What Are Those Crystals That Make Your Jewelry Sparkle?

When you are searching for that special crystal ring to add to your gemstone jewelry collection, you should be aware of what types of crystals are there and how they differ from each other. Let's educate ourselves on the topic of gemstones variety available on the market today.

What are the crystals?

Being an important part of the routine of millions of people across the globe, only little of us possess any deep knowledge in this sphere. The nature and variability of our favorite means of adornment are worth exploring, so let's dig into the topic.

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First, we would like our customers to know that although the dictionary provides us with the information that a crystal is organic, in reality, crystals are divided into two groups according to the stone's origin - rock crystals made by Mother Nature and manmade crystals, also called rhinestone crystals, which include numerous types of stones. And here is the starting point for confusion.

So keep in mind when choosing a piece of jewelry that the “crystal” word is a universal term and might be used for both types of stones. Let us provide you with further explanation.

Rock crystals are created by nature somewhere deep in its crust. How do people have access to them? Well, there are several methods of gemstone mining, the most common ones being open cast mining, undersea mining, and dry digging. Basically, all gem-stone mining methods imply similar steps to obtain stones.


At the first stage, we get rid of the superficial rock layer by crushing it in order to get to the rock-bearing part; then, we wash the gained rock under high pressure to shape the desired gems; after that, the stone is to be processed further to make it look presentable.

The methods of gaining gemstones differ in types of locations where stones are formed naturally. It could be both terrestrial and underwater areas.

The obtained gemstones are “cut” into the desired shape and polished at the latest stages of processing. The crystals of this group are further divided into precious and semi-precious groups.

Group of precious stones

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The precious crystals are known by the name of “gemstones” and include such stones as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc. Most precious stones are extremely hard and therefore durable, not prone to damage.

However, some minerals are softer and still widely used in jewelry due to the luster they boast, or any physical properties. Gemstones are also evaluated by rarity; the harder to find a certain gemstone, the higher its price.

Many people also believe that minerals possess healing properties and may have a positive impact on your health if chosen correctly. Surely, there is little scientific evidence to prove the idea, although some gemstone owners claim they did start to feel better after purchasing and wearing a certain mineral. You only know once you've tried it!

What we are sure about is that gemstones help to create exquisite, highly valuable, and expensive pieces of jewelry. They showcase fantastic colors, are very rare and their sparkle is absolutely eye-catching. People are ready to spend a fortune to get a so-desired gemstone, which also makes a great investment in the future! 

Group of semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones make a beloved type of crystals extremely popular with teenagers and young people who either can't afford to buy a precious stone but still want a glowing piece of jewelry, or opt for some hippie vibes and like to stylize their outfit with semi-precious minerals because of their authenticity.

The group of semi-precious stones is more widespread. Some wonderful examples of this group are quartz of various colors, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine to name a few. They are called semi-precious simply because they possess less value from a commercial point of view than precious crystals, although it would be unfair to say that they are less popular than precious stones.

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On the contrary, a large fraction of jewelry lovers these days opt for handmade pieces of jewelry with semi-precious stones in them as these provide a sense of free life and simply make a unique, inimitable, and fresh accessory. Semi-precious stones are in no wise worse than gemstones, so feel free to make a wise decision and choose the perfect variant.

Synthetic stones

Finally, let's look at synthetic crystals. What are those man-made stones? Also called rhinestone crystals, they are created in laboratories. These stones are not organic, but many people still call them crystals.

There is hardly any difference between natural and man-made crystals in terms of physical, chemical, and optical properties. Synthetic stones make a top-notch alternative to gemstones created by nature.

The most common types of man-made stones include synthetic quartz, sapphires, and diamonds. It is unlikely for an average person with no due skills to tell between natural and synthetic crystals as their appearance and structure are incredibly similar.

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The most famous crystals of this kind are Swarovski crystals, Czech crystals, and Cubic zirconias. These are more affordable yet truly amazing stones used to create rings, pendants, earrings, and other types of precious metals jewelry. Adding jewelry with any of these man-made stones to your wardrobe helps you add some sparkle to it while staying on a budget.

As you can now see, pricey and oftentimes overrated precious stones are not the only option for those keen on fine jewelry. If you look into all the options available to lovers of sparkle accessories today, you are guaranteed to find a perfect piece of jewelry to suit your sophisticated taste!



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