Rules for toe ring wearing

A trend for wearing toe rings spreads very quickly. You can notice that many fashion lovers tend to adorn their feet with beautiful jewelry. And celebrities wear this accessory even on the red carpet. As long as the toe rings become more and more popular these days with women of different countries and ages, and the offer of this type of jewelry is also increasing with lots of styles and shapes available, it is a good idea to know the rules to be followed when choosing and wearing sterling silver toe rings.

Why do women wear toe rings?

The tradition of wearing toe rings is not new. It dates back to the 4th century BC and the first mention was written in the Sanskrit epic “Ramayana”. It is believed that women of India have started wearing toe rings. This was a sign that a woman was married. Along with that belief, there were some more meanings about putting on a ring on a toe. In such a way women could reduce pain during menstruation, they could relieve stress, and protect themselves from evil spirits. Nowadays, women wear toe rings as sexy and trendy jewelry. It is quite popular in the USA, Canada, and Western countries. So if you want to be aware of the latest trends, continue reading and you will learn how to appropriately wear toe rings.

What are the rules for wearing toe rings?

As wearing toe rings is quite unusual, you have to know how to fit them into your outfits. We have gathered some essential rules for wearing the toe rings in one place for your convenience.

Care about your pedicure

Rule number one, always have a nice pedicure. Your feet should always be in perfect condition anyway, but no silver ring can hide the imperfections of the pedicure. It is rather attracting additional attention to it. Moreover, you will be super confident about your feet in such cases. Use some nail decoration to fit the style of your toe ring, the matching colors of nails and the gemstones of the toe ring look absolutely flattening.

Care about your pedicure

Think about the environment you will wear it at

Second, figure out whether the environment you are heading to will find the toe ring appropriate jewelry. It might be better to leave your favorite toe ring till the next time you go to a beach party than to put it on at your conservative office. That rule does not apply if you are working in a more casual environment with flip-flops or sandals allowed.

Think about the environment you will wear it

Mind a social setting as well

Think here of a social setting as well. You would look absolutely appropriate and very stylish with a toe ring next to your flashy platforms during a dancing night-out, but a more formal venue with floor-length dresses probably will not be the best place to show off your new addition to the jewelry box.

Mind a social setting as well

Always use high-quality jewelry

As you will be wearing toe rings, you need to take care of quality material, because your feet will always be in motion. In this case, do not spare money on expensive jewelry. Choose silver or sterling silver that will not damage your feet while walking and will serve you for a long time. It is also better to choose toe rings that do not prevent you from feeling free while walking.

Always use high quality jewelry

Choose the right type of shoes

When the above-mentioned is already considered and the toe rings are good to go – choose the right type of shoes. Never wear your toe rings on socks or stockings. This is certainly a bad idea. The first style you think of as appropriate is wearing it with flip-flops. That is really the most obvious choice for summer but imagine wearing your gorgeous peep-toe pumps and adding a finishing touch – a toe ring. That will look very attractive and youthful. Gladiator sandals might become a nice choice too because they offer a good view for your toes and are more versatile than flip-flops.

Choose the right type of shoes

Match toe rings with the other jewelry

And the last piece of advice for today – try matching the toe ring to the other jewelry you wear today. Pieces of jewelry complimenting each other relative to colors, forms, or gemstones will always add some extra flair to your look as well as justify your toe ring wearing.

Match toe rings with the other jewelry

Creative ideas of how to wear toe rings

There are multiple ways of how to wear your toe rings. And in addition to the rules listed above, you can also experiment with the outlooks in your daily life. Here are some creative ideas of how to wear toe rings creatively.

Wear beaded toe rings

A trend for wearing beaded toe rings will be suitable with dresses and hot outfits. Beaded rings look absolutely gorgeous on the feet. They are liked by young ladies who are not afraid of attention. Because beaded toe rings are elastic, it will be very easy to find an appropriate size for you and your friend.

Consider choosing toe rings with stones

Isn’t it extraordinary to wear toe rings with stones? And you will be even more surprised, but such jewelry will also be loved by men! Feel free to choose rings on your toes with stones for such solemn events as weddings and birthdays. Thirty-year-old and forty-year-old women especially love this trend and choose rings on the toes with a variety of stones.

Put on trendy anklet with toe ring

This is another unusual way of wearing toe rings - with anklets. This is a very original and delicate accessory. It will be a perfect fit for women with small bone structures. Wear it to the beach party and you will receive a lot of compliments from your friends.


Toe rings are a special and trendy accessory. But in order for it to fit your fashion look, it must be worn properly. Use our rules if you want to create a beautiful look with rings on your toes. And also experiment with ideas for wearing this wonderful jewelry.



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