Silver Bracelets Variety That Will Attract Every Person

A silver bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry made of this beautiful white metal and decorated with other materials and stones. Silver bracelets are good both for men and women as the variety of their designs is impressive. You can wear this accessory with any outfit, and it'll become your favorite jewelry you will always have on the wrist. People started to wear silver bracelets thousands of years ago, using them as talismans and ritual or religious means. Silver jewelry is an integral part of every person's life, especially when it comes to amazing bracelets. Read the article and discover more interesting information you didn't know about these accessories.

Keep reading to learn the following facts about silver bracelets:

What is a silver bracelet?

Silver is a magic metal that seems simple and affordable at first sight but can be a special material for the most exquisite accessories. Young people adore silver bracelets: they like to give them as a present on any occasion and enjoy wearing them. Just take a look at these great silver bracelets whose tiny ornaments are so elegant that there is no need for diamonds and gold. Decorated with precious stones, silver jewelry makes everyone unique, and it can be an amazing present for someone you love. Silver has a long history, so let's find out what makes this metal important to us.

Why is silver so popular?

Silver is not much expensive if compared to other precious metals such as gold and platinum. It may lead to the assumption that silver is an unimportant metal. But this belief is not true! It was more widespread and valued throughout history than gold, and people used silver in all accessory types. Quantities of silver used in jewelry significantly outweigh the amount of all other precious metals. This white metal was the reason for a number of technological advances in mining and metallurgy. Silver deposits defined the role of the country on the international scene. Means of payment, building material, disinfectors, medicine, and jewelry, silver is undoubtedly among the most important metals for humanity.

How does it differ from a sterling bracelet?

Pure silver is very malleable and soft, so it's impossible to create any piece of jewelry using exclusively fine silver. The silver content in such a bracelet is 99.9%, and its cost is quite high. Most of the silver jewelry you come across is made of sterling silver: an alloy of pure silver with copper or zinc that makes the accessory more durable. The percentage of silver in this bracelet has to be no less than 92.5%, and it's marked as 925 variations. Sterling silver is more cost-efficient, but it requires frequent cleaning to protect it from tarnishing.

Silver bracelet types

There are so many splendid silver bracelets that it may take you much time to choose the one you like the most. In this article, they are classified to facilitate your search and show a wide bracelet variety. Both males and females are fond of silver accessories so that anyone can find useful data here. However, there are also cute children's sterling silver bracelets that can help your child form their fashion taste and style. There are so many of them that this short guide will help you make the right choice of the silver bracelet of your dreams.

Bangle silver bracelets

This type of bracelets is available in a plethora of forms and designs, but the most crucial thing is that you can wear it with almost any bracelet you want. Bangle bracelets allow you to use creativity and make a unique look. Read the article about sterling silver bangle bracelets and find what to match these accessories with.

bangle silver bracelets

Cuff silver bracelets

A versatile cuff bracelet is good both for casual outfits and evening gowns. These eye-catching accessories look gorgeous without any complementations and are a bit wider than the previous type. Find out more about cuff bracelets in our article dedicated to this elegant jewelry with a minimalistic design.

cuff silver bracelets

Link silver bracelets

Complemented by various amazing charms, link bracelets are one of the most popular and available in a diversity of patterns. You can find even textured and hammered silver link bracelets. Discover the collection of silver charms for bracelets and reveal your character with these plain but, at the same time, cute creative items.

link silver bracelets

Beaded silver braceles

Fashionable beads have always been popular among girls who wanted to make their accessory eye-catchy and bright. This extravagant jewelry with a sophisticated design will be a perfect gift for any woman. The collection of stunning silver beads will make any occasion special, and their owner will get the inspiration to create the most exquisite bracelet with marvelous beads.

beaded silver bracelets

Silver bracelets for men

Gentlemen also like to complement their outfits with stylish accessories, and silver bracelets are the best choice. The only thing is that the bracelet doesn`t need to be modest but elegant and fashionable enough to underline their masculinity and power. You can see that men can wear beaded, chain, and bangle silver bracelets if they are masterly combined.

silver bracelets for men

Silver bracelet features

Silver jewelry can add charm and elegance to any outfit and become an unchangeable accessory for years. A bracelet made of silver is a humble piece of jewelry that needs to be complemented by something else. It may be a silver choker necklace or stylish silver hoop earrings, the collection of which you may find on our site. Silver bracelets give you the opportunity to combine it with any accessory you want and wear with any clothes you like. Feel free and unique with a silver bracelet!

Silver bracelet history

A long time ago, ancient people wore silver bracelets for protection during the battle for spiritual and religious purposes, but they soon discovered their decorative function. Nobility preferred bracelets decorated with gemstones, but ordinary people could afford simple silver accessories. However, the plain silver jewelry was as beautiful as ornate bracelets. Silver has always been a widely popular metal in the production of jewelry. That's because it easily forms alloys with other metals that help obtain and maintain the desired jewelry shape and its ornaments.


Simple and dull or elegant and unique? A silver bracelet may not attract your attention initially, but when you choose the bracelet you like, it becomes your favorite accessory that will always be with you and suitable. Choose your lovely bracelet and underline your reserved extravagance. 



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