How to Make VSCO Bracelets – Best Ideas

DIY projects make a comeback this season, so it's time to paint your life in bright colors and create incredible jewelry! There are millions of environmental aesthetics and inspiring memes referring to a viral VSCO trend, and you've definitely seen some of them. Indeed, VSCO is an editing app for sharing images that gave the name to this process. The VSCO girls have a “preppy” style combined with a casual beach-inspired flair. The handmade Pura Vida bracelets are one of their core accouterments. Let's learn what is special about VSCO bracelets and how to create these amazing things on our own.

Keep reading to learn everything about VSCO bracelets:

What is a VSCO bracelet?

Are you familiar with the VSCO girl trend on Instagram and TikTok? Yes, it is about those viral aesthetic videos GenZ is obsessed with. VSCO girls have a set of specific items that identify them, among others. These are scrunchies, oversized T-shirts, Pura Vida bracelets, backpacks, and shell necklaces. Another unique feature of theirs is the popularization of environmental issues awareness. Recycled materials, paper bags, metal straws are integral parts of a VSCO girl`s life. Middle and high school age teens are going crazy about this trend. So now you have an idea that a VSCO bracelet is a bright eco-friendly accessory that resembles a friendship bracelet. We have useful information on what a friendship bracelet is and a tutorial on how to read its sophisticated, colorful patterns.

best VSCO bracelets

VSCO bracelet features

The interesting thing about these accessories is that they are sustainable, so to say made of recycled materials. Pura Vida bracelets are exceptionally handcrafted products so that you can make a similar one on your own without much effort. Let's find out what are the main types of VSCO bracelets and the easiest ways to create them.

VSCO bracelet types

Braided VSCO bracelets

One of the easiest and at the same time original ways to make a beautiful VSCO bracelet is five-stranded braiding. First of all, you need to choose five colors of embroidery floss, tape, and sharp scissors. Cut ten pieces 35 cm long, group them by color, and then knot. You may tape the knot to the table to facilitate the braiding process. It may look complicated, but you can do this if you carefully read the following instructions.

  • You should take the outermost left strand and bring it under the next strand and also over the next strand.
  • Then repeat these actions but from the other (right) side.
  • In the end, you`ll have a distinct pattern, weaving the strands under-over and keeping them flat.

Look at the picture below to better understand the five-stranded braiding mechanism.

braided vsco bracelets

Beaded VSCO bracelets

You may encounter lots of catching images on which VSCO girls are wearing fascinating braided bracelets. Very often, the multi-shaped beads are decorated with letters that make up certain words. The beads are white and the letters black-colored, while the other beads are multi-colored. There are the most popular words you can make up on your bracelets, such as dream, love, peace, all might, summer, beach, friends, and many others. By the way, these bracelets are quite popular among besties who like identical bracelet patterns and words.

In order to make this VSCO accessory, you need beads of different shapes, colors, and materials. It's important to use a proper thread or cord, especially if there is an attached needle, which makes threading through the tiny seed beads seamless. Consider complementing your bracelet with daisy chains made of various seed beads. Here is a little information on how to make this, at first sight, the complicated process easy:

  • Thread on several (5-6) seed beads and then petal color beads (5-6), and center seed bean, depending on the size of the beads.
  • Now you should take the needle and thread it through the first petal color bead towards the end of the bracelet
  • Pull the thread all the way through to have the half of your daisy petals connected as tight as possible.
  • The next step is to add on three more petal color beads and take the needle and thread it through the last petal color bead: the direction opposite to the one you took the thread at the beginning.
  • Once you pull the cord, making a daisy tight, add a few more seed beads of any color before starting the next flower.
  • Make your flowers tight, and continue the pattern as long as you made the perfect bracelet length.

beaded vsco bracelets

Summing Up

Now you know several ways to create a beautiful VSCO bracelet without much time and effort but with immense love and pleasure. 



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