Sterling Silver Beads To Introduce Kids To Jewelry

Do you remember the first time you wore a piece of jewelry? We do not mean the times when you used to put on your mother’s or elder sister's jewelry and showed it off in front of the mirror. Rather, we mean the time you took your first adornment to school maybe even to a kindergarten.

sterling silver beads different designs

Kids nowadays are developing really fast with all the electronic devices, the Internet, smartphones, and overall technological progress. Modern children are also rather good and successful at building up their own style given that their parents serve as a primary example to follow. 

The same happens if jewelry is considered. There are a lot of safe, easy, and fun ways to introduce your kids to the world of high-quality sterling silver jewelry. Beads make one of the most exciting types of children's jewelry that kids seem to absolutely love!

A tiny beaded bracelet on a baby's wrist is one of the cutest views you can get in the whole world. Jewelry created for children might be one of the easiest ways to start teaching your children to dress up by themselves – it is fun, brings out their creativity, and the result is beautiful.

silver beaded bracelet with name

Designs and styles of sterling silver beads

There are various designs and styles of sterling silver beads available to anyone looking for a piece of jewelry. Many of them are created to suit everyday wear considering different age ranges to which potential wearers might belong. We would like to give you advice on what to choose from when looking through sterling silver jewelry collections so that your kids are happy and eager to start wearing their new or the first adornment ever.

Children's bracelets are becoming more and more popular these days. They look absolutely adorable when complemented with beads or charms. Children love them a lot because there so many different shapes and designs to choose from.

Enamel beads are a very popular gift for younger jewelry fans. Many animal-themed beads and charms use enamel coating to provide vivid bright colors. These tiny lovely animals look as if they have just come straight out of a cartoon. They are usually well detailed as well. Isn’t that what children need to get acquainted with the jewelry?

animal sterling silver beads

Alternatively, sterling silver beads can be stylized into a cartoon theme or character. The most popular ones include Disney characters and Hello Kitty, which your kid is also likely to appreciate.

Apart from that, classic enameled sterling silver beads make a viable solution for parents who want to introduce their kids to various means of self-expression and decoration. Simple minimalist children's silver bracelets with beads are easily used to brighten any outfit, even that one of a child. When going to school for the first time, a silver beaded bracelet will make a well-balanced look with a school uniform.

And if you want to create matched outfits with your child, you will need a universal type of jewelry that both you and your kid will be fond of and willing to wear regularly. A bracelet decorated with sterling silver beads is great complementation to a cute feminine dress, formal attire, or a casual look.

mother daughter silver beaded bracelets

Those of our readers willing to purchase an extraordinary embellishment for their kid should look into some crazy shapes of silver beads. Those include various animals, like crocodiles, birds, frogs; or it could be figures of people, like cute girls and boys that will make your bracelet so special.

Admirers of the Eastern culture will also find something to suit their sophisticated taste. There is an impressive variety of sterling silver beads with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean signs. Make sure to translate the sign before the purchase if you don't want to end up with "sausage" on your wrist!

chinele signs silver bead


It is quite likely that your child will choose a great beaded bracelet from the huge variety of those available on the market. It is crucial to start this fashion journey by letting a kid determine what they like rather than make tell your child what to wear. It would unleash the girl's or boy's creativity and make them stand out in the crowd.



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