Crystal Bracelets: Hidden Meaning In Every Stone

A crystal bracelet is a source of vibrant energy that is able to change their owner's life and enhance aspects they are lacking. A long time ago, people noticed the unique power of crystal jewelry, especially it concerns bracelets that have been and still are among the most popular types of jewelry. Women prefer wearing bracelets made of crystals; however, they can be an excellent accessory for males seeking changes and improvement. You can complement any outfit with this charming jewelry containing infinite power. Let's get started and discover crystal bracelet peculiarities.

In this article, you would learn the secret meaning of different crystals and understand which type of crystal bracelet is the best for you:

What Is A Crystal Bracelet?

People admire crystals for their ability to imbue life with new feelings and bring positive changes. They steam directly from Mother Nature, so every stone contains everything you need. The crystal bracelets will be suitable for any occasion, as there are so many fabulous designs that will not leave anyone cold. World-famous Swarovski crystals are available to wealthy jewelry lovers, but you can afford a lot of other unique bracelets made of natural and synthetic crystals.

Meaning of Each Crystal

Every crystal has a specific symbol, so in order to change your life for the better, choose the appropriate crystal bracelet. Complement it with a gorgeous crystal pendant or sophisticated dangle earrings to open your immense inner power and beauty.

Peace In Amethyst

Delicate purple crystal has a great power that can help heal your personal losses and pains. Stress and anxiety will disappear as soon as you get this meditative, calming stone. Find patience and happiness with a bracelet containing relaxing energy.

Positivity In Clear Quartz

If you need positive energy that will bring happiness into your life, choose this crystal that is often called "the master healer." Clear quartz will enhance your energy, clearing away negative thoughts and all bad vibes in your life.

Confidence In Opalite

This syntactic crystal originated from Asia, is based on Opal, and is believed to be the stone of confidence, belief, and power. It has many healing benefits and can uplift the wearer`s inner power and self-acceptance.

Love In Rose Quartz

Intimacy and romance are hidden in this stone of heart that symbolizes eternal love to people and the world. Rose quartz enhances and attracts this magic feeling, so be sure that your life will change dramatically once you get this love crystal.

Protection In Onyx

If your life lacks emotional and physical protection, you should pay attention to the black crystal onyx. Improve your personal power, courage and be ready to overcome any stressful or difficult situations in your life.

Success In Citrine

Wearing citrine crystals will have a positive impact on your financial situation and overall success in life. Citrine`s inner strength can help you overcome any difficulties and achieve your goals.

Creativity In Sodalite

This blue crystal means creativity, focus, and energy that will be pertinent to their owner. Get numerous creative ideas and boost intuition with sodalite accessories that are especially great for painters, writers, and musicians.

Wisdom In Turquoise

Various colors of turquoise crystal have intense energy making their owners more prudent and smart. You will make wise decisions and better understand your thoughts, emotions, and the world around you.

Luck In Aventurine

Aventurine has been used for increasing the luck, opportunity, and prosperity of a person who chose it. This stone of opportunity will make your life full of new possibilities for your career development and self-improvement.

Joy In Angel Aura Quartz

Its rainbow radiance resembles an angel's wings and gives a glorious feeling of happiness and joy. Overcome stress and get rid of negative vibes with a bracelet made of angel aura quartz.

Types Of Crystal Bracelets

Now you see that every crystal in your bracelet symbolizes a certain thing and can share its energy and power with someone who needs it. Let's discover the types of bracelets made of crystals.

Gold Crystal Bracelets

Gold is always a good idea in jewelry, especially when it's complemented with amazing crystals. Warm colors of stones, for example, citrine, will create a harmonious combination featuring your look.

gold crystal bracelets

Silver Crystal Bracelets

Practical and reserved metal, silver is a perfect linking element to your crystal bracelet since it is compatible with almost any stone. If you are fond of silver bracelets, find out more about their features and types.

silver crystal bracelets

Pearl Crystal Bracelets

Elegant white pearls have attracted women since the time they were discovered. They are widely used in jewelry, and their compatibility with crystals is awfully impressive! This delicate bracelet will be a perfect choice for a wedding gown, especially complemented with pearl earrings and a fabulous necklace.

pearl crystal bracelets

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets

Precious, multicolored crystals are sparkling pieces of perfection for any person. They possess extra brilliance and sparkle due to lead concentration and the special technology of crystal cut. Be unique and feel your inner extravagance with a luxurious bracelet made of Swarovski crystals.

swarovski crystal bracelets

Erimish Crystal Bracelets

After reading the article about Erimish bracelets, you'll see how important they are for your stunning look. They can perfectly combine with many accessories: earrings, rings, pendants, other bracelets that will form a beautiful stack and underline crystals' uniqueness.

erimish crystal bracelets


Crystal hides even more than you can imagine, so create a stunning look complemented with exceptional jewelry with a strong energy that will always be with you.



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