Strengthen Your Power With Wooden Bracelets

Since ancient times wooden bracelets were associated with calmness and power. This is obvious as wood brings some sort of solid energy into our lives. Like no other kind of bracelets, wooden bracelets help to point out your personality. Men while wearing a bracelet made of dark wood highlight their attractive sense of fashion. At the same time, women putting on a wooden bracelet with colored stones stand out for a sophisticated fashionable taste. Wooden bracelets are also a sign of your cultural affiliation. Some countries still believe that such a meaningful accessory demonstrates a person's faith and devotion. In Latin America, people wear Azabache bracelets as a symbol of protection. Bulgarians welcome red and white strings to meet spring. In India, the Sikhs carry a cooper bracelet from childhood till death to be a part of their religion. Many brands sell wooden bracelets for a good cause to share charity intentions. People also wear them to show their wealth, prosperity, and status. This tradition is deeply rooted in the eastern part. Nevertheless, whatever function you follow by wearing wooden bracelets, they will be a timeless symbol of strength and noble-mindedness.

What is a Wooden bracelet?

Have you been looking for an additional source of energy? Then wooden bracelets should be your best option. This type of jewelry exists in the form of an indivisible piece of wood and a set of wooden beads. The accessory stands not only for beauty purposes but it helps to boost an energy level. Wooden bracelets can play the role of oil diffusers. As wood easily absorbs and holds a scent, it will be possible to carry your favorite fragrance everywhere. A few drops of oil on your bracelet can provide you with several functions: pleasant scent and healing features. For example, lavender oil will help to relax and tune for good sleep; rose oil will cheer you up; jasmine oil will relieve stress and depression; lemon oil will improve digestion. It's amazing when just wearing a wooden bracelet turns to so many useful functions! These accessories are very popular among people of New Age spirituality. They are often used for meditation, yoga practices, and prayer. Also depending on design wooden bracelets with beads and threads serve when doing mantras and chants. Christians add a cross and use a wooden bracelet as a prayer bead bracelet. Thus applying these bracelets may refer to different meanings depending on what you want to express.

Wooden bracelets types

Among the variety of wooden bracelets, bead bracelets are favored by many bracelets connoisseurs. Thus you will get acquainted with popular wooden bead bracelets types beneath.

Bohemian Wooden bead bracelets

Bohemian or also known as Boho wooden bracelets create the extremely colorful type of accessories. They represent the ethical context in a very extraordinary way. People who prefer an open-minded outlook will love these bracelets. Boho wooden bracelets can be both in single-layer and multilayer forms. To wear this bracelet means to share the spirit of youthfulness, freedom, and creativity.

bohemian wooden bracelets

Nepal Wooden bead bracelets

As hidden in its name, Nepal bracelets are associated with sacred rituals. This is a set of wooden, lava, and stone beads. Since early civilizations, people used to pray and meditate with Nepal bracelets. Nowadays, they can be a fashionable accent for your outfit. Moreover, Nepal wooden bracelets carry healing functions: connection with nature, cool-minded state, and spirituality.

nepal wooden bracelets

Chakra Wooden bead bracelets

Wooden Chakra bracelets speak for their main mission: keeping human energy in balance. This sacred amulet can be made of wooden beads with engraved semi-precious stones. Colorful beads symbolize several chakras while wooden beads hold the solid energy of a fresh mind.

chakra wooden bracelets

Buddhist prayer Wooden bead bracelets

Owners of Buddhist prayer wooden bracelets are not all confessors of the ideology of Buddhism. They wear the accessories for meditation and making themselves as pure as humanly possible. Created in delicate design, bracelets usually have inserted inscriptions: lotus flowers and light lines. Buddhist prayer wooden bracelets will match everyone eager to join a New Age of spiritual activities because we all seek harmony in our life.

Buddhist prayer wooden bracelets

Zodiac sign Wooden bracelets

There is no doubt that these types of bracelets will be a suitable match for every bracelet lover. Zodiac sign bracelets have a very special feature: they carry the owner's integral part of life - connection with the Universe. Thus the accessory will maintain a person's energy in the right direction.

zodiac sign wooden bracelets

Men Wooden bracelets

You may wonder why we emphasize men's possession to this piece of jewelry. Here is the answer: wooden materials stand for strong and tough power. Jewelers perform men's wooden bracelets with darker tones and a metal clasp. That is to say, men usually are not fond of colorful wristbands so wooden bracelets should fit their liking.

men wooden bracelets

Types of wood for Wooden bracelets

To be confident in your choice, you need to take a closer look at the materials jewelers use while making wooden bracelets. This is essential information to know how to care about your special type of wood. Bayong is a Philippine tree available in lighter and darker brown colors. It is a very soft and delicate type of material. Greywood bracelets will have a smoky gray shadow with brown notes as it doesn't refer to a certain tree, it is a combination of several trees. Very common for India and Southeast Asia, Jackfruit beads have yellow-orange color and tough structure. Palmwood beads also have color variations: from light to dark brown. Bracelets made of this material are very pleasant for human skin. Very unusual, Rosewood beads can be available even in pink color! Thus they create a bright palette for your imaginations.

Wooden bracelets special features

Besides the fact that wooden bracelets are extremely fashionable, they stand out for many healing features. The bracelets work as an oil diffuser, they keep your energy balance, and serve for prayer and meditation. Similar to them, Turquoise bracelets exist which work for beauty and health.


Wooden bracelets have centuries of history. People use them in various functions and what is appealing, especially men like them. Among a huge variety of wooden bracelets' types, you can choose your one and take good care knowing their wood type.



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