What are those well-known Swarovski crystals?

It is the 21st century, and scientists have reached unbelievable heights in terms of artificial intelligence and the creation of synthetic materials. Needless to say, innovations have a great influence on the fashion industry and the realm of fine jewelry in particular. Let us provide you with some information about the world’s most famous and beloved man-made stones.

swarovski crystals

History of Swarovski

Swarovski is a globally-renowned brand that doesn't really need any introduction; you must have heard about their astonishing crystals before. Still, their history is worth revising as it could definitely inspire you to reach your goals in life and not be afraid to make innovations.

Swarovski gemstones are lead glass crystals that have been invented by the glass cutter named Daniel Swarovski, who was born in 1862 in the city of Bohemia that is situated in the Czech Republic. The story of Swarovski originates in Wattens, Austria, when in 1895 Daniel Swarovski created a cutting and polishing machine to process crystals.

Since then, Swarovski's invention has been the standard for operating with crystals and shaping them into the so-desired treasures. For this reason, Daniel Swarovski is considered the father of synthetic crystal manufacturing. These stones named “Swarovski” became merit for assessing other glass stones production.

daniel swarovski

The huge success of Daniel Swarovski and his break-through cutting-machine creation was supported by his connections to some influential figures in the fashion industry. Charles Frederick Worth played a crucial role in the process of Swarovski's establishment. It was this luxurious attire designer who was the first to decorate his gowns with Swarovski crystals and therefore helped the company gain recognition among the elite of the time.

Throughout the decade, Swarovski went to cooperate with multiple fashion brands like Coco Chanel and Balenciaga who were implementing crystal embroidery into their collections at the time. Today, every prominent designer and fashion house strives to work with Swarovski and uses the mesmerizing crystals in their new creations.

coco chanel swarovski

Many global celebrities have worn jewelry with Swarovski crystals in public, attending some festive events of immense importance. Among these stars were Merilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, as well as many top models walking down the catwalk during fashion shows like Victoria's Secret.

What makes Swarovski crystals so special?

So, what makes the crystals known by the name of Swarovski stand out of the crowd? That is a special production process. At first, glass crystals were made utilizing silica, alkali, and lime. Daniel Swarovski was the first to add the lead into the formula. This resulted in the crystal’s much better light refraction.

The electric cutting technique allows the high precision of facets cutting. That has enabled the Swarovski products to catch more light for refraction, which makes them as fascinating and glowing as never before, which is one of the company's success secrets.

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How are Swarovski crystals created?

Then the question arises, how are these stylish crystals made? To produce crystal glass, Swarovski's most used material, a mixture of quartz sand, soda, minium, and potash is melted at high temperatures. Swarovski crystals have a 32% concentration of lead, a toxic chemical that causes no damage to your skin when processed. It is this very substance responsible for the amazing sparkle of the crystals.

The crystals are cooled and cut into the needed shape to be afterward coated with a special metallic coating to ensure the increased light reflection, the one that made them so popular.

This technique also enables the jewelers to achieve rainbow-like light reflection in the crystals. Such an effect can be observed on Aurora Borealis, one of Swarovski's most prominent variations of glass.

swarovski rainbow necklace

Swarovski crystals in jewelry and fashion

One of the most common and obvious applications of Swarovski crystals is that in the fine jewelry production. Numerous jewelry brands, usually luxurious ones, use Swarovski crystals to provide their customers with pieces of inimitable beauty and shine.

Swarovski crystals look absolutely gorgeous when added to the silver ring. Such rings are often shown in public by various celebrities. It is not just high quality that makes Swarovski crystal rings so popular, but also the availability of an enormous number of different styles, colors, and shapes to choose from.

swarovski ring

Surely, silver isn't the only material that matches with Swarovski crystals. The attraction of any tint of gold is multiplied by flawless gemstones as a means of additional decoration. If you want all the eyes attracted to your wrist, hand, or neck, be sure to give such jewelry a try.

Swarovski crystals are also widely used to create charm bracelets. If you want a sophisticated embellishment to wear on your wrist, check out bracelets with Swarovski crystal beads.

In addition to that, Swarovski gemstones are found in many other spheres of our life, especially are they in demand with creating expensive night gowns, exclusive swimsuits, and many other items of clothing. For instance, Alexandre Vauthier has come up with 10 collections in cooperation with Swarovski. Extremely glittering bodysuits, minidresses, jackets, and floor-length gowns, all of these are decorated with fabulous Swarovski crystals in the last collection.

Alexandre Vauthier swarovski

Add the hard to beat prices for those crystals and you start to get an idea why the Swarovski crystal rings are so popular these days. Even being specified as fashion jewelry, these eye-catching yet elegant adornments are chosen by many women all other the world as luxury look statements. 



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