Friendship Bracelets For Him and Her

A bond between two friends is something invincible and ever-lasting, regardless of your gender. Even though a huge fraction of people don’t believe in friendship between a male and a female, many of us prove them wrong by maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

Just like in any other relationship, friends want to capture the moment of their strong connection and have some sort of souvenir or accessory to epitomize the bond. This is where bracelets happen to be especially helpful!

Besides the eye-catching design, bracelets of all kinds may convey a certain meaning that the owner initially put into the item. For many, a colorful bangle on the wrist is something more than just a means of decoration.

friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets fall under the category of meaningful bracelets. They are not only great to improve your outfit and make it edgier or more elegant, but also make a perfect thing for friends to share for the sake of their mutual commitment.

What is a friendship bracelet?

As mentioned before, a friendship bracelet is a decorative item close in its purpose to promise bracelets; it is a woven macrame accessory, the materials for which range from embroidery floss to various types of thread. This kind of bracelet is incredibly simple to make at home with your own hands, therefore most options of friendship bracelets are handmade and based on the half-hitch knot, a simple technique to create a bracelet.

History of friendship bracelets

Bracelets as such share a long history. Friendship has existed since first humans stepped on earth, and so have friendship bracelets in particular. Supposedly, they were first used by the Indigenous Peoples of Central and South America and acquired spiritual meanings back at the time. After that, historians found out that certain commonly used knots derived from traditional patterns of Chinese people living between 481 and 221 B.C.

indigenous peoples bracelets

The initial meaning of wearing a friendship bracelet lies the extreme amount of effort that two people channel into their friendship; a worn-out bracelet that falls off a friend’s wrist symbolizes years of mutual hard work and dedication to build a powerful connection.

The second peak of friendship bracelets’ popularity happened during the 1980s when they were worn by protesters marching to draw the world’s attention to disappearances of Guatemala peasants and Mayan Indians. From that time, friendship bracelets also came to epitomize fighting for freedom and protection of human rights.

Why get a friendship bracelet?

Friendship bracelets are known to be an alternative birthday-gift idea for your male or female friend. It can serve as an additional present, as well as a stand-alone gift for a special occasion. They will appreciate a unique and well-designed accessory that only two of you will wear.

If you are about to get separated from your dearest person for a long time, a friendship bracelet will certainly come in handy in this unfortunate situation. If you strive for an eye-catching and meaningful bracelet, opt for macrame silver bracelets.

friendship bracelet1

When you and your friend wear the same accessory on your wrists, it will remind both of you that you live under the same sky, breathe the same air, and share the same warm memories of the moments you spent together. All of this will cheer two friends up during a rough patch in their lives.

Types of guy and girl friendship bracelets

Among all the friendship bracelets at our disposal, there is a certain layer of them dedicated specifically to a friendship between the opposite sexes. Since society is slowly but surely giving up gender stereotypes and acknowledging the significance of the spiritual bond between individuals, friendship bracelet manufacturers began producing thematic accessories for friends. Here are some types of unisex guy-girl friendship bracelets.

Woven friendship bracelets

Taking the lead in all teenage-bracelet charts, woven accessories will bring you back some summer memories and add some sunshine on a rainy day! A huge range of traditional and crazy patterns make woven friendship bracelets a unique means of self-expression.

woven friendship bracelet

Zig-zags, circles, triangles, flowers, words, and many more features of woven bracelets contribute to an enormous diversity of options available in specialized stores, both online and offline.

Leather friendship bracelets

leather friendship bracelets

Immensely extravagant people looking for an edgy accessory should pay their attention to leather bracelets that symbolize friendship. If you are two punky rockstars with bizarre ideas that only you two can understand, leather friendship bracelets will boost your confidence and affection for each other. This stylish bracelet will also be of interest to older people with a sophisticated taste.

Waterproof friendship bracelets

Living in the coastal area and spending a whole day in the water is no longer a problem for you two. Nylon, silicone, and jelly friendship bracelets will endure all the trials of a beach, including ruthless salty waters prone to destroy multiple materials.

waterproof friendship bracelets

Waterproof bracelets also tend to boast a surprisingly big variety of vivid colors that kids will appreciate. Standing out is easier than ever with bright waterproof bracelets.

Beaded friendship bracelets

Gorgeous beaded friendship bracelets are always going for a song as people of all genders seem to approve of the gemstone diversity. The color palette of precious and semi-precious stones will amaze you. Cold, warm, pastel, saturated – all the colors imaginable are used to create beaded-bracelet masterpieces.

beaded friendship bracelets

With numerous options, you and your friends won’t have to stick to some standard blue-pink color pairs. Choose any tint you wish and wear your spiritually-binding bracelet with pride.

Personalized friendship bracelets

A friend of yours will highly appreciate a customized bracelet with their name or affectionate nickname engraved on a plate of the bracelet or laid out with tiny beads. Alternatively, the bracelet can have your special date or a code word that only you two know about. Adding some mystery is always a good idea!

personalized friendship bracelets

Boring, old-fashioned gifts are no longer your only option. Just order a personalized friendship bracelet for you and your closest person so that people can tell you two are true soul mates.

Morse code friendship bracelet

A slight alternation to the previous variant of friendship bracelets, morse code accessories make even a more peculiar and unconventional decorative item with a hidden message only the geniuses could decode!

morse code friendship bracelet

On top of that, morse code friendship bracelets look quite appealing to the eye and will fit both a monochrome and multicolor outfit.

Given all of this, guy and girl friendship bracelets can be found anywhere, in a vast range of shapes and colors. Their purpose, however, remains the same – immortalizing a strong, stable relationship between two friends thick as thieves.



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