It would be perfectly right to call the red sponge coral gemstone something like the hand-cut sea formed natural porous skeletal deposit, because that’s really what it is. But we all know this beautiful vivid red sterling silver jewelry adornment under the name of red coral. Here we would like to provide you with a couple of guidelines on how to keep that great looking for a maximum amount of time.

What we need to know is that the color of the jewelry corals might be artificially enhanced. Various methods are used to reach the target color including dyes, heat exposure and chemicals usage. Corals are often polished to a glossy state, but sometimes they have rough texture. There are lots of examples at our webstore – try looking for a red sponge coral.

Considering the above we should realize that there might be some special care demanded to keep them good looking. First, the jewelry with corals must be treated gently. Being organic makes the specified gemstones easily dented.

Second important step in extending the beauty period of red coral is putting them on only after the skin has been cleared and all the cosmetics have already been applied. These gemstones do not like chemicals, acids as well as the overly humid conditions. That means no swimming with this jewelry. Coral preserves best in the moderate humidity conditions, so you would probable like to leave it at home before going to a beach, especially since the heat and sunlight are not the best gemstones’ companions. You would better keep coral jewelry away from the sun as long as possible. You do not want the color faded, do you?

As we have mentioned above, red coral is delicate, so try to separate it from other jewelry to avoid damage during storage and also watch out for the coarse fabrics of your clothes during wear – the red coral is easily scratched. It is best to use the acid-free tissues for the storage of the coral adorned jewelry.

And the last but not the least, despite its juicy look, you should avoid touching your precious red sponge coral jewelry a lot. Use a damp piece of cloth to clean it a bit after wear and dry it with a microfiber.

It might look like the red sponge coral gemstone is too much of a chore to take care of. But you get used to it in no time especially when you start getting constant desired attention thanks to the perfectly looking beautiful pieces of red coral jewelry.