Hemp Bracelets – Find Beauty In Simple Things

These original bracelets have always been popular among people of all ages and gender. Just look at these simple and, at the same time, charming jewelry. There are so many original designs, colors, and different beads that will make your heart beat faster, so find a perfect hemp bracelet that will fit your personality. 

Keep reading our article to learn more details about the hemp bracelets including the following:

What are the hemp bracelets?

At first sight, ordinary hemp jewelry is an infinite source of trendy ideas for every person. These eco-friendly accessories are made of Cannabis plants that caused a lot of controversy for many years. The bracelets are made of various knots that enable everyone to try their hand at the bracelet creation. 

Types of the hemp bracelets

We have prepared for you a list of the most popular hemp bracelets, but you can not even imagine how rich and versatile this type of accessories is. 

Macramé hemp bracelet

These eco-friendly bracelets are made of natural materials and have any possible color and design. You can easily find a proper macramé hemp accessory that will match any of your outfits and moods. 

macrame hemp bracelets

Hemp bracelet with pearl

It's perfect for special occasions in your life, and it can serve as an original gift for a special person. Beautiful pearls create exquisite designs and make the whole look unique and gorgeous. If you admire pearl jewelry, check out these amazing bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

hemp bracelets with pearls

Hemp bracelets with buttons

The hemp bracelet with stylish buttons of any color, size, shape, and material will make you look fascinating and extraordinary. Choose yours! It's an original way to put forward your dreamful and romantic nature. Be yourself and amaze people with small details that make a great unforgettable impression. 

hemp bracelets with buttons

Hemp charm bracelet

Underline your personal uniqueness with beautiful hemp bracelets with charms. Gold, silver, wooden, or steel, have original designs to fit your preferences. Great complementation to everyday look, hemp charm bracelets deserves to be one of your favorites.

hemp charm bracelets

Hemp leather bracelet

Leather always looks extravagant, especially when it is masterfully designed into an accessory. Add an element of freedom and brutality to your outlook, underline hidden aspects of your personality with the help of a hemp leather bracelet.

 hemp leather bracelets

Braided hemp bracelet

Think about the kind of impression you will have on the people when they see a simple but magnifying accessory on your wrist. Made of colorful patterns, a braided hemp bracelet is an excellent opportunity to wear great jewelry that you've created on your own.

braided hemp bracelets

Hemp bracelets with Tibetan beads

Did you know that Tibetan beads are made by Tibetan artisans in Nepal? People all over the world like them for their protective nature and positive spiritual benefit. Hemp bracelets may give you a charming look but combined with a Tibetan bead, it is a strong power that protects its owner from all negative things.

hemp bracelets with Tibetan beads

Hemp bracelet features

A hemp bracelet is always a good idea if you don't know how to refresh your look and make it more elegant. You can wear this magic bracelet alone or stack it with the existing Shamballa and macrame silver bracelets. Experiment with the bracelet combinations and create your unique look with these exquisite accessories. 

How to make a hemp bracelet on your own?

This DIY jewelry attracts the attention of many fashionistas, and now we`re going to show you how to make a simple but pretty hemp bracelet on your own. There exists plenty of knot kinds you can use, but we are going to share with you the most popular one. It's so funny and interesting to create a beautiful thing with your own hands. Knot it, wear it, and love your hemp bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and tools

The main things you need to use are hemp or twine, scissors, pen, and tape, and beads will make the process easier. 

Step 2: The process of creation

At this stage, you should cut four hemp pieces: two as long as your arm and two 7-inch pieces. Then line up the hemp edges and put a pen a few inches down. Two shorter strings should be in the middle. After that, double-knot the hemp around the pen and trim the leftover ends. If you want, you can tape down the pen. Take a look at the picture that will help you visualize the process.

Step 3: Finishing your jewelry

Now you should tie the ends together that would be a simple way to finish the process. If you want your bracelet to look really gorgeous, you should use metal clasps. Once you finish knitting, tie a large bead, button, or knot at the other end. Then you stick the bead through the loop and enjoy your creation.

Now you can see that these stunning accessories are very simple to create and put on a special occasion, complement everyday looks, and make a unique present for your significant other. 



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