Learn How To Make Cool DIY Bracelets

DIY bracelets gained their popularity due to the girls’ desire to look beautiful and compliment looks with various accessories. They created astonishing bracelets using simple materials and different decorative elements and in this article, you will discover types of DIY accessories and ways to make them without much effort. If you want to make a present for a close person, consider creating a bracelet on your own to carry positive vibes and love. Accessories made on your own don't look cheap or ugly, you just need to find appropriate materials and the inspiration for creativity.

Keep reading to find out many interesting tips on how to make and wear DIY bracelets:

What is a DIY bracelet?

A DIY bracelet is a piece of hand-made jewelry that helps create a unique outfit due to a variety of patterns and designs. There are many tutorials on the Internet following which you can make an excellent accessory, and consider that you can use different colors or decorative elements to impart your appearance with inimitable charm. We have a useful article on how to tie a friendship bracelet that can serve one of your DIY versions. Do not hesitate to experiment and make as many bracelets as you wish to match your outfits. A DIY bracelet is a gorgeous present for your loved ones so let’s discover easy ways to create an amazing accessory!

A short guide on how to create DIY bracelets

On our website, you can find tutorials on how to make colorful Kandi bracelets, adorable yarn bracelets, and stunning leather accessories. In this article, you will explore the other ways to create a flawless DIY bracelet without much time, money, and effort, but an immense desire and inspiration.

DIY leather bow bracelet

This elegant accessory can perfectly mix and match with your romantic looks but you need to choose the appropriate leather color. It’s super easy to create and not costly, as you may visit a furnishing store to get free leather pieces. The craft requires you to use a piece of leather, scissors, leather glue, a snap button, or a metal clasp. Adorn a bow with a bead or charm instead of using a small leather stripe that is in the middle of the accessory. We have beautiful charm and bead collections for your DIY bracelets.

DIY leather bow bracelets

Ribbon bead bracelet

An elegant ribbon bracelet is great both for formal and casual outfits, depending on the size of a ribbon and beads material. Choose pearls to have a piece of glamour on your wrist and complement it with our fabulous pearl rings. In order to make this accessory, you have to take 20 inches of a good quality ribbon of any color you like, about 15 beads or pearls, a stretch cord, and a needle. You will spend from 15 to 20 minutes creating a bracelet but it will bring you much pleasure and give you a dashing look.

DIY ribbon bead bracelets

Wrap bracelet

Take a look at our fantastic wrap bracelets collection and get inspiration to create your own accessory. You can customize a DIY wrap bracelet to suit your personality by choosing beads, their materials, size, and design. It can serve as a thoughtful and wonderful gift for someone, but consider that the bracelet creation will take you several hours and a glass of wine to avoid frustration. So you need a leather cord, beading needle, thread, buttons, scissors, and round beads. It’d be better to take big beads for your first time to make fewer stitches and thread them easily.

DIY wrap bracelets

Chain and hair tie bracelet

It’s one of the easiest and the most beautiful DIY bracelets that are extremely cheap and not time-consuming. Every girl has plenty of hair ties, so you just need to find a gorgeous chain and jewelry pliers. Choose any tie color to make them an elegant decorative element for your daily outfits. These bracelets are perfect for stacking especially if combined with a massive watch or a macrame bracelet. By the way, we have stunning chain earrings to complement your DIY chain accessory.

DIY chain and hair tie bracelets

Hardware bracelet

Industrial materials from the hardware store will serve as your unique DIY bracelet. Use nuts and bolts not only for their intended purpose but also for something really creative and special. You can use a chain or a rope as a base for your bracelet, and adorn it with whatever you find appropriate. These bracelets are great both for men and women, and in this article, you will discover why male jewelry is gaining popularity nowadays.

DIY hardware bracelets

Woven straw bracelet

This type of accessory is ideal for kids, especially when you make it together, watch cartoons, and eat doughnuts. Take clean used straws to reduce your plastic footprint, multi-colored yarn, scissors, and tape. These bright bracelets are inexpensive and extremely fun to create. Consider that the straw must wrap your child’s hand, and the threat is to be twice as long as a straw. You should take the number of threads corresponding to the number of straws.

DIY woven bracelets

Braided hemp bracelet

These bright accessories complement summer looks and are easy to make with the use of any hemp color. Moreover, adorn your DIY bracelet with charms, beads, or buttons to make it more beautiful and versatile. Find more interesting facts about creating a gorgeous summer outfit complemented with beach-girl bracelets. There are several ways to make a hemp accessory: flat, beaded, and spiral hemp bracelet.

DIY braided hemp bracelets


Spend some good quality time, enjoying making bracelets on your own. You can complement your looks or create a beautiful present for friends and family. And remember that a DIY bracelet is a meaningful accessory containing your love and thought, warms of your hands and heart.



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