What Are Those Extremely Popular Beaded Bracelets?

In the world of fine jewelry, there are some types of bracelets that make a golden standard for the coming seasons and the basis for brand new designs. This is exactly what beaded bracelets are – never-aging classics that can only get better with time and boast some bold alternations to the renowned design.

In fact, if you look up beaded bracelets online, you are guaranteed to come across dozens of variations of the same design – a cord decorated with beads. However, is the design really so simple? Let’s take a closer look at the notion of a beaded bracelet.

What is a beaded bracelet?

rainbow beaded bracelet

As mentioned before, the formula for creating a standard beaded bracelet is far from being complicated; the key elements include a cord made of any material, be it leather, a precious metal, or any other alternative, and beads themselves.

What is a bead?

A bead is a tiny decorative item with a hole on each side used in jewelry and clothes production. The shape may range from a round one to triangular, square, oval, and whatever shape there exists. It can certainly look wild sometimes!

Speaking of the material of beads, it also varies to a great extent. The most common options include glass, plastic, stainless steel, and precious metals like sterling silver and gold, as well as shell, wood, and pearl. The choice is truly impressive!

bulk glass beads

Speaking of the beads’ size, it depends on your preferences. If you’re fond of massive pieces of jewelry, some big and eye-catching beads on a bracelet will do you good; those boast over 1 centimeter in diameter. Nonetheless, if minimalism is your scene, miniature beads about 1 millimeter in diameter or so should make a viable solution.

The variability of beads is so huge and amazing that you will surely find a type of bead to perfectly suit your outfit.

Meaning of beads

For centuries, beads have been used as a symbol of various natural phenomena and human activities. For instance, in many religions, like Christianity, Muslim, Hindi, and some others, beads make a vital element of prayer. In the Republic of Ghana, beads are considered a kind of currency.

beads in religion

And, of course, beads serve an aesthetic function. They bring a lot of saturated color and diversity to your look, making it fun and complete.

Types of beaded bracelets

The more types of beads, the more types of beaded bracelets. This is a logical result of the beads’ variability on the market. Let’s discuss the most popular types of beaded bracelets and some distinctive features of each type.

Beaded leather bracelets

The emphasis in beaded leather bracelets is made on a powerful but well-balanced combination of leather and stunning beads. Such a piece of jewelry can look both extravagant and discreet, which makes beaded leather bracelets quite a universal kind of jewelry.

beaded leather bracelet with flower

What makes such bracelets even more appealing to a prospective customer is the durability and softness of the material. High-quality leather won’t chafe the skin on your wrist and serve you for many years to come.

Beaded wrap bracelets

Adding some extra layers to your look may be a risky thing to do; nonetheless, beaded wrap bracelets will tackle the task at ease and make a great decorative item for any attire. Several strips covered in beads add loads of glow to your look and attract people’s attention to your wrist right away.

wrap leather bracelet beige beads

Beaded wrap bracelets make a great accessory for any occasion. In one of the previous articles, we took a close look at turquoise wrap bracelets and their advantages. 

Beaded semi-precious stone bracelets

This is where it gets really bright and exciting! There are so many semi-precious stones used to make beads that it may seem rather challenging to make a final decision and pick just one option. Now, we want to highlight the prettiest semi-precious stones that you will find in beaded bracelets.

Beaded turquoise bracelets

beaded turquoise bracelets

A true bestseller among its competitors, turquoise beads are going for a song and make one of the most demanded stones on the jewelry-related market. The highly-saturated greenish-blue shade will certainly fascinate you and make a fan of this stone.

Beaded quartz bracelets

beaded black and pink quartz bracelet

Quartz is a beautiful transparent stone widely utilized in fine jewelry. It makes a perfect material for beads since it can boast different tints, including pink, beige, grey, black, orange, etc. Well-polished quartz beads will amaze you with their immense shine.

Beaded moonstone bracelets

beaded moonstone bracelet

Looking for an enigmatic piece of jewelry with a stunning bluish or greyish shade and unique light reflection? Make sure to check moonstone beads out. A beaded bracelet with moonstone makes an out-of-the-ordinary embellishment for true admirers of unique beauty.

Beaded opal bracelets

beaded opal bracelet

This rainbow stone makes an extraordinary basis for any piece of jewelry. The way opal reflects light will mesmerize you and leave powerless against the loveliness of opal. Beaded opal bracelets will look especially good when combined with silver or gold jewelry in your outfit.

Beaded precious-metal bracelets

beaded sterling silver bracelet

Beaded gold and silver bracelets belong to the luxury spectrum of fine jewelry where poshness plays a key role in creating a sophisticated look. Beads made of rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver make a decent contribution to your luxurious jewelry collection. Sterling silver beads are especially in-demand today due to the cold shine they provide and their universal nature.

Beaded glass bracelets

beaded colorful glass bracelet

Although rather affordable, bracelets with Murano glass beads will fascinate you with their glow and pure beauty. Such beads can be both translucent or boast some vivid colors and crazy patterns, such as floral motifs. This makes the choice of glass beads incredibly rich and versatile, allowing you to purchase the prettiest bracelet.

Beaded Swarovski bracelets

beaded swarovski bracelet blue stones

Synthetic crystals are just as stunning as naturally made ones. Swarovski beads serve as primary proof of this statement, offering you a diverse range of beads’ colors and sizes. Beaded Swarovski bracelets will make a one-of-a-kind contribution to your style and attire.

Beaded Cubic Zirconia bracelets

beaded cubic zirconia bracelet

A viable alternative to Swarovski beads, Cubic Zirconia ones have an obvious advantage, which is the lower price of the crystals. Still, beaded Cubic Zirconia bracelets look extremely elegant on your wrist and perfectly complement an evening gown be it a full-length dress or a cocktail one.

Beaded seashell bracelets

beaded seashell bracelet

These will go well with any summer outfit and make it even fresher. Beaded seashell bracelets turn even the plainest and most monotone outfit into a festive and playful one, adding some brand new aspects to your outfit.

Beaded pearl bracelets

beaded pearl bracelet

Last but not least, charming pearl beads will add some tenderness and femininity to any look, even the most formal one. You can easily match beaded pearl bracelets with plain shirts and suits that you wear in the office. Alternatively, a pearl bracelet will complement a summer dress and make the outfit fresh and charming.


As you can see, beaded bracelets have taken over the market with the help of versatile designs and numerous material options that they offer to any person willing to purchase a stunning adornment. Feel free to check out all beaded bracelet options available on our website and buy the best bracelet that you will wear with joy!



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