were so many different patterns that you couldn't choose which one to put on. Nowadays, people forget about small joys and happiness and mainly focus on wealth. Exquisite gold and silver bracelets have always been making every person look gorgeous, but how about wearing something different? We want to remind you of simple bright slap bracelets that can make you feel and be special.

Keep reading the article to learn more about the slap bracelets including the following aspects:

What are the slap bracelets?

Obsolete 90s trend or bright gem that can pain your life in bright colors of joy, happiness, and originality? Slap bracelets are gaining their popularity after two decades of silence, so we've prepared for you a short guide on why they are so good and special for all of us. Small steel tapes may be a fun toy for your child, a luxurious or strikingly special accessory for every woman, and a crucial safety means for everyone on the road.

slap bracelets

Types of slap bracelets

You may think that these colorful funny bracelets remained in the past, but we want to inform you that the fashion industry is an extremely changeable thing. Take a look at three main types of slap bracelets and consider acquiring one of these magnificent accessories.

Funny slap bracelets

The first type includes funny bracelets that are so beloved by kids from all over the world. They are decorated with cartoon images, bright patterns, and small toys. Just look at these cute accessories that will make every child happy and let them forget about their gadgets at least for a while.

funny slap bracelets

Fashion slap bracelets

Fashion slap bracelets are elegant and are usually used to add uniqueness and gratefulness to a lady's look. Covered with high-quality fabrics, fur, or designed silicon, they still remain simple steel slaps we all used to wear and extremely like.

fashion slap bracelets

Safety slap bracelets

The third type of slap bracelets is exceptionally important for our life and safety, as it serves as a reflective element. People usually wear them to be visible at night on the road and prevent car accidents. Thus, you can see that they are not only beautiful accessories but very useful things for every pedestrian.

safety slap bracelets

Peculiarities of a slap bracelet

Slap bracelets may be covered with different materials: fabric, leather, silicon, or plastic due to the fact that the steel they are made of can hurt you. The abundance of colors and patterns gives you a chance to wear them with any outfit you want. You can create unique looks and combine them with other accessories, such as Erimish bracelets and colorful beads. They may also be a perfect decoration for any party, and you can share them with your family and friends. Choose thematic bracelet sets and create an unforgettable atmosphere with multicolored slaps.

Interesting facts about slap bracelets

Fact #1

In the Ragnar Relays that got its name after the legendary Norse Viking hero Ragnar, teams composed of 12 participants run a 200-mile relay. It lasts for over two days and one night and what is interesting is that the sportsmen use a slap bracelet instead of a relay baton.

Fact #2

Apple announced that they are going to release a flexible screen that is something similar to a slap bracelet. The company brings the bracelets back, saying that “the most recent widespread use of such a device was the slap bracelet, also called the slap wrap.”

Fact #3

The baffling fact about slap bracelets is that in one of the schools, children got slaps with unstable covers. Once they were easily removed, kids saw the images of naked ladies on the reused steel measuring tapes.

slap bracelets 2021

Slap bracelet history

At first sight, simple slap bracelets admire people by its different design, colors, and cover. People of all ages like these trendy accessories, but created in 1983, they were extremely popular among youngsters. It's interesting to know that the bracelet inventor was Wisconsin teacher Stuart Anders, who started to sell them under the brand name "Slap Wrap".

Nowadays, we can choose among different bracelet sizes and material covers. The original Slap Wrap steel bracelets had been 23 cm in length and 2.5 cm wide. In the late 1980s, children, pre-teens, and teenagers were crazy about pretty cheap accessories. They found their toys fashionable and considered the fashion playful, and slap bracelets gave them what they wanted from life. Fashion tends to come back, so add a bit of freshness and brightness to your everyday look.

Be different, be new, and do not forget to underline your uniqueness with these trendy bracelets.



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