Wanderer Bracelets – an Accessory, a Talisman, a Good Deed

How a good piece of art is born? Usually, it happens by accident. And that’s exactly what stands behind the wanderer bracelets – the wanderer’s adventure.

While traveling through the jungle in Bali, Ben, the founder of the bracelets-making company, got lost. Destiny led him to a village of artisan carvers, who made the very first wanderer bracelet for his friend. When Ben’s community became interested in this hand-made craft, he decided it was time for Balinese talents to be brought to the global audience.

Read the article to know more about the accessory with such a unique history!

What are the Wanderer bracelets?

Wanderer Bracelet is a charm carved out of wood or water buffalo bone and tied on a piece of string. The string may be also decorated with wooden beads.
The wanderer bracelets are made of natural materials, so one should take into account some care rules. After a few months of wear, the symbol will slightly adjust its color because of saltwater, perfumes, and natural oils. So, it is recommended to be careful with an aggressive environment.

Types of Wanderer bracelets

There are different types of wanderer bracelets, depending on a symbol, material, and way of wearing. Let’s have a look!

First off, the pendants can be made of wood or water buffalo bone, and the thread bands are usually nylon. Nylon is used for the bracelets because it is highly resilient to abrasion, heat, and many chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about the string tearing.

Secondly, by the type of pendant, the bracelets also differ. All of them have positive energy and bring good fortune, as being made with love and care. So let’s learn more about them!

Animalistic Wanderer bracelets 

For animal fans, there are animalistic ones – in the shape of a sea turtle, elephant, bear, bird, lion, etc. Just choose the pendant with your spirit animal and let its power protect you.

animalistic wanderer bracelets

Floral Wanderer bracelets 

Floral – figures of plumeria, shamrock, sunflower, leaf, lotus, and others. Bracelets with floral motives would be a great addition to a feminine outfit. Moreover, in Bali, it’s believed that such ornaments give ease of mind and spirit to a person wearing them.

floral wanderer bracelets

Symbolic Wanderer bracelets

For those who prefer meaningful things, the Wander bracelets collection offers a wide selection of symbolic images. You can choose among the tree of life, heart hands, peace hand, infinity, cross, or Celtic knots.

symbolic wanderer bracelets

Marine Wanderer bracelets

People fond of sea adventures will be excited by the pendants with marine motives – mermaid tail, ship’s wheel, paddleboard, sailboat, and so on. You can take such a bracelet on your next vacation.

marine wanderer bracelets

Other shapes of Wanderer bracelets

There are other various shapes of Wanderer bracelets, for example, pineapple, shooting star, palm, music note, and many others. So you would definitely find something that completes your outfit and shows your personality.

other types of wanderer bracelets

Ankle Wanderer bracelets

Wanderer bracelets can be worn not only on your wrist but also on your ankle. Ankle bracelets of this brand look lovely and of good quality, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking them.

ankle wanderer bracelets

Wanderer bracelets stacks

If you prefer to wear more massive accessories or can’t decide on a symbol, there are stunning curated bracelet stacks. They are more likely to attract attention. By the way, if you like symbolic meaning, you can create your amulet by combining several carved symbols.

wanderer bracelets stacks

How to wear Wanderer bracelets?

Wanderer bracelets may be combined with almost every piece of clothes in your wardrobe.

As for ladies, such a hand-made accessory looks perfect with jeans, an ethnic-style blouse, and sandals. These bracelets would match an airy summer dress, too.
What about men, wanderer bracelets make up a perfect duo with any summer clothes. However, it also goes with a classic costume. Having a wanderer bracelet on your wrist at a business meeting adds charm to your appearance.

In addition, wanderer bracelets fit other accessories like your favorite earrings, necklaces, watches, and other kinds of bracelets. Besides, as there are so many types of pendants, your look will always be unique!

Social impact of Wanderer bracelets

Wanderer bracelets are not merely about beauty, but about making a difference to their creators. As mentioned above, the symbols are carved by Balinese artisans, who had struggled to make ends meet before Ben came across their village.

Wanderer artisans are paid above the local minimum wage for their pendants. This enables them to provide needed health-care, education, and proper nutrition for their families. Having a decent wage is especially important for local women, who make over 50% of artisans, because, according to statistics, 1 in 3 working Indonesian women are unpaid.

A lot of things have been made for the artisans’ community with the support of the John Fawcett Foundation, too. They focus on eyesight treatment for the people. A few statistics: since the program has started, over 1924 eye screenings have been made, 52 cataract surgeries have been performed, and 743 pairs of glasses have been given to people in need. And that all happens, because people buy wanderer bracelets. Amazing!

So, wanderer bracelets combine both style and important background. That is a responsible purchase – you wear evidence of social awareness on your wrist!



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