Sustainability Is The Key: Why Dorsal Bracelets Are So Popular

Dorsal bracelets are a unique kind of jewelry with meaning and purpose. They both boast aesthetic value and serve as an easy means of helping to save the planet. By purchasing a Dorsal bracelet, you support environmentally friendly initiatives that strive to make Earth a safer place to live in.

It is the 21st century, and we can now proudly say that fashion trends start to change for better and develop in the direction of environmentalism. Sustainable business becomes a new norm as many companies try to implement environmentally-friendly strategies to run a business.

For example, more and more brands these days switch to ecological materials and say goodbye to violent ways of producing clothes, such as utilizing fur or leather in manufacturing. 4Ocean bracelets make one of such brands, too.

One of the newest ways to save our planet is the launching of exclusive pieces of jewelry and then allocating these funds to the cleaning of water. The profits from sales go directly to eliminate plastic and other kinds of waste from the ocean.

Who are Dorsal?

Dorsal is no exception and keeps up with the competitors within the fashion industry. This is an American company specializing in accessory production for a good cause.

On the main page of their official website, it says that “every purchase removes one pound of trash from beaches and oceans”, which is an impressive statement that has certainly attracted thousands of young customers to this brand. The company claims to have removed almost 35.000 LBS of trash.

turtle in the ocean

Dorsal Bracelets was established by Chad Ross who at the time majored in biology examining the east coast as part of his studies at college. As a student, he witnessed with his own eyes how big of a negative impact plastic pollution had on coastal areas. So, he came up with an idea to set up his own business and do his part in cleaning the ocean.

Why buy Dorsal bracelets?

Apart from saving the ocean, Dorsal is well-known for selling sophisticated accessories with summer and beach designs. Visually appealing bracelets make it rather beneficial to buy Dorsal’s jewelry for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you share a genuine interest in keeping our planet safe and sound, there should be no questions regarding why purchasing such products is a good idea. The Earth does need our help in preserving its precious resources; if every fifth person made a small contribution like buying a Dorsal bracelet, it would make a remarkable difference.

Secondly, who doesn’t want a stylish beach bracelet perfect for the summer season? There is no doubt that Dorsal jewelry will make you stand out in the crowd and attract people’s attention, which, let’s be honest, is what most of us strive for.

turtle dorsal bracelet

Types of Dorsal bracelets

The common feature of all Dorsal accessories is that they have a tiny detail attached to the rope, that is a figure of the ocean inhabitants and plants found in coastal areas. Animal lovers, as well as avid explorers of flora and fauna, will deeply appreciate this idea!

Presenting 15 products in each line except for the exclusive one, you will find multiple color variations to fit any outfit.

Rope thickness varies from 2 mm to 4 mm, with such colors to choose from:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Black-white-blue
  4. Turquoise
  5. Gold
  6. Pink-Blue
  7. Pastel Blue
  8. Navi
  9. Multicolor


The color of tiny details ranges as well, with such options at your disposal:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gold
  • Silver

Exclusive collection

Three exclusive Dorsal bracelets differ in the rope color and animal figure as the basis of the accessory. The first option is a shark attached to an extremely thick sky-blue thread. The second bracelet has a hammerhead and a purple thread, whereas the final item in this collection is an accessory with a yellow thread and a cute turtle chilling in the center.

dorsal exclusive

There is a limited number of these bracelets, as people seem to very much approve of both the design and an overall idea of the line. A highly durable 2 mm thread and metal alloy as the toy material make the purchase a successful bargain and win-win for everyone!

Exotic fruit bracelets

pineapple Dorsal

Those customers fond of exotic tropical fruit can’t pass on an exclusive opportunity to add a well-designed beach bracelet to their style. Such an accessory would serve as an exquisite birthday present for a kid or an adult.

So far, Dorsal have only offered their customers to try out their pineapple bracelets. Still, they may launch some brand new fruit designs in the nearest future, as the next restock will take place in early July.

Ocean animal collection

new turtle

This line has several strong positions in its list of bracelets. Basically, people turn to Dorsal products due to the impressive diversity of ocean animals found on their bracelets.

Here, you will be able to own one of these inhabitants of the underwater kingdom:

  • Dolphins
  • Crabs
  • Sea turtles
  • Sharks
  • Hammerheads

Beaded bracelet collection

Apart from standard rope-and-toy bracelets, you can purchase one of the beaded options that Dorsal offers. That’s right, the bracelets here are so versatile that no one will leave the store with empty hands!

The beaded bracelets are slightly more expensive than the previously mentioned accessories; nevertheless, these gorgeous bracelets made of multiple precious stones are surely worth the purchase.

15 extraordinary designs will surprise you with various glowing rocks and color combinations between them. Those of you interested in astrology and its connection to precious gemstones should pay attention; maybe you will find your lucky stone among these options!

beads dorsal

The combinations of colors are extremely diverse as well! Dorsal bracelets in this collection have such colors:

  1. Turquoise
  2. Black-and-white
  3. Grey
  4. Brown-gold
  5. Pastel red and orange
  6. Matte Black (lava rocks)
  7. Sky-Blue
  8. White

You can learn about each gemstone, in particular, to find out what meaning and physical properties they have. Exploring nature and its beauty is truly fascinating!

Metal cuff collection

Feel tired of fabric bracelets? Want something more precious and heavy to wear on your wrist? Check out Dorsal cuff bracelets!

There are five positions in this collection, each having an engraved Dorsal logo ‘Protect the way’ on the metallic plate of the bracelet. The unisex design attracts the attention of people of all genders and ages; stainless steel makes a solid and durable material for jewelry so that you can rest assured the bracelet will serve you a long while, perhaps even being passed to the next generations.

cuff bracelets

The colors of metal include:

  • Rose gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue

Mystery bracelets

Picking just one piece of jewelry from this enormous list may be a challenging thing to do. For this reason, Dorsal offer you a helping hand.

If you purchase a Mystery bracelet, the company will decide for you regarding what bracelet you will receive. It can be any model from the existing or previous collections. So, if you are in for some intrigue, make sure to buy a Mystery bracelet and get ready for a surprise!

Comparing Dorsal bracelets to 4ocean bracelets

Dorsal and 4Ocean are both jewelry companies that strive to solve the problem of ocean pollution with plastic. Although the aim is the same, the bracelets' designs vary to a certain extent.

Dorsal's bracelet formula is rather simple: they have a thick colorful cord as the basis and various animal figures attached to the cord, all of which add up to a bright, fresh design of the embellishment. They make a better option if you like massive, durable, and eye-catching adornments.

beaded 4ocean bracelets compared to dorsal bracelets

4Ocean bracelets, on the other hand, have a minimalistic touch to them and attract customers with simple but beautiful clear beads present on most of the models, together with rather thin braided bracelets. All of 4ocean products have a tiny logo charm that adds some sparkle to each bracelet. If you're into minimalism and discreet jewelry, 4ocean bracelets should be your choice.

Overall, Dorsal is a responsible and sustainable jewelry manufacturer worth of your attention. Their bracelets will stay with you for years without losing their initial brightness and shape. Don’t hesitate and invest in saving our planet by purchasing stunning Dorsal bracelets!



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