How to choose a perfect bead

Beaded jewelry is a truly fabulous means of adorning your looks. It contains such pieces that are capable of being matched and worn with a huge variety of both top-fashion or casual outfits. The most popular example of beaded jewelry are bracelets. They are often adorned with magnificent gems or glittering glass beads. Materials used in production vary from artificial plastic to natural wood and many others. A variety of bead sizes and styles is at your disposal.

Sterling silver beads are perfect for jazzing up an outfit on a random day as well as absolutely gorgeous when worn every day. Think of making great gifts with them, too. Beaded jewelry is really versatile and it does suit pretty much all clothing styles. With a vast beads collection, you will never lack an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that will be totally appropriate for a selected occasion or clothing style.

What to consider when choosing a bead

Let us get to the practical advice on how to select the best beads for your collection. There are many aspects to consider, but we’ll focus on the main bead features that will help you make the right choice. Make sure you know how to care for specific beads, and do not buy too many of them at once, as you may change your mind and style after a spontaneous purchase.

Jewelry type

Firstly, decide what decoration you want to make of beads. Then consider if a jewelry piece will be for yourself or a gift for a special person. A decoration for a child will be more colorful, and beads will be of different shapes. A bracelet, anklet, or necklace for an adult will be more formal and made in consideration of their preference in materials and styles. You can create amazing dangling earrings with beads, so choose not heavy materials taking into account the face shape.

Jewelry type

Bead size

Second, you need to consider the size of a bead you would enjoy. The range of sizes is provided so you should be able to choose the perfect one. Which one will you go with – a large one or a delicate one? You are free to choose for yourself. Mind that small beads suit well for any jewelry piece and look. Be careful with large beads as they are quite extravagant and eye-catchy for official outfits.

Bead shape

There is a variety of magnificent bead forms, and you are free to choose the one that suits your style and mood. Natural motives stand out with flower, butterfly, moon, sun, drop, shapes. The geometrical collection is more reserved, while the abstract collection enchants with its diversity. Take vintage or classic bead styles whose forms may not be so sophisticated, but they amaze people with elegant simplicity. Many forms and shapes available on our website will definitely add flash, sparkle, and colors to pretty much any outfit.

Bead shape

Bead material

Now think of what would you like the bead to be made of? If you wear a beaded decoration daily, pay attention to stronger materials like wood or metal. For special occasions, you can choose from a materials list that includes various gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and Murano glass beads. Polished sterling silver beads are elegant and look contemporary when showcased at the wrist.

Gemstone beads

A gemstone bead can make your jewelry project unique, make a precious gift and impress the audience. When choosing a stone, consider its durability and care rules so that it preserves its beauty longer. Another crucial thing is a birth date gemstone that is believed to bring the owner fortune and good health. You can choose a stone based on eye color, skin type, budget, clarity, cut, and personal preferences. Create amazing decorations with gemstone beads and shine!

Gemstone beads

Bead color

When choosing a bead color, decide if you want a jewelry piece to make you stand out with vibrant coloring or underline your subtle beauty. Neutral colors will go with any outfit, skin type, and hair color. Mind that black and white beads are a win-win option for almost any occasion and style. You can experiment with eye-catchy beaded decorations and complement your outfits with bright accessories.

Beaded jewelry as an excellent gift

Beads offered at our store represent unique, premium quality handcrafted jewelry, the jewelry that has always been and will stay one of the fabulous ways to express friendship or, for example, to commemorate some precious moments. They can be gifted to friends to symbolize friendship. A lovely bead bracelet for your wife or girlfriend becomes a symbol of true love. A beaded necklace with precious stones for mother or granny is an excellent way to show how you appreciate and care for your nearest and dearest. You could simply make a bead bracelet for someone you care so much about. The supplies at our store let you create beautiful pieces of sterling silver beaded jewelry.

What to wear with a beaded jewelry

Jewelry is truly an investment, and choosing the right fit for your wardrobe to be worn on a regular basis is essential. Bracelets that consist of beads are very universal. You can wear such with casual jeans or a business suit, or maybe a cocktail dress or even a wedding gown. Mind acquiring a beaded necklace for romantic outfits or evening gowns to highlight your charm and elegance. Another great option is to wear earrings with beads that go well with casual looks like jeans, cardigans, shirts, etc. As beads come in enormous combinations of colors, styles, and sizes they can be easily matched with other pieces of jewelry to create true jewelry masterpieces.


There is no reason for a fashion jewelry lover not to have a piece of universal beaded jewelry in the jewelry box. Once it’s in, you are about to start enjoying a quick and easy accessorizing process. If you want to know more about beads for your fabulous accessories, read the article on bead types and explore a brand-new jewelry world!



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