Murano glass beads are loved and desired by women all over the world. They are used to add a classy touch or some colorful notes to a jewelry design. When you start thinking of your future jewelry piece it is right to begin with an overall design and figuring out a pattern to be followed. Designers practice choosing a so called focus bead at first to create the whole color scheme to compliment it. This is the moment Murano beads often are taken as a starting point in a jewelry project. Use this when you begin a bracelet or a necklace.

Women sometimes fall is such a strong love with one or two murano glass beads that they start searching for other beads to compliment it. Using murano glass beads in bracelets is so much fun. An entire pattern might be created around a precious Murano bead letting it dictate the color combination for the rest part of the jewelry piece. With these beads you might not even need a full bracelet – a couple of additional complimenting beads will create an elegant and eye-catching look.

Murano beads are sold in various distinctive colors and designs making it easy to find the bead right for you. While you choose do not focus on just color. The detailing and the shape of the bead should play an important role in creation of a jewelry piece as well. It looks lovely when several murano glass beads are used complimenting each other in shape, size and color palette. There two possible ways here though. You may use the beads of a pretty close color for an elegant look, or making them contrast to the focal bead in which case the focal one will stand out more. Take your time while arranging the beads in the design in case the beads are of different shape. Try to keep the number of focal beads low in order to let them really stand out. Avoid using more focal beads then are necessary not to achieve an absolutely opposite result.

The last thing we would like to mention is that as all the beads are handmade you will have a hard time finding two 100% identical beads. Keep that in mind when imagining your future piece of beaded jewelry design.