Creating a Fresh Summer Outfit With Beach-Girl Bracelets

The summer season is just the right time to try out new extravagant and colorful outfits. Eye-catching accessories, bracelets in particular, are no obstacle to having fun at the beach or chilling in the water. Today, let us introduce you to beach-girl bracelets, a brand new concept in the world of jewelry.

beach girl bracele

What is a beach-girl bracelet?

The name of the bracelet speaks for itself. Beach-girl bracelets make an accessory characteristic of teenage girls that live in a coastal area and tend to wear colorful bracelets of various designs to complement their adorable careless outfits. A beach-girl piece of jewelry should be lightweight to not obstruct beach activities that imply a lot of movement, like swimming or playing volleyball.

The fashion trends that these girls follow are quite specific and easy to recognize. Their accessories are usually on the brighter side, with some vivid, even neon, colors. Oftentimes, the bracelets are made of yarn threads and handmade, close in their design to friendship or vsco bracelets, although brand jewelry is also acceptable for a beach-girl style.

beach girl bracelets

Beaded variations are also rather trendy; ladies that fall under the category of beach girls are prone to showcasing bracelets decorated with semi-precious stones, like turquoise or quartz. The options are truly endless here!

Why wear beach-girl bracelets?

Every young woman willing to stand out on a sunny day should possess a beach-girl bracelet. It will serve as an indicator for others that she’s all clued up on the modern fashion tendencies circulating among lovers of extraordinary attires.

Moreover, who doesn’t want to add some magnificent sparkle or edginess to their appearance? Beach-girl bracelets will be your right hand in this deed. Unicolored, multicolor, beaded, personalized, resembling gold or silver – a good beach-girl bracelet will fit any outfit, be it a cute date dress or just a swimsuit with shorts.

Types of beach-girl bracelets

Let’s explore the diversity of beach-girl bracelets with the most popular options available for purchase at the moment.

Wave beach-girl bracelets

An extremely up-to-date piece of jewelry, a wave bracelet comprises two main decorative elements in its core. The first is vivid, or even neon, threads that can vary in terms of thickness; and then comes the wave detail made of stainless steel that makes the whole bracelet stand out with its exclusive design.

wave bracelet

One of the main advantages of wave beach-girl bracelets is their weightlessness that doesn’t interfere with your active lifestyle. The waterproof bracelet will easily live through salt-water conditions and a lot of sun rays falling on the accessory. Thus, you can have fun and not worry about your precious bracelet.

The magnificent combination of an eye-catching metallic wave and thin threads of different colors makes this type of bracelet so special.

Beaded beach-girl bracelets

An unbreakable bestseller in the realm of jewelry, beaded bracelets make one of the most affordable yet elegant and fashionable options if you are looking into various kinds of embellishment.

beaded beach girl bracelet

You can take advantage of this accessory’s universal design that will go well with any summer outfit. A vast range of gemstone options will give you a huge choice of colors to pick from. For instance, a turquoise beaded bracelet with a radiant greenish-blue tint will complement a light dress or T-shirt, as well as emphasize your captivating blue eyes. You can choose jewelry based on your appearance with little effort.

Seashell beach-girl bracelets

One of the freshest accessory variations, beach-girl bracelets decorated with patent or unprocessed seashells are going to turn any outfit into a fun summer attire. Making seashell accessories part of your fashionable look is one of the trendiest solutions this summer.

seashell beach girl bracelet

Therefore, if you want to grab some attention and look as stylish as possible, seashell beach-girl bracelets should be your choice! Just pick the most suitable combination of a shell and a thread of the bracelet and you’re ready to rock it!

Leather beach-girl bracelets

Highly adjustable and comfortable to wear, soft leather bracelets won’t disappoint you since they share a set of upsides. For example, leather accessories are at their peak these days and will maintain this high position in the fashion hierarchy for a long time.

leather beach girl bracelet

Not only are leather bracelets trendy, but they can also boast versatile designs with semi-precious stones or fascinating beads. Apart from that, leather embellishments appear rather long-living and will serve you many years to come. A high-quality leather bracelet is always a good investment!

Personalized beach-girl bracelets

Want to add some personal touch to your accessory? Then check out customized beach-girl bracelets. You can have your name engraved on the metallic plate, or it could say whatever you feel necessary to put on your bracelet. Don’t hesitate and let out your creative nature here!

personalized beach girl bracelet

Personalized bracelets make one-of-a-kind accessories that will point out your individuality and uniqueness. And this is exactly what beach girls are about!

Charm beach-girl bracelets

If you’re fond of Pandora-like jewelry where you enrich your collection with tiny charms of various shapes and colors to later put them on the bracelet basis, then charm beach-girl bracelets will make a viable solution. These are up-to-date fashion items that increase in popularity every day.

charm beach girl bracelet

One of the major reasons to opt for charm bracelets is their considerably lower price as opposed to original Pandora pieces. Still, that doesn’t mean charm bracelets from other manufacturers are inferior in their design or durability to Pandora jewelry; that’s not the case at all. On the contrary, you get better chances to expand your charm collection and improve the bracelet’s appearance.

Hotwife beach-girl bracelets

Anklets are slowly but surely conquering the jewelry market, and that’s for a reason. Charming ankle chains make your outfit edgy and bring out your sexiness to an unbelievable level.

beach girl anklet

Those of you keen on attention and out-of-the-ordinary accessories should take a look at beach-girl anklets as they provide numerous unique designs and stand out from any other bracelet.

These can be beaded, woven, made of leather or stainless steel. The variety of designs will certainly be a pleasant surprise to you, so don’t wait and explore incredible beach-girl anklets.

Boho beach-girl bracelets

Immensely popular boho bracelets fall under several subcategories, including trendy vsco bracelets, extraordinary friendship bracelets, and cute woven bracelets. All of them share similar features, usually being woven from yarn threads and boasting some utterly vivid colors together with bizarre ethnic or customized patterns.

woven beach girl bracelet

On top of that, boho bracelets take the leading positions among teenage accessories, which means that wearing a cool woven bracelet will make you appealing to peers and fashion icons of your town. An enormous choice of boho beach-bracelets makes it easy to find the perfect option for you specifically.

As you can now tell, creating an outstanding summer outfit by implementing beach-girl bracelets to it is simple as that. We hope you can choose from the rich variety of bracelets that we mentioned today and take your appearance to a higher level!



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