Enamel Earrings For Radiant Color That Won't Fade Away

Most of us are constantly searching for new ideas to try in their style and make it more versatile. The ways to go are endless – from ring stacking to wearing a single statement piece of jewelry. Adding vibrant colors to your look is another option, and this is where enamel earrings come in handy.

Jewelry created with decorative enamel boasts extremely bright shades that are unlikely to fade away shortly after purchase. This adornment option is affordable and easily accessible since you can find enamel earrings in many thematic jewelry stores both on the streets and on the Internet.

white and blue enamel earrings

Enamel in jewelry production

Enamel as a material widely used in jewelry production can be applied to almost any metallic surface. You can find decorative enamel on silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and cast iron.

What makes enamel such a desired means of decorating jewelry is its durability and resistance to scratches, although enamel itself is a smooth material. It preserves the initial color for an impressively long time, is easily cleaned and non-flammable.

decorative enamel in jewelry

However, enamel can crack over time, especially when treated without due care. Make sure not to bend your enamel jewelry and prevent it from falling too often.

Enamel painting is the most common technique used to color metallic surfaces, as well as ceramics and glass. It is simple to create a vibrant and fun embellishment at home using decorative enamel; it enables you to unleash your creativity and end up with colorful jewelry pieces that hardly cost you anything.

Types of enamel earrings

Enamel decoration can be found on almost all of the types of earrings. Let’s take a look at those so that you can decide what design of enamel earrings you like the most.

Enamel stud earrings

The most popular type of earrings colored with enamel is stud earrings. Although these make tiny, discreet jewelry pieces that are sometimes hard to notice, the bright coverage will certainly attract a lot of attention to your studs.

enamel studs earrings penguin

As you already know, studs may display a whole variety of shapes. It could be flowers, hearts, geometrical shapes, lightings, eyes, and many more designs of this type of earrings. Vibrant decorative enamel can give your studs both a highly saturated color and a pastel one.

Enamel drop earrings

If you’re looking into more elegant and outstanding earrings designs, drop earrings should make a viable solution. These stunning prolonged adornments that usually hang on a string can also be colored with decorative enamel, and rather successfully.

enamel flower drop earrings

You will be amazed at how simple it is to improve any drop earrings design with enamel. You can add some radiant blue to your beach wave dangle earrings, or get a bright red enamel rose hanging on a thin silver chain. The variations are endless, and you should also pay attention to crystal drop earrings - these are just stunning!

Enamel wire hook earrings

Somehow, wire hook earrings are one of the most adorable and popular types of earrings that teenagers and kids seem to be especially crazy about. It’s great to start experimenting with jewelry with a pair of stylish wire hook earrings.

starfish enamel wire hook earrings

There are plenty of unusual designs for this type of jewelry. Little angels, animals, painted circles, foods, cartoon characters, all can be beautiful and bright when colored with decorative enamel.

Enamel hoop earrings

You will be surprised but even our favorite hoop earrings can have an enamel part in their design. It could be a strip of metal colored with enamel and framed with pure silver or gold. Various shade patterns are also possible here!

gold and enamel hoop earrings

Alternatively, the whole hoop earring can be covered in enamel to provide you with an extravagant embellishment perfect for an eye-catching look. The colors and design peculiarities are countless, which enables you to choose the best pair of earrings.

Enamel teardrop earrings

Teardrop earrings are so charming you won’t be able to pass by! Rich in ornaments and wonderful designs, this type of earrings can also be subject to modifications with the help of our beloved decorative enamel.

enamel teardrop earrings

It’s nice to see a well-done gradient or a detailed pattern in your teardrop earrings, especially when the shades are bright and long-lasting. Don’t hesitate and give enamel teardrop earrings a try today.

As you can see, there are no limits regarding the shape and design of your earrings. Enamel can complement any type of jewelry and make it look finished and extremely vibrant so that everyone will pay attention to these beautiful adornments next to your face.



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