Why should you have rings with gemstones

Although the so-called cocktail rings are hugely popular these days, their popularity has been stretched over time for several decades already. It is safe to say that cocktail rings will keep being trendy as long as gemstones are a part of fashion. In case you have not yet added a wonderful gemstone ring to your jewelry box then you should consider it as your next jewelry purchase – a couple of cocktail rings are going to add a bit of luxury to your everyday look and a fine accent to your evening dress.

Sterling silver gemstone rings

But there is more to that. The gemstone rings available on our website are all made of high-quality sterling silver. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver. With a low level of copper, the rings are versatile, durable, easy to wear and to take care of. Although silver does tarnish a bit, taking some easy steps to clean and polish it and seeing the result will make you really happy about your purchase. There are anti-tarnish jewelry boxes available today so no need to worry if you are already using one.

How to choose a gemstone ring

There is a great guide on crystals usually used in jewelry where you can explore how they differ. If you are always taking a lot of effort in choosing the right jewelry, then you are to select a gemstone you really adore. Such jewelry would be worn by you with special pleasure.

Your birthdate

Many women decide on choosing rings with their birthstones to make rings not just beautiful but meaningful and personal as well. Many others choose gemstones depending on the color they need to complement the wardrobe.

Your clothing style

Gemstone rings may suit almost any clothing style. Let us take the rings with black agate as an example. Those pieces of jewelry come in various shapes, but the elegant contrast of polished silver and glossy pitch-black agate gemstones accompanies each and every ring. Use it to add some elegance to your daily wear. An evening dress of any color is also nicely complemented by the black agate gemstone ring. Go for the white agate, turquoise, or hydro quartz rings to match any of your outfits.

The stone hardness

When choosing a gemstone ring, decide how often you are going to wear it. Pay attention to hard stones for daily wear. There are many durable stones, resistant to scratching and breakage but diamond is on the top of the list. Topaz, apatite, and quartz are also hard enough to put them on every day and do any manual work. You can neglect the stone hardness if you wear the ring on special occasions and are very careful. Avoid the softest stones like talc, gypsum, calcite, and fluorite.

Types of gemstone rings

With so many beautiful gemstones, it may be difficult to choose which one is for you as they all are good. The variety of shapes and cuts may get you mind-blowing, but we know how to help you not to get lost in the ocean of fascinating gemstones. Take a look at these types of the most popular gemstones for your ring and their short descriptions.

Diamond gemstone ring

It is a strong gemstone that will make you stand out and attract attention. The diamond ring is perfect for engagement, weddings, and a special gift for an important person. Its pure richness is impressive: any girl cannot resist this gemstone beauty. Diamond symbolizes strong and loving relationships. If you cannot afford diamonds at the moment you can choose zirconia and moissanite rings.

Diamond gemstone rings

Ruby gemstone ring

Vivid and bold, this gemstone will reflect your restless and passionate nature. Fire in your soul should find a place in your ring to manifest freedom and love. This gemstone will be a perfect choice both for confident and shy people. This eye-catchy stone represents luxury, so you will feel like a queen with a ruby ring. It is quite durable and suits everyday wear.

Ruby gemstone rings

Pearl gemstone ring

Look at this amazing collection of pearl rings to feel their beauty and splendor. If pearls resonate with your personality, then this adornment should be on your finder. Pearls attach gentleness and charm to their owner. Every woman will feel special wearing a pearl ring. Many think that it’s more convenient for aged ladies, but we know that a wisely chosen decoration is good for people of all ages.

Pearl gemstone ring

Sapphire gemstone ring

Sapphire is special for its magical blue-color depth that allegedly dives you in the sea or sky. But it doesn’t mean that the gemstone is only for girls with blue eyes. Consider buying the sapphire gemstone ring if you search for inner peace and prosperity. This decoration will be good for complementing evening, romantic gowns as well as casual looks. Its saturated color and durability make it a win-win choice for men and women.

Sapphire gemstone ring

Emerald gemstone ring

By choosing the emerald, you will get timeless elegance. It is hard enough to resist breaks and scratches occurring during everyday wear. This lavish gemstone is great for people seeking to improve their intuition and prove love. Moreover, it has a powerful energy that is beneficial for your health. With an emerald ring, a woman can expect mental growth and fertility. The gemstone is associated with the goddess Venus, patroness of love and hope.

Emerald gemstone ring

Topaz gemstone ring

This gemstone can steal your heart due to its fire energy and rich palette of gold hues. You can get wisdom with topaz and clear your mind. People born in autumn can freely choose this golden gem that looks like autumn itself. Topaz is allegedly filled with sun and can attribute lightness and warmth to its owner. Stand out with this amazing gemstone that will elevate your self-esteem and wisdom.

Topaz gemstone ring


A gemstone decoration is an alienable element of every jewelry collection, and a ring is a great option. Their variety is impressive, but you will definitely find yours. Choose the ring with your heart and consider your style and birthdate. The gemstone rings available for purchase in our web store are all high quality. You will make a really good investment into your style by choosing a sterling silver ring embellished with a precious gemstone.



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