Here we would like to provide you with several tips on how to choose a ring – for yourself or for your beloved. As you might have already experienced, the wrongly sized ring may become the most irritating thing of the day. You do not want neither to continuously check your ring to make sure it has not slipped from your finger nor to feel the pain and get your skin irritated if the ring is too smaller than it should be. What you need is a perfectly sized ring that you do not even feel on your finger. Anyway it is not just about the comfort, the right-sized ring looks best and really adds up to your style and confidence.

So, if you are going to buy a ring, first learn your size. It is better not to measure your finger in the morning, as its size increases during the day. The size also depends slightly on the fingers temperature – in increases when the temperature rises. It is important that you are measuring the finger that you are going to wear the ring on, because people tend to have slightly differing sizes on right and left hands. If your size is a half-size and it is unavailable – go for a bigger one.

Another difficulty comes to the scene when you are choosing a ring for another person. The ring could make a great romantic gift. You probably will not ask her about the size because in such case it is not a surprise anymore. Instead, try to find her other ring and measure it, or ask her relatives for help. Sterling silver rings allow resizing as well, just in case you made a mistake.

Depending on the style of the ring, it is sometimes better to buy a larger or a smaller sized one. For example, some rings have hollow gallery - the inner part of a ring under the bezel. Such style of rings provides easier sliding of the ring, so a smaller ring should be chosen, half-size smaller. The same should be done with the so called comfort fit bands. Those have the rounded inner surface so that it has less skin contact. Such rings are easy to put on so you should once again choose a smaller size.

The opposite situation occurs when you shop for wide bands, for example. Your should go for a larger size for the ring that is 6 mm or wider.

Remember also that rings does not look the same on different fingers. Knowing all the sizes will make it easier to create a collection of sterling silver rings.