These Boho Bracelets Will Blow Your Imagination

Nowadays our life is extremely busy and full of different events that make people bothered and nervous every time. How to stop it and achieve calm and harmony? There are many ways, but we suggest you relax with a symbol of nature on your wrist. Boho bracelets contain immense power of earth and sea, allowing their owner to connect with the universe. It is achieved with the help of natural materials composing Bohemian bracelets, especially natural stones. There are as well leather Boho accessories decorated with feathers or shells. Take a look at our gorgeous collection of leather bracelets and find how to choose a perfect leather accessory in our article. Move on and discover the world of mind-blowing Boho bracelets.

What is a Boho bracelet?

A Boho or Bohemian bracelet is a piece of jewelry that imbues its owner with natural energy. It enables a person to find their place in the world by connecting with the universe. Perfect for yoga and meditation, with Boho accessories, you will become concentrated and make the right choices. Boho bracelets have a long history since people could easily make them from simple materials. By the way, the distinct feature of Bohemian bracelets is minimalism in decorations and colors. Neutral shades are perfect for casual outfits as the main purpose of these accessories is to give a person the freedom of self-expression. Feel unique and be yourself with a Boho bracelet. Natural stones complementing these accessories have different meanings, so choose yours to magnify inner energy and feel harmony with the world.

Boho bracelet types

There are many kinds of Boho accessories, so let’s explore their short classification to be able to make the right choice of these versatile bracelets.

Buddhist Boho bracelet

Boho bracelets’ most popular type is influenced by Buddhism motives. Buddha lived in India around 500 BC, and the Price tried to find a sense of life. When he found enlightenment, his philosophy immediately swept the world. A Boho bracelet, imbued with the Buddha charm, is believed to be a powerful source of spirituality and peace. These accessories are very often adorned with such precious gemstones as Amethyst, Onyx, Turquoise, and many others. You can find out more about natural stones' power and properties in our article. There are as well Buddha symbols that are unique in their way of Boho bracelets decoration.


Chakra Boho bracelet

The seven chakra earth stones: Amber, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Red Onyx, Tiger's Eye, Ocean Jasper, Turquoise, and Howlite can assist you in achieving meditation and fashion goals. These beautiful Boho bracelets are versatile in their styles, so it may be challenging to choose the best one. You are free to put them on during meditation or complement your casual fashion. Consider giving chakra bracelets as a gift for your nearest and dearest.

chakra boho bracelet

Cuff & bangle Boho bracelet

The role of cuff bracelets is crucial for stylish ladies since these are the universal accessories that match any outfit and occasion. It will add a touch of charm and make any person feel gorgeous and unique. Minimalist Boho bracelets are perfect complementation to casual outfits as well as a great gift for special occasions. Choose your favorite material and pattern to shine!

cuff and bangle boho bracelet

Elephant Boho bracelet

Elephants symbolize the God of luck and fortune in the Hindu religion. The owner of a Boho bracelet is believed to possess such traits as strength, honor, and tenacity. Elephants on your bracelet may be represented in a form of a charm or a pattern. There may be added beautiful gemstones like Rose Quartz, Jasper, African Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Aqua Amazonite. Choose your unique Boho bracelet with a different elephant style in each accessory.

elephant boho bracelet

Hamsa Boho bracelets

Hamsa hand is a historical symbol of positive energy and joy. Having appeared in ancient Egypt, the hamsa hand attracts good vibes into your life and also keeps you grounded. Beaded Boho bracelets are imbued with bohemian energy that makes your every look unique. Take a look at different types of beads that may perfectly complement the hamsa hand on your bracelet!

hamsa boho bracelet 

Mala Boho bracelet

Inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist religions, Mala bracelets are popular for fashion and yoga purposes. Very often, people use them in meditation due to their inner power and ability to explore the scopes of a person’s spirit and energy. One bead of a Boho bracelet is named the “Guru” bead that represents a deity. You can choose among such bead materials as wood, precious stones, metals, and even seeds. Mala Bracelets are not conventional accessories, as they give the wearer versatile and unique energy.

mala boho bracelet

Owl Boho bracelet

These bracelets will enable you to stand out due to their intricate design details and deep meaning. Owls are considered to be the symbol of wisdom and profound knowledge. We associate them with the moon in the night sky. Females boost their inner energy and perfectly match their outfits with the help of owl boho accessories. Natural stones and owl charms create a stunning match and amaze people of all ages.

owl boho bracelet

Tibetan Boho bracelet

Tibetan bracelets come in a variety of nature motifs attracting jewelry-lovers with intricate designs. These Boho accessories are as unique as they are lovely, giving their owner special charm. Amazing animal and plant carvings may be adorned with precious stones. Add a Tibetan Boho bracelet to your collection and discover the power of nature.

tibetan boho bracelet

Yoga Boho bracelet

Get rid of any limitations and discover the power of your spirit with a yoga bracelet. You may wear the Boho accessories to yoga classes or simply use them for private meditation to increase concentration. These bracelets are perfect for yogis who desire to open new horizons and get more from their practice.

yoga boho bracelet


Boho bracelets are unique in their styles and designs making every person stand out from the crowd. Moreover, their natural power enables the wearer to boost their spiritual energy and find harmony. Choose your Boho accessory and enjoy life.



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