How to ensure your gemstones lasting long

A mineral, a rock, or a fossilized material being cut and/or faceted and polished to create a collectible value and/or an ability to be used in jewelry making is called a gemstone. There is an impressive number of gemstones used in fine jewelry, and each type deserves special treatment. They are shaped and cut in many different ways to create a stunning look. Once their natural structure is disrupted, we need to care for gems in our decorations to ensure they last long.

Caring for a gemstone properly is of great importance. Gemstones are easily impacted by chemicals leading to a color change. They can as well be scratched when cleaned. It is really important to take care of a gemstone in order to keep it attractive and valuable. At the same time, maintaining a good look at your favorite gemstone is pretty easy as soon as you know the gemstone specifics.

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Gemstone care guideline

Let us provide simple guidelines to keep your gemstone “like-new” for an extended period of time.

Keep jewelry clean

First, you should always keep the jewelry clean. Plain soaking in soap water will get your transparent gemstone clean. The easiest way is to fill a bowl with warm water, adding a little dish soap. We recommend using a container to ensure any detail of your decoration is lost in the drain. Then you should scrub a piece of jewelry gently with a soft brush. Scrub behind the stones to remove all grime, especially in rings. Take a soft cloth or air dry to rinse and pat dry the gemstone bijouterie.

Use cleaners attentively

A touch of ammonia in the water removes undesired films while adding a sparkling effect to the single gem. Consider that ammonia or an ultrasonic cleaning machine should never be used for cleaning some gemstones - pearls or turquoise, for instance. They should be wiped clean with a moist cloth. These gemstones are often of a porous nature, and chemical absorption is likely, even that of soap, leading to a possibility of the color change of a gemstone. We shall not forget about organic gems like pearls and corals. They should see nothing but a moist cloth. Being porous and soft, these gemstones require a very careful cleaning process.

Wear gemstones carefully

Try to take your gemstone jewelry off every time you are going to get engaged in potential gemstone damage-causing activity. The most solid gemstone can get a micro breakage leading to the whole structure weakening. Going swimming, put off your bijouterie as there’s a risk of damaging them with chlorinated water. Take into account that hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume can deteriorate their properties as well. Ensure that gemstones do not contact any substances containing chemicals. Put the jewelry pieces as the last item when all cosmetics are used.

Store gems separately

Make sure hard stones do not scratch each other and the soft ones, especially when stored. Keep the stones separately. Usually, a gemstone is able to scratch the silver finish of the bezel due to its being harder. If you store all jewelry pieces together, your diamond earrings may rub against your pearl bracelet. The best solution is to store them in separate compartments of your jewelry box or different pouches. Take into account that opals and pearls draw moisture from the air. Therefore, do not store them in safe deposit boxes. Use a jewelry box with fabric lining to store these gems.

Protect gems from sunlight

Consider that sun rays can be harmful not only for our gentle skin but for gemstone jewelry too. Direct sunlight endangers their color and durability. For example, such stones as amethysts and smoky quartzes can easily fade. Besides, if you wear pearls and ivory, mind they may get bleached because of sunlight. It was observed that high temperatures can dry up the natural moisture of some gemstones. Moreover, if you expose your gemstone to sudden temperature changes it may result in a fracture. So keep your decorations away from direct sunlight and enjoy wearing gems.

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Care tips for most popular gems

Now we’ll discover how to care for the most popular gemstones to ensure they look great and serve you for a long time.


In order to care properly for this gemstone, you need to use warm water and a soft brush. You know that amethyst possesses an impressive color that is achieved through heat treatment. However, the gem can crack and fade if you expose it to very high temperatures.


You should take an ammonia-based cleaner to keep your diamond jewelry clean. Diamonds are extremely hard gems enabling you to avoid scratches and heat damages. You need to make sure your bijouterie underwent all necessary tests on resistance and hardness. There is a risk you can damage the diamond by physical blows.


Topas is afraid of mechanical cleaning, so use water and a soft brush. Do not expose it to sunrays and heating to preserve it from damage. Topaz decorations should be stored in a dry, dark place.


Sapphire is good with mechanical cleaning using a soft brush. Do not use harsh cleaners and chemicals. You may also use oil treatments for enhancing your jewelry look. By the way, avoid high temperatures that may damage the gem structure.

Mother of Pearl

We have an article on how to clean mother of pearl jewelry pieces. Consider that a damp soft cloth is a perfect cleaning option. Keep it away from chemicals, including cosmetics that preserve initial beauty and splendor.


These natural gems need special cleaning as they can be easily harmed by inappropriate treatment. Use a soft cloth and soapy solution to remove stains from every pearl and dry it immediately. It’s dangerous to moisture pearls as it causes discoloration.


Peridots are susceptible to scratches that require careful wear and storage. Mind that heat and acids can also damage the stone. The gem requires protection and careful cleaning with warm water and soft detergent.


Avoid cleaning turquoise decorations with any detergents as they can harm the porous material. As a result, you will have green or an off-color blue gem that would be impossible to wear as before. It'd be better to wipe the gemstone with a damp cloth and dry it very quickly.


Zirconia decorations are usually maintained with warm water and a soft brush. Pay attention to the color of your gem as blue and white zircon is heat-treated while other stone types are prone to impurities.

How to ensure your gemstones lasting long


Now you know how to care for various types of gems and that it is so important to follow our guidelines in order to ensure that your gemstone jewelry would last long.



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