Best bracelets for stacking

Making several layers of jewelry work as a whole fashion ensemble is a major trend these days, but being popular doesn't mean it is easy and that it does not take some time and effort to become good at it. It surely is a technique that is difficult to gain skills at. In this article, you will find what bracelets are great for stacking and learn how to create stunning stacks.

Why bracelets are good for stacking

Fashionists adore stacking their decorations like necklaces and rings that give a stunning look. Bracelets make great stacking material because they let you create a slightly different look every time you mix and match them with other jewelry, accessories, or with each other. Almost every bracelet style is good for creating layers of fashion jewelry, although specific ones are a bit more friendly for in-style wear. Being fun and fashionable trend, it is totally worth trying out.

What bracelets to stack

Stacking bracelets is extremely trendy nowadays and If you are ready for it – read on for a list of the best bracelets meant for stacking. It will make every outfit look different and add charm and uniqueness to at first sight usual clothes. Let’s see what types of bracelets fit the best.

Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets seem to be a great starting point. Those bracelets might come in various colors, but those in black, white, or neutral brown palettes are considered to be the most versatile. They look perfect mixed with bracelets made of natural materials – precious metals, leather, etc. Leather looks very cool with sterling silver, steel, or even rubber bracelets, especially its colorful variations. Read this article if you want to know how to choose trendy leather bracelets for your perfect stack.

Leather bracelets stacks

Pearl bracelets

Pearl bracelets are taking second place in our ranking. Those are able to add a unique textured look to any outfit. Mix them with bracelets crafted with precious sterling silver for a contemporary look, especially if charm silver bracelets are used. Add some creativity by using your pearl necklace as a bracelet – the extended length allows wrapping it around the wrist for a dramatic look. Compliment it with some vivid colorful rubber or plain silver bracelets to have several possible variations.

Pearl bracelets stacks

Cubic zirconia bracelets

Cubic zirconia bracelets engage you in a luxury fashion trend when added to the set of bangle bracelets or waxed cotton thread macramé bracelets. They look elegant, allowing their owner to stand out and shine. Match zirconia bracelets with romantic or casual looks not to make a style mistake. You can choose silver or gold link bracelets to stack with a cubic zirconia decoration on your wrist.

Cubic zirconia bracelets stacks

Wrap bracelets

For those who do not really want to spend their time mixing and matching the jewelry but still would like to stay with the trend, there are wrap bracelets available. Those are coming in different lengths, allowing the wearer to adjust the total width of wrist embellishment as well as with different gemstones and crystals to help compliment any color scheme. Here you can discover different kinds of wraps and their originality.

wrap bracelets stacks

Beaded bracelets

Beads will never become obsolete as it is a type of jewelry that has gone through ages and preserved its style and beauty. Beaded bracelets fit any style and occasion depending on your ability to complement outfits. You can choose from a variety of stylish bracelets made of gemstone beads, Swarovski crystals, metal, wood, pearl, seashell, and more. As you see, beaded bracelets allow you to self-express and build a perfect stack with another beaded bracelet, wrap, or leather bracelets.

Beaded bracelets stacks

How to create a stunning stack

Once you know what bracelets to take, check out these tips that will help you to stack them correctly.

Color scheme

You should choose a basic color and its hues that will be present in all bracelets in a stack. Without sticking to this rule, it’ll be impossible to look stylish. A harmonious match of color from the same family visually connects bracelets of different materials and styles. For instance, gold bracelets are great for stacking with warm colors, while silver works well with cold ones. Consider that red, orange, yellow, pink, and all their hues are warm. And all shades of green, blue, purple, black are cold.

Bracelet size

The weight and width of decorations are detrimental for perfect stacking. Consider that wide and heavy bracelets will better look at the bottom of your arm, near the wrist. Put thin and light bangles, chains, or charm bracelets above. You should keep them evenly distributed so as not to look messy. Please, do not overwhelm your look with too many bracelets and stick to a happy medium.


Another rule of thumb for stacking bracelets is mixing their materials. It is a great solution to diversify your look and make each item noticed. Here we recommend trying to pair gold and silver chain or bangle bracelets. But it’s not always appropriate to choose the same decoration style as they may simply not work well. Always stack bracelets in different combinations to opt for the best.


And finally, always pay attention to your outfit when stacking bracelets. It will help you to define the best style and combination of decorations. So let's take a romantic outfit: an evening gown or stylish costume. Here you should stop on pearl and link bracelets made of precious metals and natural stones. They should be elegant and gentle not to attract too much attention but harmoniously complement the look. Now you understand how it should work and will be able to make a perfect stack matching your outfit.


We hope the list above would come in handy for women who make their first steps into the most recent fashion jewelry trends. Browse our web store collections of sterling silver, leather, macramé, and pearl bracelets to create a better picture of your possible future stay-in-trend wrist jewelry designs.



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