Shamballa Bracelets: Meaningful And Gorgeous Jewelry From The Far East

DIY jewelry can sometimes look just as stunning as that made by huge manufacturers or small businesses dedicated to jewelry production. Shamballa bracelets, in particular, will please you with a variety of bright colors and incredible sparkle that they boast. Let’s find out more about these cool bracelets, shall we?

What are Shamballa bracelets?

Shamballa bracelets are a braided type of jewelry that you can make at home just having a cord and beads at your hands. In these bracelets, each bead is tied with a macrame knot creating a straight line of those, which adds up to a complete Shamballa bracelet.

blue stone shamballa bracelets

The most commonly used type of beads found in Shamballa bracelets is beads with abundant tiny crystals that contribute to the magnifying glow of the bracelet. However, there are other variations of beads utilized in Shamballa bracelet production, all of which contributes to the wide choice of these adornments.

Surely, like with most types of jewelry, Shamballa bracelets have a meaning behind them. The name for these adornments, Shamballa, derives from a mythical kingdom that belonged to Tibetan Buddhists; the place is associated with peace and enlightenment.

onyx shamballa bracelet

Shamballa bracelets, in their turn, have been used for meditation by Catholics for a very long time. Therefore, Shamballa bracelets share some Asian roots and are meant to help you unwind and find inner peace.

Types of Shamballa bracelets

Now, let’s discover the world of Shamballa bracelets and learn more about their peculiarities and various designs. We'll discuss the most demanded and beloved designs of Shamballa bracelets, as well as different types of semi-precious crystals often seen in these embellishments.

Moonstone Shamballa bracelets

A gorgeous bluish stone with an amazing sparkle, moonstone will become a great addition to your Shamballa bracelet. Such an embellishment will look great on a cold-toned skin or mixed with silver jewelry.

shamballa bracelet with moonstone

It can help you make a yoga session a fashion-related activity and a place to show off your wonderful bracelet. Make sure to match your Shamballa bracelet with blue stones with a yoga mat to bring the house down!

Amethyst Shamballa bracelets

An incredible semi-precious stone that showcases a magical purple shade will enchant you at first glance. If you were born in February, Amethyst is your sign stone and will boost your vital energy.

amethyst shamballa bracelet

Shamballa bracelets decorated with Amethyst can stay on a brighter side of the cord is colored in a saturated shade, or they could look rather plain and minimalist of the color balance is maintained in the piece of jewelry.

Tiger Eye Shamballa bracelets

A powerful and beautiful stone that attracts a lot of attention due to its unique appearance, Tiger Eye can also be used in Shamballa bracelets to give them a unique and extraordinary touch.

tiger eye shamballa bracelet

The healing properties of this stone make another reason to purchase a jewelry piece with Tiger Eye. It can serve as a decent amulet and accompany you in all situations, be it a life-changing decision or a routine activity.

Malachite Shamballa bracelets

If you’re into deep green shades, pay attention to Malachite Shamballa bracelets. They look so fancy and majestic no one will stay indifferent. Malachite is believed to be a protective crystal and clean your body from negative energy.

malachite shamballa bracelet

This type of Shamballa bracelet will be the best choice for people with ginger hair or those fond of bright red, orange, or coral tints in their clothes. An inimitable color combination of red and green is surely worth going for!

Charm Shamballa bracelets

Not just ordinary beaded Shamballa bracelets, those decorated with charms make even a greater and more beautiful embellishment. They boast romantic appearance and go perfectly well with cute date attires.

charmed shamballa bracelet

Charms could be made of sterling silver, gold, or stainless steel. The designs also vary a lot and can highlight your personality traits and hobbies. For instance, if you’re into music, a charm with a treble clef will serve as ideal complementation to your Shamballa bracelet.

Wood Shamballa bracelets

When the touch of nature is what you seek, there is no better jewelry option than a wood Shamballa bracelet. It will enhance the stillness of your mind and strengthen the bond with Mother Nature.

wood shamballa bracelet

In addition to that, wood appears to be one of the most visually appealing materials. When polished properly, it will amaze you with smooth and tender shine as well as a warm or cold hue to the wood itself. A bracelet decorated with wood beads is simply a stunning piece of jewelry!

Don’t be afraid to implement these fun adornments to your style; they will most likely fit in with little effort! We hope you will love your new gorgeous and meaningful Shamballa bracelets just as we do.



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