Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets – What Are They?

Nowadays the choice of jewelry available on the market is unlimited. Thousands of artsy pieces are available for purchase and ready to add some chic and elegance to the happy wearer's outfit. Bracelets make no exception and can turn your look into a high-fashion attire from a catwalk.

Alongside precious-metal bracelets and a bit more individual beaded and charm bracelets that have become pretty common during the last decades, there are some types that are less known but still very attractive to a prospective customer. Those bracelets might become a great starting point of creating a truly unique collection of fashion jewelry.

hoop silver bangle bracelet

One of those less famous but still highly appealing types of bracelets is a bangle bracelet. It is trendy and will give a fashionable touch to your outfit, serving you for many years due to the durability of the material. As long as silver is clean and shiny, it will always make a great contribution to any outfit.

Such bracelets are solid and not flexible as opposed to the other types of bracelets. They are usually created with silver, gold, or other precious material. However, our aim today is to look at sterling silver bangle bracelets.

Why wear sterling silver bangle bracelets?

Although less popular than bright, richly-decorated bracelets that we all got used to, less common silver bangles actually boast numerous upsides to wearing them. These include the universal nature of the embellishment and classical design that will always stay up-to-date.

gemstone silver bangle bracelet

Sterling silver bangle designs range from simple to unique handcrafted ones, often complemented with various natural or man-made stones like gems, pearls, or crystals. The best looking designs these days are still made of plain silver with various widths and styles, but still sticking to the minimalist side of embellishments.

Sterling silver bangle bracelets that come in various sizes allow women to choose whether they would like to make a fashion statement with a generously sized adornment or to go more versatile with more modest options. Bangles do add a lot of life to your wardrobe and diversify it a lot. They never go out of fashion simply because they look great with trendy nature-inspired clothing styles as well as with those being more heavy metal.

What to match sterling silver bangles with?

The bracelets of the specified type look extremely sexy with a pair of your everyday jeans or some casual dress; it will make your usual look so much fresher. Provided that you choose some bolder patterns, you will be able to achieve a flirty look. Is that not what you are striving for?

sterling silver bangle in outfit

Silver bangles make one of the most universal types of bracelets that will complement your outfit literally on any occasion. You might even want to try them with your office attire to make it different from yesterday or even wear such a bracelet to some fun event at a posh place.

Surely, you could easily combine a sophisticated silver bangle with some effortless-looking clothes that contribute to a hippie style. The combination of two extremes makes the attire edgy, extravagant, and provocative, which is a perfect option for those seeking spiciness and freshness in the way they look.

Some sterling silver bangles with beautiful ornaments engraved on the surface will go incredibly well with wedding dresses or any attire meant to be worn during a festive event. Bracelets with such a design provide a sense of playfulness and feminine that many women want to achieve in their look.

wedding attire sterling silver bangle

Feel free to experiment with a variety of other jewelry pieces and combine them with your new silver bangle bracelet. An immensely powerful combo of a silver bracelet and an elegant silver necklace will never lose its relevance in the fashion industry.

We guarantee that a good sterling silver bangle bracelet will find its place your jewelry collection and be easily implemented into your wardrobe, even if you want to bring it upside down and get a brand new, fresh style. 



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