Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets

Ancient people believed that jewelry made of natural stones, leather, and glass could protect against evil spirits. According to ancient legends, minerals and stones were able to protect their owner from all sorts of troubles, prevent disease and even change behavior! Early bracelets were made of shells, grasses, and slender tree branches, then bronze and copper. Just after the Bronze Age, people learned how to make gold and silver bracelets. They became more decorative, adorned with shells and stones, as jewelry became a symbol of wealth and status.

Nowadays there are a lot of different types of jewelry that vary in shapes and materials with wrap bracelets being among the most popular ones. Imagine that pleasant weight of cold stones on your hand, decorated with leather ropes, gently embracing your skin. Designers work hard every year to improve the texture, materials, and shape of every wrap bracelet. Look into a small jewelry shop or big fashionable jewelry house – they both have a large number of wrap bracelets, so you could choose the one that meets your expectations. A wrap bracelet is an excellent way to express your uniqueness and Chan Luu is a great brand to start with!

What are the Chan Luu wrap bracelets?

Designer Chan Luu founded the brand in 1996 with the idea of crafting jewelry and accessories that combined her passion for artisan-made crafts with reverence for organic forms found in nature.

Chan Luu wrap bracelets are modern high-fashion bracelets with a drop of authentic existence; it is like a sea breeze in the urban jungles. They combine the coldness of the stone and the warmth of the leather. A stylish accessory that will suit both women and men – because in nature there is no gender, and Chan Luu wrap bracelets are just about connecting the world with the soul through the body. Combining crude stones of different colors and shapes, the brand creates unique accessories that you could wear with a gentle dress or tracksuit.

Types of Chan Luu wrap bracelets

Chan Luu brand offers a wide choice of leather wrap bracelets for every taste and pocket including the single wrap bracelet, double wrap bracelet, or five wrap bracelet. Most of the Chan Luu bracelets showcase semi-precious stones such as tanzanite, quartz, aquamarine, sodalite, and hematite. Below you can find more information about the characteristics of each time, so let’s get started!

Single wrap Chan Luu bracelets

Single wrap it’s a bracelet woven from a single line of stones, chains, or wooden beads with silver button closure. Such types of wrap bracelets fit both women and men. Stylish, simple, and concise. They can be worn independently or mixed with our other bracelets to create an unforgettable look.

single wrap chan luu bracelets

Double wrap Chan Luu bracelets

If a single wrap bracelet is too simple for you – Chan Luu offers double wrap bracelets! This version of wickerwork is more complex and interesting and includes two rows of strings. This type of wrap bracelets will add to any of your outfits something mysterious and stylish. It can be a great gift for both men and women.

double wrap chan luu bracelets

Five wrap Chan Luu bracelets

For lovers of something brighter and more luxurious, Chan Luu has five wrap bracelets! This is a bigger bohemian bracelet with five rows of strings with different types of beads on it. This wrap bracelet makes a really unforgettable impression on the people around you! The line and curves of the bracelet seem to repeat the pictures of nature around us.

five wrap chan luu bracelets

As well as you can choose the type of weaving complexity, you can also choose the materials which these bracelets are made of. It can be cold silver and sunny gold, or soft and delicate leather with different colorways. Additionally, there is a large selection of bracelets with chains, pearls, and various beads.

chan luu bracelets types

Chan Luu wrap bracelets special features

Chan Luu believes that handmade goods have an expressive, soulful quality that can’t be replicated in any other way. That’s why each one of the Chan Luu collections utilizes the work of dozens of skilled artisans using meticulously researched old-world techniques. Each Chan Luu bracelet is made with love and warmth. The brand uses only high-quality materials for the bracelets putting lots of effort into each piece.
Every season they work on making new modern models and looking for new color combinations. You can combine various Chan Luu bracelets among themselves to change accents in your look: from a weightless dress with a

five-wrap bracelet to a brutal leather outfit with a single wrap bracelet. We also recommended stacking a contrasting bracelet or two –the shining silver charms make a wonderful combination with a dark leather wrap bracelet with stone beads! Creating contrasting looks you will always be on top of style!

With Chan Luu signature silver button closure, you can easily find the ideal fit, and don’t worry that your wrap bracelet will get lost.

This type of jewelry can be easily combined with other accessories as boho bracelets or feng shui bracelets.


Wearing Chan Luu wrap bracelets is an excellent way to improve your outfit. Choose on your taste and pocket among single, double, and five-wrap bracelet designs and get the one that makes you feel comfortable and at the same time gives you a sense of elegance.

Made of high-quality components and crafted with care and precision, Chan Luu wrap bracelets are an essential accessory in your wardrobe



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