A mineral, a rock or a fossilized material being cut and/or faceted and polished to create a collectible value and/or an ability to be used in jewelry making is called a gemstone.

Caring for a gemstone properly is of a great importance. Gemstones are easily impacted by chemicals leading to a color change. They can as well be scratched when cleaned. It is really important to take care of a gemstone in order to keep it in attractive and valuable. A the same time maintaining a good look of your favorite gemstone is pretty easy as soon as you know the gemstone specifics. Let us provide six simple guidelines to keep your gemstone “like-new” for an extended period of time

First, you should always keep the jewelry clean. Plain soaking in soap water will get your transparent gemstone clean. Second, try to take your gemstone jewelry off every time you are going to get engaged in a potential gemstone damage causing activity. The most solid gemstone can get a micro breakage leading to the whole structure weakening. You should always be careful with ultrasonic cleaners, please see the table below to learn if your gemstone can be cleaned this way. A touch of ammonia in the water removes undesired films while adding a sparkling effect to the single gem. As stated in the table below, ammonia or an ultrasonic cleaning machine should never be used for cleaning some gemstones - peals or turquoise for instance. They should be wiped clean with a moist cloth. These gemstones are often of a porous nature and chemicals absorption is likely, even that of soap, leading to a possibility of the color change of a gemstone.

We shall not forget about organic gems like pearls and corals. They should see nothing but a moist cloth. Being porous and soft these gemstones require a very careful cleaning process as well as careful wear - hairspray, cosmetics, perfume are able to damage them. Make sure hard stones do not scratch each other and the soft ones, especially when stored. Keep the stones separately. Usually a gemstone is able to scratch the silver finish of the bezel due to its being harder.

Please check out the table with care instructions divided by the stone.


Care guidelines


Standard care


Standard care


Standard care, no temperature fluctuations


Steam or ultrasonic cleaning not allowed


Standard care

Mother of Pearl

Chemicals usage, steam or ultrasonic cleaning not allowed


Chemicals usage (including hairsprays or other), steam or ultrasonic cleaning not allowed


Chemicals usage, steam or ultrasonic cleaning not allowed


Chemicals usage, steam or ultrasonic cleaning not allowed.

Perspiration and cosmetics may cause color change.


No strong light exposure, no rough wear, no abrasive materials allowed