Matching cubic zirconia rings with various outfits

Cocktail rings right now are highly in fashion. Those beautiful sterling silver rings embraced with sparkling cubic zirconia let female jewelry lovers add some glitter to the looks without spending a fortune. There are many different styles of rings with cubic zirconia available. As long as cubic zirconia rings are so popular we decided to gather several guidelines on how to mix and match them with various outfits of your wardrobe as well as other jewelry you have.

What is a cubic zirconia ring?

A cubic zirconia ring is a piece of jewelry adorned with a synthetic stone encrusted in different metals like silver, gold, and platinum. Here you can explore types of rings with cubic zirconia. These rings highly resemble diamonds and are very popular in the fashion world. Any person can afford this amazing decoration as it has a reasonable price and indispensable look.

The brilliance of cubic zirconia crystals on your ring will make you feel unique. It is a perfect solution for a gift to your nearest and dearest. While natural gemstones have specific energy and do not fit any person, a cubic zirconia ring is good for everyone.

Cubic zirconia ring benefits

These decorations are beautiful and affordable, and it’s their core advantage. Cubic zirconia is durable and resistant to damages and has all chances to replace diamonds. Its flawless clarity makes it impossible to differentiate zirconia from diamond if you’re not a professional.

You can wear them with any outfit and look incredible. It is easy to clean these rings to preserve their quality. These tips will give you a detailed guide on how to care for the jewelry. What’s interesting to know is that zirconia improves a person’s practicality, focus, and clears the mind.

Cubic zirconia rings are a hot trend today, thanks to their brilliance and universality. It can be both an engagement ring and stylish complementation to your looks.

Types of outfits to match a cubic zirconia ring

In our modern world, women want to keep pace with the latest trends and look fashionable. They want their every look to be eye-catchy and stylish, and these tips will help every lady create a perfect match with their cubic zirconia ring.

Casual outfits

Let us start with arguably the most popular type of clothing these days, worn by women of any age. Jeans will look good with some pretty cubic zirconia rings. A nice cubic zirconia ring will definitely add some colors to your everyday wear. It is a great idea to choose some bolder styles of rings for toned-down outfits. Get a pair of your favorite skinnies – make your whole look even better by adding a vivid cocktail ring embraced with eye-catching cubic zirconia.

Casual outfits

Formal outfits

You might ask whether it is fine to wear a cubic zirconia ring to the office. The answer is yes. To be frank, we think adding a bit of sparkle to office attire is going to complement it flawlessly. Just make sure you do not overdo it with different patterns on the suit. It is better to keep it neutral to make the ring stand out just enough to complete the look.

Formal outfits with cubic zirconia ring

Romantic outfits

Cubic zirconia rings may become a wonderful addition to your evening dress. Even during the most exquisite event, these diamond-like looking stones are going to look absolutely appropriate. You can highlight your artistic fashion style with a well-chosen cubic zirconia ring. There are a variety of amazing stone shapes and cuts, so make the best choice for your beautiful look.

Romantic outfits with cubic zirconia ring

Vintage outfits

There are really some clothing sets in any woman’s wardrobe that are pretty hard to accessorize. Have you ever had a hard time choosing the right jewelry to wear with your vintage dress? You are not going to have any in case you have some cubic zirconia cocktail rings to choose from. Match the colors of your dress (the pattern or the main color) with the color of the stone to get that special look you have been searching for.

vintage outfit with cubic zirconia ring

Tips on how to match rings

There are so many cubic zirconia rings of different styles and designs. Women adore matching rings with all their outfits, but they neglect basic rules. Here you will learn how to make a perfect match with a zirconia ring.

  • Firstly, we should decide if the ring you want to put on suits the place and the occasion you are going to. With so many ring styles and designs, you can opt for a ring that will be unnoticed, or on the other hand it will look too eccentric and bright. Think about the people who will see you and make the right choice not to look weird or attract unnecessary attention.
  • You should also pay attention to the proportion of your fingers and the ring width. Owners of slim rings should choose thin and delicate rings. And if your fingers are short, try to avoid large rings for a harmonious look.
  • Mind the finger you wear the ring as it symbolizes a lot. For a personal statement representing leadership and power, put a ring on an index finger. Love, affiliation, and beauty are revealed when you wear a ring on a ring finger. The middle finger is perfect for representing balance and inner harmony. When putting a ring on a pinky finger, you highlight your intuition and intelligence. Thumbs are a sign of wealth and self-assertion.
  • You may as well add a cubic zirconia cocktail ring to a set of jewelry you wear in case there are no bright eye-catching pieces because there should not be several focus points to make at least one piece really stand out.


Now you see how diverse cubic zirconia rings are and that it is easy to create a perfect match with your outfit. Follow the tips given above and add your creativity to look unique. Wear clothes and complement them with the rings you adore the most. If you feel confident, your inner beauty will make your look more staggering.



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