The Shapes And Cuts Gemstones Are Famous For

Jewelry pieces made of high-quality sterling silver or fascinating rose gold look great and fashionable, but it is the gemstones that make them absolutely gorgeous and unique. It is safe to say that gemstone jewelry makes the best contribution to the glitter and sparkle of your wardrobe.

Rings are usually complemented with precious gemstones and crystals of various colors to fit different wardrobe’s color schemes. However, the color might be not the only difference. The way those stones are cut is also very important.

heart shaped diamond rings

There are various shapes available today in the world of fine jewelry making a huge range of options of jewelry pieces at your disposal. Let us discuss the most common brilliant cuts supported by some primary examples so that you don't get lost in the variety of choices.

Shapes of gemstones

Round shape

The most popular shape for gemstones is the round brilliant cut. It is the one to have the most sparkle due to the light reflection. This is an ideal cut that has 58 facets arranged in a way to reflect the highest possible amount of light. This ideal cut is the most expensive as the production creates a lot of wasted material.

tiffany diamond hoop ring

A diamond hoop ring from Tiffany & Co.'s collection is a primary example of a round-shaped gemstone. It looks extremely elegant, charming, and modest, making the ring a perfect option for young ladies.

Oval shape

A little less pricey is an oval cut that has two facets less and represents an ellipsoid version of the previous one. Created in the 60s of the 20th century it has rapidly gained its popularity.

tiffany onyx signet ring

Signet ring with onyx created by Tiffany & Co. is a great example of that shape. It contributes to a sense of poshness in the piece of jewelry, although the ring itself still stays on the minimalist side.

Marquise shape

The often used and really elegant shape is the marquise. It has 56 facets cut in oval-shaped stone, but a bit more stretched in one direction. This one even has a story behind it.

The legend is that King Louis the XIV has ordered to polish a diamond into the shape to look like the mouth of Marquise of Pompadour. The result is this beautiful cut. It was named after Marquise.


The fine-jewelry brand called Sofia Kaman has come up with an exquisite ring decorated with a marquise-shaped diamond. This type of gemstone shape makes the ring look a bit more massive and luxurious due to the prolonged shape of the diamond.

sofia kaman marquise diamond ring

Both oval cut and marquise gemstones showcase the bow-tie effect, with marquise having it to a higher extent. This effect refers to some regions of a diamond in the shape of a bow-tie being a bit darker than the rest of the stone.

Pear shape

The pear-shaped stones are more often used for earrings or pendants. This shape is often referred to as a teardrop and it also shows some signs of the bow-tie effect. This option is a favorite of women with a unique taste in jewelry and who want to stand out since the pear shape is less common than a round or oval one.

tiffany pear shaped tanzanite ring

 Tiffany & Co.'s Soleste ring with fascinating pear-shaped tanzanite sets just a brilliant example of how to create a sophisticated and elegant design by using a pear-shaped gemstone. In this very case, the main stone is also surrounded by tiny colorless diamonds, which makes the piece look much more expensive.

Heart shape

One of the most romantic forms available for the gemstones is the one shaped like a heart. There are many examples of such stones in our sterling silver jewelry collection. Such a piece of jewelry can serve the purpose of an incredibly cute gift for an anniversary or birthday.

Tiffany Soleste heart shaped diamond ring

These beautiful rings are also present in some of the previous Tiffany & Co.'s collections. A massive heart-shaped diamond that embellishes a stunning sterling silver ring will brighten your evening and add some extra glow to your outfit.

Emerald shape

The last but absolutely not the least attractive cut for crystals and gemstones is the emerald cut. It is really something different, with the four slightly rounded edges and a flat top part. This shape is greatly used for the seamless setting look.

tiffany horizon pink sapphire ring

If you want to see a great application of this shape in fine jewelry, check out the Horizon ring with pink sapphire created by Tiffany & Co. This amazing piece of jewelry won't leave you indifferent, and all eyes will surely be on you. 

So that was a bit of introduction into different shapes and cuts of gemstones and crystals that make the jewelry look even more shiny and elegant. It might come in handy when you will search for that one of a kind ring. 



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