Add Extravagance To Your Outfit With Sterling Silver Toe Rings

There are numerous ways how to make your style unique and outstanding. Jewelry is a perfect means of self-decoration; this industry offers a whole variety of stylish tools to help you create an exquisite look. This is when sterling silver toe rings enter the game and bring the house down.

Where did toe rings come from?

Toe rings have a long history. They originated in ancient India and were first used to signify that a woman is in a marriage. Toe rings at the time were given to a bride by her future husband as a wedding present.

indian wedding toe ring

The tradition is such: during the ceremony, a husband puts a ring on his wife’s second toe on both feet. In Hindi, this symbol of an official bond between the couple is known as bichiya.

Initially, these rings are made of precious metal, namely, silver; it is also common to wear several such rings at the same time. The designs can be both conventional and extravagant; it is possible to order such a ring from a designer.

diamond toe ring

Silver is the standard material for toe rings as gold is a highly respected metal and should not be worn below the waistline in Hindus culture. However, you may also come across toe rings made of gold and decorated with gemstones as well.

Toe rings in the US

The first time that toe rings appeared in the US stores was in 1973, in New York. People could purchase a ring in a store called "Original Toe Ring Boutique", owned by a fashion retailer, Fiorucci, located in the same city. There were rings made of gold and silver, as well as those covered in diamonds, offered in that store.

modern silver toe rings

These days, it’s no longer something exotic to own a toe ring. They are found throughout the country, ranging in price and design. Toe rings are being implemented into numerous fine jewelry collections by prominent global designers, although some more affordable options can be easily found in boutiques and thematic stores.

Types of sterling silver toe rings

We’re lucky to live in the times of extreme diversity and a huge choice in almost every sphere of our life. The overall progress in the fine jewelry industry enables us to choose the best adornment with a unique design and even customize our future piece of jewelry to meet our needs. Let’s take a look at some stunning toe ring designs!

Open toe ring

An exquisite open toe ring has a majestic touch to it as the embellishment looks so much different from standard toe rings. This design is considered more creative and out-of-the-ordinary than that of ordinary closed rings.

open silver toe rings

They can boast some cute hoops and curves, or just be simple open toe rings with no extra details. Whatever you choose, you will most likely end up with an elegant piece of jewelry for your toe.

V-shaped toe ring

This also makes an exclusive and rare design for a ring due to the peculiar shape and an intriguing look a V-shaped toe ring has. It seems to be both minimalist and somewhat extravagant at the same time.

v shaped sterling silver toe ring

Trendy V-shape design of your toe ring enables you to stand out and showcase your unique personality. Unusual jewelry is so helpful at letting everyone know you’re special and in the loop of the latest fashion trends.

Engraved toe ring

For more individualization and artistic self-expression, a nice engraved toe ring is the best option. Engravings found on silver rings vary a lot in their meaning and ornament; each engraved ring is different.

engraved silver toe ring

You can order a customized engraved toe ring if you want it to have a certain phrase or pattern on the surface. Such a stunning masterpiece on your toe will add a lot of chic and taste to your look.

Two-line toe ring

Looking for double attractiveness and shine? Two-line toe rings should do the trick! The enhanced appeal of the ring won’t leave anyone indifferent to your outfit.

two line silver toe ring

There are two main options on how to make your look more vibrant and eye-catching. The first variant is to stack several rings on one part of your body; the second way implies wearing a single piece of jewelry but with more details. If you opt for the second, two-line toe rings should be your choice.

Gemstone toe ring

For those of you who don’t seek the simple way to go but rather want all at once, toe rings with gemstones make a viable solution. Fortunately, there is a huge choice of mesmerizing stones that you can enjoy in your toe ring.

crystal silver toe ring

Emerald, amethyst, agate, opal, moonstone, and many other crystals are available for purchase; they will decorate your sterling silver toe ring and make it look incredibly fancy.

Unique shape toe ring

Again, creativity is your safe way to be different as you pick some unusual designs for your jewelry. Actually, it’s great to play with various shapes regarding toe rings as those are far from the face area and you don’t risk to overdo your look.

branch silver toe ring

Hearts, stars, different animals, branches, Zodiac signs – any shape you could imagine may well be the main decorative element of your sterling silver toe ring. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add some crazy shapes to your style.

Spiral toe ring

Last but not least, spiral rings to put on your toe are at their peak now. They look extremely feminine due to the smooth curves in the design.

spiral silver toe ring

Spiral rings are a bit massive and bigger than standard one-piece rings. They do boast more decorative elements than usual rings, and it helps spiral ones add much more fun and personality to your look.

Don't be afraid to take risks and add new jewelry pieces to your look. The beauty is worth the effort!



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