How to make best use of Murano glass beads

Murano glass beads are loved and desired by women all over the world. They are used to add a classy touch or some colorful notes to a jewelry design. When you start thinking of your future jewelry piece it is right, to begin with an overall design and figure out a pattern to be followed. Designers practice choosing a so-called focus bead at first to create the whole color scheme to complement it. This is the moment Murano beads often are taken as a starting point in a jewelry project. Use this when you begin a bracelet or a necklace.

What decorations can be made of Murano beads

Women sometimes fall in such a strong love with one or two Murano glass beads that they start searching for other beads to compliment it. Using Murano glass beads in bracelets is so much fun. An entire pattern might be created around a precious Murano bead letting it dictate the color combination for the rest of the jewelry piece.

With these beads you might not even need a full bracelet – a couple of additional complimenting beads will create an elegant and eye-catching look. Moreover, today ladies adore wearing bead necklaces and rings, especially made of seed glass beads. Read the article to explore bead type diversity and create amazing decorations.

decorations from Murano beads

How to choose a perfect Murano glass bead

Choosing a perfect bead may be complicated, but we know how to select the appropriate decoration. They are sold in various distinctive colors and designs making it easy to find the bead right for you. While you choose, do not focus on just color. The detailing and the shape of the bead should play an important role in the creation of a jewelry piece as well. It looks lovely when several Murano glass beads are used complimenting each other in shape, size, and color palette. There are also various Murano bead themes so take a look at this awe-inspiring collection.

How to wear Murano beads

There are two possible ways to match beads with your outfits. You may use the beads of a pretty close color for an elegant look, or make them contrast to the focal bead in which case the focal one will stand out more. Take your time while arranging the beads in the design in case the beads are of different shapes. Try to keep the number of focal beads low in order to let them really stand out. Avoid using more focal beads than are necessary not to achieve an absolutely opposite result.

What outfits to match with Murano glass beads

It’s interesting to explore what clothes you should wear that will look gorgeous with glass beads. Here you can find universal tips but what is important is your inner beauty and natural taste.

Romantic outfits

We characterize romantic style with the 19th century Victorian times. Today, you can not see voluminous gowns in the streets, but there are some fashion elements inherited from that time. Romantic outfits are about sleek silhouettes, billowing sleeves, high waistlines, embellishment, French lace, and embroideries.

If you want to look cute and floaty, pay attention to the color palette that must contain warm, neutral, and pastel hues. Fabrics should be exclusively natural, giving you freedom and lightness. Consider wearing midi skirts, long dresses, and floaty blouses. Romantic outfits are focused on details, so mind adding embroidery, lace, and Murano glass beads accessories.

Romantic outfits with Murano beads

Casual outfits

Casual outfits mean comfort and universality. These clothes are for everyday wear so they should make you feel free and natural. Sometimes we see it as careless streetwear, but there are specific rules that help your casual look be attractive. The main tip is to avoid bright colors that are challenging to mix and match, so it's better to add amazing Murano bead accessories.

A flawless casual look includes comfortable footwear, soft fabrics, and neutral colors. Consider wearing basic clothing items like jeans, T-shirts, cardigans, and oversized shirts. Flowy, straight cut, midi, maxi, or flared skirts will look simple and at the same time stylish.

Casual outfits with Murano beads

Preppy outfits

Preppy style stems from outfits worn by preparatory school students in the United States. These clothes are characterized by structured silhouettes, pastel colors, basic garments, plaid prints, and embroidery. People wearing preppy outfits were seen as well-educated, rich, and successful. It combines classic features and modern clothes elements.

The synonym for preppy wear is minimalism, so you should choose simple skirts and dresses, light or pastel-colored blouses, and college apparel. You can choose a tie, classic handbag, sunglasses, and a reserved Murano glass bead bracelet as an accessory.

Preppy outfits with Murano beads

’90s outfits

The 90s influenced the modern style and enchanted fashionistas with comfort and simplicity. Oversized denim or leather jackets, mom or flared jeans, and mini skirts will bring you back to those times and make you feel like a Friends series star.

The aesthetics of the 90s are really impressive, and you can achieve this by choosing appropriate accessories. Take a baguette bag with a short handle, platform sandals, and an eye-catchy Murano glass bead decoration.

90s outfits with Murano beads

Boho outfits

Born in the 70s, the bohemian style still influences modern looks. Boho style is creative, free, and at the same time rebellious. You set your rules and mix whatever things you like, and look stylish. Boho is about mixing vintage with modern cloth items, textures, colors, materials, and accessories. Do not lose yourself in this fashion diversity and look natural.

You can experiment with monochromatic earth tones, whites, greens. Besides, it’s gorgeous to wear layers of different lengths in various shades of the same hue or different colors. You should balance volumes and avoid wearing heavy detailing around the neck. Choose a seed Murano glass bead necklace to stand out fashionably.

Boho outfits with Murano beads


The last thing we would like to mention is that as all the beads are handmade you will have a hard time finding two 100% identical beads. Keep that in mind when imagining your future piece of beaded jewelry design. Be creative, be yourself, and stand out with a new Murano glass bead decoration.



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