Let us provide you with some information on the most famous type of beads, selected by millions of beaded jewelry fans – Murano glass beads. The magnificence and quality of this specific type make Murano glass beads be presented one almost every beaded bracelet or chain. Women of all ages adore the beads made of murano glass and create artful pieces of jewelery by combining them.

The process of creating these beads has been mastered for centuries. The essential talent is the ability to mix eye-catching colors with gentle detailing in order to create true masterpieces of beaded jewelry. You will never find two absolutely identical murano glass beads which makes it almost impossible to see the same, let’s say, bracelet at your best friends’ hand.

When choosing a murano bead one asks himself the following questions: What color should I choose? What shape will look the best? What size of beads to select? So, all you need is to select Murano beads of appropriate color, the right size and shape to compliment your bracelet or any other part of your outfit. Murano beads are so beautiful and eye-catching, they will become an eye magnet whatever jewelry they are attached to.

Originally, Murano glass comes from the Murano Island in Venice, Italy. The craftsmen there have been improving their skills for centuries in producing beautiful Murano glass beads. Murano beads are created from glass treated by the heat. That is the reason why they are also called lampwork beads sometimes.

Made by the skilled lampworkers, the glass is heated over the flame and the details including the shape and the colors are added. And although the craftsmen use the preset patterns and the forming process is always the same, the results are not identical. Every bead is handmade and unique and highly valuable as well.

Murano glass beads are adored all over the world because of their vivid design and great level of detailing. Add uniqueness and premium quality of beads and it becomes clear why this type of beaded jewelry has gained such an enormous popularity between women of all ages.