Cleaning red coral gemstones set in sterling silver jewelry

Red coral jewelry is very attractive. Many women find it truly eye-catching and are eager to have it in their jewelry boxes. And not only because of their attractiveness, but because of their symbolic significance, red corals are very popular. Because red gemstones symbolize the planet Mars, they protect those who wear them from evil people. Also, a person who wears jewelry made of red coral is endowed with courage and strength. Its wearers can always find mental power and peace in red gemstones. If you are one of the red coral connoisseurs, you should know that red coral jewelry is very delicate.

Why should you clean your sterling silver jewelry with red coral gemstones?

To enjoy your jewelry for a long time, you need to properly care for them. Because red coral gemstones are organic, they tend to fade and lose their bright color. The reason for this is the interaction of this material with different types of environments: air, fresh and saltwater, and even your own skin. Extensive use of the jewelry during physical activities may lead to cracks of the stones or even to their detachment. Red coral gemstones require specific care to keep them looking at their best with no scratches or color fading. But be sure that extra work is well worth it. Red corals will make you happy for many years.

How to clean red coral gemstones set in sterling silver jewelry?

Keeping your jewelry clean should be your habit. Of course, you can regularly visit jewelry stores and pay for professional cleaning of accessories. But it is not necessary if you learn how to clean jewelry yourself. Please follow the instructions we provide below to make sure the red sponge coral jewelry makes you happy as long as possible.

Clean red corals with warm water gently

First, you are going to use just plain water, no chemical substances. The water should be warm, but not hot. When exposed to high temperatures the coral may be damaged. So, put the soft cloth into the water at the appropriate temperature. After that, wring it out properly ensuring that the cloth is just a little bit damp. It should be slightly warm at the moment already which is OK. Then start wiping the surface of the jewelry piece. You are not supposed to apply excessive force to the coral. Do not scrub it - the polished top is fragile and could be scratched when cleaned excessively. Regular cleaning is much better than an aggressive one and should allow you to keep the coral away from ingrained dirt.

 Clean red corals with warm water gently

Don’t use aggressive liquids

As has been already mentioned above, no chemicals or cleaning liquids are allowed for usage with red coral. Even seemingly appropriate soda liquids or the use of toothpaste can damage your accessory. In case you need to clean the bezels you are free to use specific liquids applied to the silver only. Sometimes warm water would be enough to clean the jewelry, but sometimes additional attention is required.

avoid aggressive liquids

Try cleaning red coral gemstones with soft brushes

It is best to clean coral’s sterling silver as coral pendants surrounding, using soft brushes. Try to easily wipe the corals so as not to damage them. While doing that be sure to check whether the stones are firmly attached. If some are shaking, please do not try fixing it yourself. It is better to leave that to a certified jeweler.

Try cleaning red coral gemstones with soft brushes

Store your jewelry in a right place and wear them properly

And the last thing to remember – you should never place coral jewelry on a hard surface while cleaning. Coral is too soft and will not live through the harsh treatment, so you always need to handle the jewelry with extra care. Make a soft place where you can put your coral jewelry. If you have extremely large corals, you had better wrap them in tissue so as not to scratch them. When wearing, try to wait a little bit after you apply your perfume and make-up and put on your coral jewelry. Always take it off before swimming, cleaning, cooking, washing the dishes, and doing activities that make you sweat.

Store your jewelry in a right place and wear them properly

Why should you polish your red coral gemstones set in sterling silver jewelry?

Red corals before processing and polishing do not look like in the finished product. They come from the sea in the usual and unattractive form. And that's why jewelers use different methods of polishing to make corals eye-catching. They use oil, wax, or resin to make corals smooth and look like gems. Interacting with different environments, coral can also lose its luster and scratch when worn. Therefore, they also need to be polished from time to time. And you do not need special conditions to regularly polish jewelry made of silver and coral. Just follow our instructions and you will learn this art.

How to polish red coral gemstones set in sterling silver jewelry?

If your corals have lost their shine, then it's time to polish them. The best way to do this at home is to use a drop of cedar or olive oil. But it is also important to prepare the jewelry before polishing. Follow these steps and try to do that by yourself.

  • Before polishing, immerse your coral jewelry in water to wash away dirt. Use a soft cloth and lightly wipe the coral with a damp cloth.
  • Wipe until it is clean, then leave for a while to allow the jewelry to dry.
  • Now pour a few drops of olive or cedar oil on a soft cloth and gently wipe the coral gems.
  • You can also use wax polishing twice a year to prevent corals from being opaque.


Take care of your jewelry regularly. Remember that red corals are delicate gems and should be cleaned in a delicate way. Stick to this not-so-complicated advice while cleaning your red sponge coral jewelry and it will stay as good as new years to come.



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