Types Of Stunning Baby Bracelets

Have you ever dreamt of having a baby and making them live in a fairy tale, having a stylish room with well-matched furniture and trendy clothes? Then you have probably thought about giving your baby a passion for high-quality jewelry from the youngest age. This is what we will be talking about today - baby bracelets!

The jewelry trends today are such that the age limitations regarding wearing pieces of jewelry start to fade away gradually. Bracelets for toddlers today are in-demand as never before; parents want to provide their children with the most exquisite pieces of jewelry from the youngest age.

The biggest fine jewelry brands begin to meet that customers' requirements and launch kids' collections, as well as new jewelry brands dedicated to children's jewelry specifically start to appear on the market. Overall, the choice of adorable bracelets to fit your baby's little wrist is impressive, and in this article we will be looking at the most common options of those.

Types of baby bracelets

Babies' charm bracelets

Created to add extra beauty to your little angel appearance, charm bracelet boast a variety of details that you can choose on your own and create a unique look for your child. Thematic versions are at their peak, with Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters flaunting on the charms.

baby charm bracelets

Apart from being an incredibly stylish piece of jewelry, charm bracelets are great for a kid's fine motor skills since they will surely touch and twist the tiny details on their bracelet. Fortunately, it is also unlikely that the beads will fall off the bracelet so there is hardly any chance that the baby will swallow them.

Babies' letter block bracelets

A perfect idea for a birthday gift for the tiniest princesses and princes, a letter block bracelet is a minimalist embellishment with your kid's name, sweet name, or initials on it. This is a memorable and meaningful type of bracelet that not only serves an aesthetic function but also bears memories in it.

letter block baby bracelets

If you have twins and still find it a bit challenging to tell the two babies apart, letter block bracelets with their names will make a decent solution to the problem. The kids will be happy to keep these precious adornments when they grow up!

Babies' beaded bracelets

A classical variation of bracelets, beaded bracelets make one of the most universal pieces of jewelry to find in any jewelry store. There are also extremely popular with parents looking for a special embellishment for their baby.

baby beaded bracelets

Tiny beads are so lightweight and comfortable to use that your kid won't even feel them on the wrist and continue having fun or chilling. Such bracelets are suitable for any type of activity so don't worry that your baby will get distracted. They won't!

Babies' engraved bracelets

Another top-notch variant of a personalized bracelet for a baby is a bracelet with an engraving. You can choose the shape of the plaque as well as the phrase to be engraved on it.

baby bracelet engraved

The embellishment can both stand on the minimalist side or boast some posh design. For example, you will find options with tiny crystals or diamonds decorating the plaque or the main part of the bracelet.

Precious metal babies' bracelets

If you are a fan of stunning gold jewelry or charming children's sterling silver adornments, don't hesitate and add some luxurious sparkle to your baby's outfit. These metals make a highly durable material that will serve your kid as a memorable gift. Perhaps, they will want to pass the bracelet to the next generations as well!

sterling silver baby bracelet

The variety of gold and silver bracelets for children truly amazes. The most common types of bracelets made of these materials include simple bangles, cuffs, and personalized cuff bracelets for tiny angels. You will also come across chain silver or gold bracelets embellished with gorgeous semi-precious stones like quartz, opal, turquoise, etc.

Christening babies' bracelets

Devout people tend to baptize their children at a very young age, usually within the first few weeks of an infant's life. For Christians, it is a crucial procedure and event in their child's life, so they may also want to immortalize this moment with the help of some decorative items.

christening baby bracelet

Apart from traditional cross pendants to put on the child's neck, there is an aesthetically appealing alternative in a form of christening bracelets. They basically have a typical bracelet basis, but the emphasis is made on little charms attached to the bracelet. Those could be crosses, figures of angels, name plaques, and other thematic adornments.

Things to consider while buying a Baby bracelet

Hypoallergenic material

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a baby bracelet is its material. You need to make sure that your kid doesn’t have an allergy to it and that the material will not cause any injuries. It’s important that the bracelet’s material does not contain nickel, as some kids may have an allergic reaction to it. Among the popular nickel-free materials are solid gold, high-karat gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, and titanium.

Suitable size

Size is another important aspect of selecting a baby bracelet. You need to choose a piece that perfectly fits the kid’s wrist, doesn’t cause any discomfort, and doesn’t slip off the hand. The standard size of a bangle for a baby aged 1.5-3 years is 40-47 mm. However, we strongly recommend measuring the baby's wrist in order to choose the right size.

Safe design

It’s important that your baby loves the design of the bracelet. But it’s even more important to choose a safely designed bracelet that doesn’t contain any tiny pieces that the baby could swallow by accident.


As you can see, there is a huge choice of bracelets for toddlers available to any parent today. Give your baby the best pieces of jewelry from the first months of their life as a token of your deep love and caring!



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