The phrase WWJD deciphers as What Would Jesus Do and is extremely important to Christians. If you feel like you need a meaningful accessory for your life that will give you the reason to move forward and love the world, get a WWJD bracelet. In this article, you will discover a lot of useful data that will help you to decide whether it is the right thing your life is lacking at the moment. Lokai bracelets inspire people, birthstone bracelets help them to obtain a trait they should possess but do not for some reason, and WWJD bracelets are the linking element between your soul and God.

Keep reading the article to learn why WWJD bracelets are so special for Christians:

What is a WWJD bracelet?

A WWJD bracelet is an accessory that is particularly important to Christian people who truly believe in God and want to give him a tribute by wearing this special bracelet. The US writer Charles Sheldon wrote a book in the late 1800s that was called “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do,” and it was an impetus for this motto's popularization. People liked this phrase since it contained their will to demonstrate love to God and the world. Good deeds and truth are key elements for a true adherent striving to praise God not only in prayers but also in actions. Every person who wants to focus on the life of Christ as a core reason in making any decisions and actions should acquire this bracelet. The answer to this question: “What would Jesus do?” is quite impressive and meaningful: “Fully rely on God” - FROG. The backward abbreviation is even more surprising: “Devil just won't win.” Continue reading and discover more absorbing information.

Types of WWJD bracelets

You may encounter many great designs of WWJD bracelets made of various materials and here is a shortlist of the most popular and comfortable to wear. These accessories are aimed at everyday wearing so choose the one that will be suitable for any occasion. Create layered looks with your favorite bracelets so that they perfectly complement each other and your daily outfits.

Woven WWJD bracelets

These sustainable accessories are very comfortable and practical to wear since ecological material and a variety of colors and designs make them the top WWJD bracelets. People admire them for the possibility to regulate the size and take care without any difficulties. Choose your woven bracelet or even several of them to complement any look.

woven wwjd bracelets

Macrame WWJD bracelets

These elegant bracelets attract everyone’s attention thanks to the adjustable ties and a lovely cotton thread available in different colorings. The decorative knots make the accessory stylish and cozy, fitting both men and women. You can find more about macrame bracelets by exploring our collection of these fantastic accessories.

macrame wwjd bracelets

Beaded WWJD bracelets

Beads are always a good idea, and here are the reasons why you should get beaded jewelry in your collection. They look charmingly and are suitable for women’s romantic outfits, such as evening gowns or summer clothes, especially when combined with a beach-girl bracelet. Create amazing looks with various bracelets not sticking to one accessory that may lose its charm from daily wearing.

beaded wwjd bracelets

Silicone WWJD bracelets

The modern silicone accessories are suitable for active people whose life is constant motion. Youngsters prefer silicon WWJD bracelets because of their comfort and the possibility to combine them with sports outfits. Moreover, it's great to create various stacks by complementing silicone bracelets with rubber, leather, or macrame bracelets.

silicone wwjd bracelets

Leather WWJD bracelets

WWJD jewelry made of leather is beloved by people with a restrained character and love to detail. These bracelets are perfect complementation to men’s outfits, but females can also underline their strong character by leather WWJD accessories. Discover a beautiful collection of various leather bracelets on our website.

leather wwjd bracelets

Wooden WWJD bracelets

Natural materials are perfect for everyone who advocates a sustainable lifestyle and ecological jewelry. Woods contain the power of nature that makes you closer to the world you live in and its Creator. Explore fascinating 4Ocean bracelets to find how the fashion industry can save our planet.

wooden wwjd bracelets

How to choose a WWJD bracelet?

Christians wear WWJD bracelets on a daily basis, so it’s of crucial importance to choose a quality accessory that could flawlessly be incorporated into one’s routine and style. Here are some of the tips for choosing a WWJD bracelet that would be perfect for you:

Consider the material of a WWJD bracelet

Choose material that is hypoallergenic and would not bring you any discomfort. For example, if you are a professional swimmer or swimming is your hobby, it’s better not to buy a silver WWJD bracelet as it would turn dark due to being exposed to water.

Consider your personal style

Any devoted Christian shopping for a WWJD bracelet should keep in mind that they are choosing an everyday accessory that should fit their personal style. A person who works in an office and often wears formal clothing would better choose a stylish and small bracelet. For example, they can consider silver and gold as a material. An active person who spends lots of time outside and often wears clothes for sport can consider silicone or wooden bracelets.

Think about what other jewelry you wear on a daily basis

It’s better to choose a WWJD bracelet that would perfectly match your other everyday accessory. For example, if you always wear a gold or silver ring, it’s better to choose a bracelet made of the same material.

WWJD bracelets history

Sheldon's book named “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do” gave birth to an active movement of young Christians in the 1990s. This novel was published in 1896 and became the Christian accessory symbol a hundred years later. Despite this fact, the book was initially very popular, and it had been translated into 21 languages, becoming one of the 50 bestselling novels. The adherents highly appreciated what Jesus had done to all of us and wanted to show their respect by doing good things and being moral people. The moral lifestyle is a core principle for Christians wearing WWJD accessories. These bracelets symbolize the pure motives and commendable conduct of the wearer.


What if God was one of us: what would he do? Ask this question to yourself and try to follow the principles of goodness, love, self-sacrifice, and undeniable faith, and a WWJD bracelet will help you with it.