4Ocean Bracelets: How Fashion Helps Save The Planet

Summer vibes are what we all strive for, and jewelry helps us get in that fresh and funny mood faster and easier. Adorable 4oceans bracelets will turn your ordinary outfit into a radiant summer look that will display your unique individuality these warm days.

What are 4ocean bracelets?

First things first, what is a 4ocean bracelet? It is an embellishment made by a jewelry company of the same name. Two people, Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, who spent their entire life near the ocean in Florida, founded 4Ocean. It was when they visited Bali for the first time; a beach they went to was covered in plastic, trash floating on the surface of the water.

4ocean bracelets for a beach outfit

The two friends decided they wanted to contribute to solving the problem of ocean pollution. Later on, they came up with an idea to sell unique designer bracelets and allocate most of the funds earned to cleaning the ocean. Running such a directional business would also allow them to spread awareness of pollution-related issues.

4ocean bracelets designs

Close in appearance to Dorsal bracelets, those made by 4Ocean are all thematically united and boast some nice summer designs. Let’s take a look at the brightest positions from their jewelry collections.

10 Million Pound Commemorative Bracelet

To celebrate the first 10 million pound of trash pulled from the coastlines, oceans, and rivers, 4Ocean launched a special adornment to symbolize this incredible achievement. Anyone who made a contribution to the movement can wear the bracelet with pride.

million pounds trash pulled bracelet

Speaking of the design itself, the bracelet consists of a striped blue-and-white adjustable cord that is decorated with clear round beads and the company’s logo charm. It is simple but made with taste and love for the environment. This bracelet is affordable for anyone and will make a great adornment for everyday wear.

White-Sided Dolphin 4ocean bracelet

White-sided dolphins have to survive under the circumstances of plastic pollution. Purchasing this bracelet allows you to help them survive by sponsoring the pulling of one pound of trash from their natural habitat.

Turquoise thick cord’s in charge of the bracelet’s vibrant color, whereas minimalist transparent round beads and a logo charm make a perfect addition to the basis. Together all these parts create a decent embellishment option to complement a casual outfit.

white sided dolphin bracelet

The bracelet has an adjustable knot so that you can change the size according to your wrist’s measurements. This decorative item is lightweight and easy to match with summer clothes of any color.

Great White Shark 4ocean bracelet

This rare species of sharks is subject to extreme danger put on them by illegal poaching as well as plastic pollution of the ocean. If you buy this bracelet, your money will go to eliminating a pound of trash in the ocean, therefore helping white sharks live a safe and happy life for a longer time.

striped 4ocean bracelet1

The cord has black, grey, and white stripes on it, adding up to a sophisticated black & white design. This bracelet will go well with formal attire, a school uniform, or any casual outfit. Surely, you can add it to a black cocktail dress and make the look more playful and fun.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle 4ocean bracelet

If you want to rescue loggerhead sea turtles from the comfort of your hote, leave it to the professionals and support them financially by purchasing this stunning bracelet. This will enable sea turtles to live in a clean environment with fewer chances of coming across tons of plastic.

loggerhead turtle bracelet

If you’re into neon shades, this bracelet is what you’ve been looking for. The bright greenish-blue string and some translucent beads make a powerful combination, serving as a minimalist piece of jewelry to wear on a sunny day.

Coral Reef 4ocean bracelet

A viable solution for admirers of vivid colors and simple beaded bracelets, coral reef 4ocean bracelet will bring some radiant variety and spiciness to your look, taking it to a brand new level. The trendy coral shade will also make you stand out and get a lot of attention from other people.

coral 4ocean bracelet

By purchasing this bracelet, you help rescue groups clean the coral environment and pull litter from the ocean by supporting their work financially. You can also spread awareness of coral reef restoration movement and contribute to protecting endangered coral species.

Shark 4ocean bracelet

The blackest of all the 4ocean bracelets, this model was created to serve as an elegant, discreet adornment for fashion lovers. The combination of a black cord, silver logo charm, and clear beads makes this bracelet a brilliant piece of jewelry to match your gorgeous outfits.

shark black 4ocean bracelet

Despite numerous myths about sharks, these animals are way less dangerous and aggressive than as we tend to see them in movies. Sharks, like many other habitants of the marine environment, struggle to move freely because of ocean pollution. If you want it to change, just buy a bracelet and play your part in saving the planet.

Sea Turtle 4ocean bracelet

An extremely bright neon green cord makes this bracelet eye-catching and truly extraordinary, although it is still quite simple in design. Make sure not to overdo your look with too many vivid colors unless you want an extravagant outfit that will cause different reactions from people.

braided turtle bracelet

Sea turtle braided bracelet is your key to securing turtles from accidentally digesting plastic that is already redundant in coastal areas. To achieve this, you can purchase this bracelet and support 4ocean cleaning initiatives.

Polar Bear 4ocean bracelet

A stunning white braided bracelet will make a great embellishment to complement literally any type of outfit. This charming bracelet comes in handy when choosing a jewelry piece for a romantic event like a date.

white cord 4ocean bracelet

Polar bears also suffer from plastic pollution due to the negative impact on our plant’s temperature; massive plastic production leads to increased gas emissions, which increases the ozone holes. If you would like to do your bit to save polar bears’ natural habitat, purchasing a 4ocean bracelet might be a decent option.

As you can see, it’s no longer a problem to combine wearing gorgeous pieces of jewelry and making a contribution to saving the planet. Feel free to choose your favorite type of bracelet and support 4ocean’s great initiatives!



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