Take Your Style To The Next Level With Omega Chain necklaces

These days, the selection of various kinds of jewelry appears to be more than satisfying for our needs. Whatever your body type, any person will find a perfect embellishment to suit their taste and style, as well as complement certain parts of their body. Today, we will be talking about one of the most exquisite necklaces ever made – omega chains.

If this is the first time you hear this name, let us introduce you to incredible omega chains. They are flat silver or gold necklaces that are not solid one-peace necklaces but still keep their shape when put on your neck. Omega chains resemble chokers, although they are made in a totally different way.

simple gold omega chain

The most common width of an omega chain ranges from 2 to 4 mm, and the length varies between 16 and 20 inches. However, this type of necklace looks elegant and minimalist regardless of the measurements.

To create an omega chain, a master needs numerous metallic plates that are held together with a string. It is crucial that the owner of this adornment takes care of it and avoids situations in which a necklace may twist.

Bending is what you want to keep away from with your omega chain. The thing is that once the basis if the necklace bends too much, it may be easily damaged and rather hard to repair due to the complex structure. Thus, you really want to avoid any unnecessary actions towards your omega chain.

silver omega chain necklace

Surely, you can add some extra decorative items to your necklace. For instance, it is a commonplace option to attach charms, beads, or pendants to an omega chain.

Other names for omega chain necklaces also include slides and sliders. This is because the tiny details usually move freely and smoothly along the chain.

beads for omega chain

Still, beware of the ones that are too tight and sit too close to the necklace’s basis; it could also lead to unwanted damage. Alternatively, omega chains can be worn as stand-alone adornments and make a perfect contribution to your outfit.

Now, let’s take a look at the two main types of omega chains, their advantages and simple ways to add some variety to your necklace.

Sterling silver omega chain necklaces

Sterling silver takes the leading position on the market of fine jewelry production as this metal boasts impressive durability and magnifying shine. No one will stay indifferent to a high-quality piece of jewelry made of silver.

sterling silver omega chain

This material is the best option for people with pale, cold-tinted skin. Silver will complement what Mother Nature has given you. Ladies with blue or grey eyes will also appreciate how intensively a silver necklace accentuates your eye color!

Sterling silver as a material is quite universal and easy to play with. You can combine it with other metals and it will still look appropriate. It is also safe to put silver next to your face area because it doesn’t bring out any reds in your skin unlike jewelry of bright colors or saturated rose gold.

sterling silver omega chain necklace

Speaking of sterling silver omega chains, they serve as perfect complementation to literally any look. If you’re going for a stroll across the town and want a casual but fancy outfit for the evening, a simple omega chain will certainly do the trick.

If you want to take your silver omega chain to the next lever, you could just add a pendant to it. The best match would be a necklace and pendant both made of silver. This will make your look even more complete and monochrome.

To make the embellishment even more extravagant and eye-catching, there is no better way than to get a locket with a semi-precious crystal. Although there is an immeasurable variety of those stunning stones, some will look more beneficial when combined with sterling silver.

sterling silver omega chain with silver pendant

For example, all crystals of pink color will create a great balance of cold shades within your necklace. It could also be moonstone or aquamarine if you want some blue in adornment. Purple amethyst makes a viable solution as well and will stand out in a sterling silver framing.

Sterling silver omega chains decorated with sterling silver beads will serve you as a luxury embellishment to highlight your financial status and sophisticated taste in jewelry. This is the best option if you need an individual piece of jewelry that would tell a lot about your personality.

silver beads for omega chain

Gold omega chains

Then, we have omega chains made of gold. It can be yellow, white, or rose gold, depending on your preferences and objectives that you want to fulfill with a certain outfit.

Gold is the most beneficial metal for those people who have a warmer tint to their skin. Wearing gold jewelry will make you look healthier and emphasize your eyes and the overall beauty.

simple gold omega chain necklace

Gold jewelry is considered a luxury type of adornment that is oftentimes worn to special occasions like supper in a top-notch restaurant.

Stacking works perfectly well with gold jewelry! If you’re looking for a fresh idea to decorate an outfit, try this out: put on your gold omega chain, an ordinary thin chain with a pendant made of gold, and a thicker usual chain of the same metal. This will create a finished look with a lot of accents.

stacking gold omega chains

Of course, you can substitute yellow gold with other tints of the same material or add some silver necklaces to the gold ones. It will add a lot of diversity and variations to your look and make it look out-of-the-ordinary.

Gold lockets with or without crystals will be a decent contribution to the necklace’s appearance. Nonetheless, it might be slightly harder to choose a type of semi-precious stone to go well with gold. The most obvious options are emerald, ruby, and red garnet.

This was all the essential information about omega chains that you should know. We genuinely hope that this stylish necklace will join your jewelry collection and become your favorite adornment!



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