Adding Some Fun To Your Look With Braided Bracelets

Adding variety and vibrant colors to one’s look is what many teenagers, kids, and adolescents throughout the world try to do every day, looking for some top-notch jewelry options that would be both visually appealing and affordable. Braided bracelets make a viable solution to this problem!

What is a braided bracelet?

Braided bracelets, also known as woven, friendship, vsco, and macrame bracelets, are a certain type of embellishment made of yarn. This soft fabric can be created both naturally or synthetically.

Yarn boasts some vibrant shades and a huge color palette that many DIY creators take advantage of. The choice of patterns for these bracelets is also quite impressive, you just need to pick the most suitable one, learn how to read the pattern, and get down to weaving.

Who can wear braided bracelets?

On the one hand, braided bracelets are a true craze among children and teenagers. Once a kid has learned how to weave a bracelet, there is no stopping them, and parents should be prepared to see dozens of friendship bracelets in the house. Children are obsessed with this activity because it enables kids to unleash their creativity and socialize with their peers while exchanging the bracelets.

kids with friendship bracelets

On the other hand, adults are fond of braided bracelets as well, simply because they make a decent embellishment to complement everyday wear or add some bright colors to formal attire. Many parents love to spend time weaving vsco bracelets with their children, too.

Types of braided bracelets

Now, let’s explore the versatile world of braided bracelets with all the alternations to a simple design that we all know. Get ready for some fun!

Braided bracelets with beads

If you want an out-of-the-ordinary friendship bracelet with a peculiar design, make sure to check out beaded yarn bracelets. They are different from traditional woven bracelets since they have a tiny bead or several ones interwoven into the bracelet.

braided bracelets with beads

Such a design works perfectly well with a casual outfit because it doesn’t make too much of an accent but still brings some variety to your look. You can also experiment with the braids to put in the middle of your braided bracelet to create a perfect color combination.

Fishtail braided bracelets

A peculiar pattern for a friendship bracelet that is called “fishtail” will add some bizarreness to the outfit, that’s for sure. The diagonal line at an angle contributes to a unique appearance of the bracelet.

fishtail braid bracelets

Still, fish bracelets can be called minimalist embellishments in most cases due to the discreet lines and thin cords that add up to a complete bracelet. Thus, they will probably suit any type of outfit and make a universal addition to your lovely look.

Ocean wave braided bracelets

Who doesn’t love the sea breeze, some warm sunbeams, and the golden sand under your feet? An ocean wave bracelet can get you back to those summer memories and brighten your day.

beach wave braided bracelets

Ocean wave bracelets have some beautiful waves woven on the bracelet. Such adornment will take your summer outfit to a brand new level and make it extremely fresh and fun.

Rainbow braided bracelets

Playing with color is one of the easiest ways to improve one’s look; here, woven rainbow bracelets can add some highly saturated shades to your attire or serve as a meaningful embellishment.

rainbow braided bracelet

Rainbow bracelets made of yarn come in a huge range of designs and patterns; basically, you could choose any friendship bracelet pattern that you like most of all and turn it into a crazy decorative item that will get all eyes on you.

Native ornaments braided bracelets

Gaining extreme popularity among fashion lovers these days, braided bracelets that boast some ethnic and culturally peculiar patterns have become a leading trend in the world of DIY or hippie jewelry. Not only do they look stunning, but these braided bracelets also may be used to pay tribute to some local tribes and ethnic minorities.

native patterns braided bracelets

Native ornament bracelets will amaze you with extraordinary and unique patterns and color combinations; you won’t find anything of the kind in an ordinary shop. If you’re looking for a truly unique embellishment, give ethnic braided bracelets a try.

The choice of braided bracelets is unlimited and impressively wide. Anyone searching for an adorable bracelet that has a personal touch to it will take advantage of woven bracelets.



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