Cocktail rings right now are highly in fashion. Those beautiful sterling silver rings embraced with sparkling cubic zirconia let female jewelry lovers add some glitter to the looks without spending a fortune. There are many different styles of rings with cubic zirconia available. As long as cubic zirconia rings are so popular we decided to gather several guidelines on how to mix and match them with various outfits of your wardrobe as well as other jewelry you have.

Let us start with arguably the most popular type of clothing these days, worn by women of any age. Jeans will look good with some pretty cubic zirconia ring. A nice cubic zirconia ring will definitely add some colors to your everyday wear. It is a great idea to choose some bolder styles of rings for toned down outfits. Got a pair of your favorite skinnies – make your whole look even better by adding a vivid cocktail ring embraced with an eye-catching cubic zirconia.

You might ask whether it is fine to wear a cubic zirconia ring to the office. The answer is yes. To be frank, we think adding a bit of sparkle to office attire is going to compliment it flawlessly. Just make sure you do not overdo with different patterns on the suit. It is better to keep it neutral to make the ring stand out just enough to complete the look.

Cubic zirconia ring may become a wonderful addition to your formal or evening dress. Even during the most exquisite event these diamond-like looking stones are going to look absolutely appropriate.

There are really some clothing sets in any woman’s wardrobe that are pretty hard to accessorize. Have you ever had a hard time choosing the right jewelry to wear with your vintage dress? You are not going to have any in case you have some cubic zirconia cocktail rings to choose from. Match the colors of your dress (the pattern or the main color) with the color of the stone to get that special look you have been searching for.

You may as well add a cubic zirconia cocktail ring to a set of jewelry you wear in case there are no bright eye-catching pieces, because there should not be several focus points to make at least one piece really stand out.