Toe rings originate from India, where they have been a significant part of the culture. Such rings are a symbol of the married state of the wearer in India. They are put to second toes on both feet of the wife by the husband during wedding ceremony in many Indian cultures. Those rings are made of silver.

In western countries wearing toe rings is a pretty new fashion. Those beautiful and unusual rings were first brought to the United States of America in 1973 by Marjorie Borell. Unlike the original way of wearing them in India, western fashion nowadays dictates wearing such rings on just one finger, usually the second one. Although they can be worn on any toe, the second one is the longest making it easier to slide a ring on it. Many modern teenagers enjoy stacking those rings on several fingers for a funky look, but yet again – there is no fashion to put the same rings on both feet. Another difference is that today those rings do not possess any symbolic meaning but are rather used for a fashionable look.

Just like the rings you are used to wear on your fingers rings created to embellish your toes are presented in various forms and styles, from plain toe bands to rings with crystals for some extra sparkle. You can wear toe rings with pretty much all your clothing, but taking an occasion into consideration. Such jewelry looks great with jeans giving some flirty vibe. Novelty designs of toes rings provided at our store are unique and created with the latest toe rings trends kept in mind.

When looking for the toe rings you must also know about their division considering the fit – some are adjustable while the others are fitted. Fitted rings are mostly used when the toe rings is thought to become a daily wear with no need to be taken off (think of the origins of this type of rings as a marriage symbol). When you decide to add silver toe rings to your jewelry collection it is better to look at the adjustable ones as they are really easy to put on, wear and take off. The rings presented in our web store are all adjustable in size so you might even think of choosing one as a gift with almost no risk of choosing the wrong size.

Browse the collection of our web store to choose the best toe ring and make an elegant contribution to your jewelry collection with the modern day’s sterling silver jewelry type.