John Hardy Bracelets: Unique Handmade Accessories from Bali

Exotic Bali jewelry designs attract every person who gets closer to their compelling history and creation process. Gold, silver, bronze, pearl, and diamond John Hardy bracelets are available in a variety of sizes and styles that make them a perfect accessory and gift. They have a rather humble and reserved look but, at the same time, are extremely elegant and mysterious. Balinese artforms is a unique world jewelry heritage, and every accessory underwent a careful process of weaving, hammering, and forging. They can be worn on their own to highlight the minimalist style or stacked for making an unforgettable impression. Learn how to make beautiful layers of bracelets that will magnify your elegance. Let’s find out more about the world of John Hardy bracelets to choose the most appropriate one for you.

What is a John Hardy bracelet?

A John Hardy bracelet is a handmade accessory made by Bali artisans who respect their jewelry-making traditions and mind sustainability principles. The distinct feature of these bracelets is that they are usually grey meaning that the main material of the accessories is silver. However, you can choose gold, bronze as well as a mix of silver with gold and bronze. John Hardy bracelets are available for men and women, but there are also unisex variants. Men's collections include Chain, Legend, and Bamboo bracelets while the one for women has, in addition to the mentioned above option, Dot, Kali, and Lahar. Among the most popular gemstones, you can find amethyst, citrine, sapphire, pearl, and turquoise. And for rare stones in unique settings, adorn yourself in Cinta and Cahaya. The article on crystal bracelets will help you to find more about the meaning of every stone hide. In addition to classic and modern chain types, there are as well Tiga, Asli, Spear, Knife Edge, and Kami options. These bracelets are extremely fashionable and are symbolic emblems of time-honored Balinese artforms. Traditional Balinese chain-weaving is an artform that imbues every jewelry detail from the first stage of design through the final touch when each chain bracelet is massaged by hand to bring the wearer comfort and movement.

John Hardy bracelet types

You have just explored that the variety of materials and gemstone decorations of John Hardy’s bracelets is impressive, but how about their classification? Let’s take a closer look at the accessories types to know their special features.

Bangle John Hardy bracelets

Bangles allow you to feel free while having this small accessory whose design is aimed at complete wearers’ comfort. Bangle bracelets are an amazing part of the Bamboo collection that enables Bali people to have more Bamboo plants in their homeplace. These bracelets are made of high-quality metals that do not affect the environment but, on the other hand, allow people to have jobs and share their unique craft with the rest of the world. Minimalistic bangles design mixes and matches the various look, and in this article, you’ll discover more handy data on that topic.

bangle john hardy bracelets

Cuff John Hardy bracelets

Cuff bracelets are versatile accessories that will perfectly serve as a gift for a special person and trendy complementation to your outfits. This article describes the main reasons why cuff bracelets are so popular and universal, check it out! You may see these bracelet decorations are really impressive. Precious stones and appropriately chosen colors make an excellent combination on a silver base. Cuff John Hardy bracelets can also be adorned with two gemstones placed at the end of the bracelets and completely made of a silver chain. Choose your accessory that will be your favorite adornment for any occasion.

cuff john hardy bracelets

Coil John Hardy bracelets

These accessories look elegant and expensive, giving a sense of being a Cleopatra that rules the world. They may also look like a cobra that wraps your hand and creates a stunning look. Coil bracelets can have several rows and impress jewelry aficionados with their uniqueness and originality.

coil john hardy bracelets

Chain John Hardy bracelets

You know that John Hardy bracelets are famous for their chain types, including Asli, Spear, Knife Edge, and others. They look simple and impressive since this massive chain bracelet differs from those we used to see in our collection. These accessories are, without any doubt, a coloring card of John Hardy’s community, so you must have one of those chain bracelets!

chain john hardy bracelets

Features of John Hardy bracelets

John Hardy’s artisan collective was founded in 1975 and was inspired by Bali jewelry-makers who honored their traditions of handcrafted jewelry. The community finds its commitment to the preservation of Bali's unique environment and culture by practicing sustainable crafting. John Hardy’s accessories are unique and authentical due to making every jewelry piece imbued with the community's soul. The John Hardy Workshop is one of the largest employers on the Bali island giving jobs to over 700 multi-generational craftspeople. The community is special not only due to its dedication to heritage artistry but also to maintaining artisan families. They weave chains, hammer, and carve jewelry in a meditative manner. The John Hardy founders dedicate themselves to the artisans by providing vocational training and financial support to the citizens of Bali.
John Hardy is a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and is committed to codes of practice ensuring their materials are natural and sustainable. They also pay attention to packaging, using environmentally-friendly certified materials.

There is a very interesting “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative that supports the natural beauty of Bali by planting bamboo seedlings in Bali every time you buy a product from a Bamboo Collection. The community’s aim is to develop a better society, and they do their best to solve local issues that adorn the world and make it better.


Now you have a clear picture of unique John Hardy bracelets that are worth your attention and should find their place on your wrist. Get a symbolic accessory that will adorn your daily outfits and feel Bali's traditional culture vibes. These bracelets give people around the world the possibility to have an elegant look and do good things for our planet.



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